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  • Umbrella academy!!
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    I'm just trying to put content out, if you want constant updates and tea on like everything umbrella Academy I got you boo. -oneshots -confessions (dm me bitches) -memes -head cannons

  • The Umbrella Academy Imagines
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    Oneshots / Imagines for the male characters of "The Umbrella Academy" (:

  • Stiles's Turn
    128K 3.6K 9

    When no one else is willing, Stiles takes charge and won't let anything get in his way of success.

  • Psycho Loving [Teen Wolf/Sterek]
    154K 5.6K 16

    Ever since the sacrifice, the Nematon, the Darach- things have been different for Stiles, Scott, and Allison. But it's hitting Stiles the worst. It was hard enough to get a handle on all things supernatural in Beacon Hills, especially when he seems to be the only human one, but now to make his life more complicated, h...

  • The Limit Is Unlimited
    26.5K 834 8

    We all agree that we need more of Stiles and Derek. . . This is one shots of everyday life of a certain boy who could live up his imagination with living in the town full of supernatural thing. Like, werewolves. Luckly, one is tame enough even though he often try to rip his throat.

  • Faded // A Stiles Stilinski Story.
    20.4K 208 10

    You were running out of time. You had to find him and you had to do it fast. You willed your legs to go faster but the burn was too much. Collapsing to the ground, you lay in the leaves catching your breath. This wasn't the first time you had run for him. It certainly wouldn't be the last. Rising to your feet, you pro...

  • Sandcastles (Stiles AU)
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    "We're like sandcastles," He says. "So easy to make but too easily broken."

  • Foxes don't run in packs
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    W-what the hell do you mean that you don't need me anymore?" He questioned derek. Derek his eyes so he was looking at the floor instead of the once cinnamon caramel brown eye that were know dark as a smokey fire. He didn't want to see all the pain and betrayal that he had caused. " It's exactly as I said stiles. We do...

  • in My darkest time
    14.3K 346 10

    Stiles and Derek is on a date when they discoverd that stiles is being target by the Alpha pack. And then it All evolves from there. PS. I dont own teen Wolf All creadit goes to MTV. Please support Them.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fairytales Can Come True
    4.3K 191 3

    No one knew Stiles could Sing. No one knew Derek could Dance. No one knew Fairytales could be so Real.

  • Never the same
    3K 84 2

    After the nogitsune possessed stiles he was never the same. He talked less and was always suspicious of his surroundings and just acted strange. But know one knew that he would suddenly grow...ears? And a tail!?

  • I'm fine: Sterek
    201 7 1

    Ever one in small town beacon hills thinks stiles is a skinny defenseless Human...well they were right but when stiles finds out he is part fox and a spark he figures out is not all pretty and clean when it comes to everyday life. SOME EXPLICT CONTENT (I do NOT own teen wolf or any characters in the story I only own...

  • The Ghost of Wolves and Hounds - TEEN WOLF - »»poetry««
    362 19 1

    Short poetry in which stiles is a fox and he follows the wolves path.

  • The Past Saving.
    50.1K 1.7K 34

    "I'm proud of us." <><><><> Stiles Stilinski goes back into the past as a twenty-three year old teenager to prevent Allison Argent's death. He was given only two chances to change these things or else he will be stuck in the past. But instead, along the way, he ends up in 2007, months before the Hale fire and will hav...

    13K 558 3

    There I was, listening to him talking about her again. How I wished to see him smile for me like this one day. Or : The one where Derek loves Stiles but Stiles is oblivious. Written by the amazing @Ayele of archive of our own

  • My Alpha
    184K 5.7K 11

    There's an alpha convention and Derek needs to leave the pack for a couple of days and comes back with a bunch of alphas. Those alphas find a certain... interest in Stiles that Derek seems to dislikes. Sterek!❤️

  • The new guy
    105K 2.4K 9

    After the Kanima...the beating at Gerard's hands...Stiles leaves for the summer...he doesn't say anything to the pack.... and he doesn't come back till the day before school starts....and who is the new guy....and what is his interest in Stiles?

  • Save Me
    393K 10.1K 15

    When Stiles dad turns back to his old way of drinking and starts to abuse him, Stiles doesn't know what to do. He doesn't tell anyone in hopes that it will go away. It doesn't, it never will because people like that don't change. Derek liked Stiles he had to admit he was perfect. But when Stiles starts showing up to...

  • Sterek
    399K 12.5K 20

    What if the night they found the body Stiles bumped into Derek Hale? And what if Stiles is a little different to how we've seen him in the show? In my version of events things are a little different and right from the start there is a profound connection between Stiles and Derek. Obviously I do not own Teen Wolf or a...

  • Falling for you (sterek)
    93.4K 2.6K 11

    Stiles and Derek have hated each other since they met a year ago when Scott was bitten. But do they really hate each other or are they hiding from something they both fear ? I do not own teen wolf, I just take the characters and make weird stories. I do not own photos either.

  • Stiles' new boyfriend
    39.5K 1.1K 5

    The one where Stiles gets an abusive relationship and Derek gets protective. Relationships: Stiles/Jacob(original character), Stiles/Derek, Scott/Allison, Boyd/Erica 5/5

  • That Special Bond- being edited
    322K 8.7K 26

    no one knows how it happens but every time stiles touches Derek while Derek is taking pain from one of the pack they are completely healed.stiles and derek have a special bond no one knows why because they hate Each other , or so they say.

  • Sterek : You Can't Outrun The Alpha That Is Trying To Save You
    126K 3.8K 13

    Survival training with the whole pack turns out differently for a certain Alpha and his mate. Both good and bad. Sterek with a hint of Scisaac under editing

  • I don't need help. (Sterek)
    138K 4.2K 30

    ⚠️Trigger warning for Suicide⚠️ Stiles has been acting strange. Well stranger then normal. Scott wants to help him but with Derek gone. Stiles shut himself away. (( Sterek Fan Fic. Which goes off season 5 Ep 10 is where it starts from)) LOTS OF GAY LOTS OF HEART BREAK LOTS OF ANGST! If you don't like those things don...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Leave Me Again (Sterek)
    187K 5.2K 22

    After Stiles and Scott have their fight and Sciles is broken, Stiles doesn't know what to do. He can't handle his best friend not believing him. When a familiar face comes back to town everything changes.

  • Skater Boy
    141K 4.1K 31

    Stiles is a boy who can hide things very well. What happens when he starts missing more pack meetings and his boyfriend becomes suspicious? Why does Stiles have bruises? What will the pack think? Will he be able to hide his secrets any longer? Find out in Skater Boy, a tale of a boy with big dreams.

  • Get Out (A Sterek Fanfic) (BoyxBoy)
    123K 3.8K 13

    (Book 1) [Get out, Come In. Series] (A Novelette) Starts at the end of Episode 4 of Season 3. Stiles gets turned, Alpha Pack comes. What will Derek and the pack do to save themselves and who will fall dead? Pain, death, sorrow, new alphas, love and a dumb Scott. [Edited as of 2016]

  • Catching Fireflies (An Interactive Teen Wolf Story)
    3.6K 170 13

    Discontinued until further notice This story is a little different. Instead of the author (me) just writing each chapter as I want, it's going to be up to the readers to save the pack. Are you up for the challenge? -- The pack all decided that they were going to go on a much needed vacation. The Hale family had a cab...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Big, Puppy Family (Sterek) (Boyxboy) (Completed)
    132K 4.3K 26

    Final book in the puppy trilogy. Our puppies have had a bumpy road, haven't they? Well, it's about to get bumpy again, with an emerald-eyed enemy, some people with mental issues who also happen to be quite good at murdering, another "little" problem, confusion and a lot of mommy power from Stiles! There will also be s...

    Completed   Mature