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  • Zed's Call to the Wild
    50.6K 1.1K 29

    After the reunion of Humans, Zombies, and Wolves coming together as one, Addison started taking Zed to more of the Den Parties, hoping he'll understand more of the Wolves Origin and Culture. But little did Addison knew, Zed might be getting too involved into their origin and culture by a special werefolk, if you know...

  • A Werewolf and A Zombie
    30K 809 12

    Wyatt x Zed I do not own the movie or anything that comes from it but I do own the plot itself to this cringey fanfic. If you do not like or are interested in this ship then don't read.

  • Fake love
    7.9K 203 9

    During an intense game of truth or dare Wyatt Lykensen gets a dare that changes his life and someone else's, not for the better.

  • Descendants One Shots
    129K 2.3K 39

    i think the title says it all. [g x g] [b x b] [Started: October 2019] [Ended: tbd] [Status: on going]

  • Warm Animal // Disney ZOMBIES 2
    26.4K 743 12

    When Addison breaks up with Zed, he's left in shambles. With his usual friend group closer to Addison than him, he feels completely isolated. For once in his life the werewolves (or, werewolf) seem pretty inviting. Can he keep his new friends when danger arises in Seabrook once more? (Zed Necrodopolis x Wyat...

  • Jaylos
    27.9K 562 7

    My version of Jay and Carlos' relationship. It's just a random story.

  • Jaylos One Shots
    32.3K 651 10

    Like always, I have no idea what I'm doing. Enjoy. I created the pictures on the cover and I'm proud of the cover. I do hope you like this random story because random is fun.

  • Hating You Sweetly
    5.8M 131K 27

    Laura hated his every move, his every breath and Chris hated Laura with every fiber in his body. So how is it that they find themselves in a heated passionate twist of lust every time they argued? Was this raging fire within them both just a taste of what drives them both towards each other with such madness? Can love...

  • She Could Be Mine || A Malvie Fanfic
    134K 4.3K 35

    [Completed] Rated Mature for language and some mature themes. Based on the Descendants movies. In the beautiful kingdom of Auradon, everything is perfect. Our two beautiful heroines of Descendants are in two perfectly happy relationships... right? When Mal starts to lose her feelings for Ben, everything in these two...

    Completed   Mature
  • Addison's Choice
    7.4K 185 28

    DISCLAIMER: DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE NEW DCOM THAT CAME OUT YESTERDAY, ZOMBIES 2! MAJOR SPOILER WARNING! A story about what could've happened if Addison became a werewolf, and what part Wyatt and Zed would play.. and maybe there might be some surprises along the way.

  • The Unexpected
    3.4K 278 56

    The third part of "Rewrite The Stars" Auradon is unexpectedly visited by a strange outsiders from a place completely different place than all of Auradon but things only get worse when you add in the sinister daughter's of the Sanderson Sisters, an ancient mirror, an evil spirit, something called 'The Necromancer Curse...

  • Wyatt and Addison
    32.5K 343 17

    After the fight between Zed and Addison

  • ~ Call to the wild ~ // Wyatt x Oc
    114K 2.1K 30

    What happens when a normal girl like Jessica meets a strange but also attractive Men. A men who is a werewolf {Highest Rankings} #1 on Disneychannel #45 on disneyzombies #3 on zombies2

  • [CANCELED] Unexpected Love (Addison & Wyatt Fanfic)
    20.4K 243 13

    I watched Zombies 2 and i started shipping Addison and Wyatt so i thought hey lets write a fanfic about it. Summary: everything was going great with Zed and Addison, they were happy, they loved each other....... until some werewolves join the school. This new wolf boy comes into the picture. What will Addison do? What...

  • Hook Charm - Descendants
    33.8K 1K 19

    When Mal returns to the Isle because she feels too pressured to be something she's not, she sees someone there who changes her perspective on things. Harry Hook. What happens when Harry casts his Hook charm on her? What happens when his magical Hook, the only magic on the entire Isle, puts her under a spell? A love sp...

  • Collision Course
    5.5K 363 45

    The sequel to "Rewrite the Stars" Heidi and Harry are broken up and it couldn't have come at more worst time because Auradon is on a collision course with a group of kids calling themselves 'The Descendants' and these four are on a mission to forever change the present and the future of Auradon and show everyone espec...

  • Down With Auradon ||
    4.2K 120 15

    Audrey's life in Auradon had always been perfect until one day a purple haired Fairy popped up. She took everything, her boyfriend, her chance at being queen but most importantly...her family's approval of her. But outside Auradon there is also someone who want's Mal to fall but there's something stopping or more lik...

  • Uma x Harry ~ Forbidden Love ~ Huma
    2.6K 111 12

    "Uma. Uma. Wake up." Harry whispered in a worried tone. I slowly opened my eyes to see myself in a strange room with lots of weird equipment and tools surrounding me. I looked beside me to see Harry kneeling there, holding my hand in his. I wasn't sure of what was going on, "H-Harry? What's going on?" I asked, my voic...

  • Cheshire's Daughter ( A Harry hook x reader fanfic)
    4.9K 64 12

    Y/N is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat. She's a huge flirt, but little does she know it makes someone jealous. She's in love with Harry Hook. She's moved to Third in command. She's advancing quickly. But what happens when someone gets jealous of the pair? What danger lays in wait, ready to strike. Find out In " The C...

  • Sudden Feelings | Marlos
    4.3K 88 11

    In loving memory of Cameron Mica Boyce also known as Luke Ross, Conor and Carlos De Vil on Jessie, Gamer's Guide and Descendants, respectively. This story is for you, Cam. I love you so much ❤️ May 28th, 1999-July 6th, 2019. ❤️ Audrey is back to charm Ben, which makes Mal believe that he cheated on her. Luckily for he...

  • Rise Of The Evil
    752 46 7

    Now that Uma, Harry and Gil are in Auradon, they need to help protect it from the newest villain... And the newest evil on the rise... After siding with the good side, Uma, Harry and Gil are now Auradon's protectors, along Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay. But just when they think their new lives are perfect, a sudden evil s...

  • Pirate to Lost girl
    109K 1.9K 28

    Kyla Shade is not your regular girl of the Enchanted Forest. She is a pirate, the daughter of the infamous Captain Killian Hook. She has lived her whole life aboard the Jolly Roger, raised by her father and his crew. When they visit Neverland, Kyla is taken prisoner by one of her father's greatest enemies, Peter Pan...

  • Aaliyah *Carlos De Vil*
    38.2K 918 21

    Aaliyah is the daughter of Ursula and Hades. Uma and Mal are her half-sisters. Aaliyah and Uma are still on the Isle until Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos come back to get Hades' ember. Mal runs into her sister Aaliyah. Mal agreed to let Aaliyah off the isle if she helped her receive the ember. On the way back to Auradon Ha...

  • The Real Treat!
    480 10 11

    Mal hears that Uma is back but dose that mean she will be good? Or dose Uma team up with Hades and stick to her wicked roots...

  • Friends till the end (Descendants 2 Ouat fanfic) ( Completed)
    56.2K 1K 15

    When Uma,Harry,and Gil have an old friend May,Mal's younger sister, who also dislikes her sister for what she did to Uma. When May and Mal get into a fight about their past with Uma, May feels like she doesn't belong in Auradon with her sister and other friends so she leaves to the isle. After Mal finds out about her...

  • Roses and Thorns: A Desendants Fanfiction
    1.7K 70 8

    When Ben, the son of Belle and the Beast, resident Prince Charming, finds out he has a younger sister who lives on the Isle of the Lost, what will happen? Will they reconnect? Will one hold a grudge against the other?

  • Against The Waves
    1.5K 50 2

    He was the thief, yet she was the one who had stolen his heart. The pirate and the princess. Historical AU (HarryxEvie).

  • The Dangerous Love Of A Pirate
    2.3K 70 2

    What a frightening thing, to be loved by a pirate. (HarryxEvie).

  • Hooks and Hearts
    7.1K 230 4

    To fall in love with a secret friend is one thing, but to fall in love with your villain? That's a whole other story. The continuation of Hooks and Poison Apples. (HarryxEvie).

  • Apples and Pomegranates
    2.6K 93 11

    The strength of evil is as good as none when stands before four hearts as one. Take away one of those hearts and what happens? Good becomes history and evil achieves victory. Evie doesn't go to Auradon with the other VK's and finds herself at war with the son of Hades.