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  • What's A Ghoul
    2.1K 84 10

    This story takes place in a world without ghouls. It's just like our world. However, one day a boy named Riley experiences some changes. First he has trouble sleeping and eating. One day he wakes up to find his sclera black and pupil red. Soon afterwards he gains a taste for human flesh. How will he adapt to this fles...

  • The One Eyed Chimera( Tokyo Ghoul x Male Reader)
    231K 4.2K 35

    For as long as you remember you've remembered you've been along in this world. Constantly you have to move from ward to ward to avoid being capture by doves. One night you're injured and run into a certain family. All characters belong to Tokyo Ghoul and not me Heads up this is my first time writing so be prepared(I h...

  • Suicidal-Ghoul
    241K 5.6K 22

    Tokyo Ghoul X DC Extended Universe After Kaneki ate Yamori, a black hole appeared behind him, sucking Kaneki and teleported him to the streets of Gotham City: a world where ghouls and the CCG don't exist. But Kaneki never realized this world is much more dangerous than the one he lived on. Author's note: The story ta...

  • I Am The One Eyed Owl (RWBY X Abused OC)
    302K 3.1K 41

    You were once a member of the Rose/Brawnen/Xialong family. But however they abused and neglected you. When you left for beacon things didn't get better since you were bullied. So you went into the Emerald Forest to kill your self until you discovered your semblance. Now you are back for revenge.

  • Big brother - Juuzou/Child!reader
    83.9K 2.3K 22

    well, haven't seen any juuzou's x child!readers around really, and i thought it would be cute to make one, if there are any mistakes in this i apologize, im really tired and need to get this out of my head so...haha enjoy! :D A/N - This book isn't intended to be a romantic relationship, it's more a long the lines of...

  • When Reality meets Online
    52K 1.8K 10

    After the sudden events happening inside the game of Sword Art Online, during that time, Kaneki was captured by the CCG. Upon waiting for his further execution, one of the CCG members and a technician came to his cell and ask for him a favor. They told him the outbreaks of sudden deaths of 213 players, in a game calle...

  • Ghoulish Hunteress (RWBY + Tokyo Ghoul Crossover)
    14.4K 335 23

    Ruby Rose is an innocent and naive girl who just wants to help. This makes her easily manipulated. At least until the manipulation almost takes her life. Watch as she reacts to her new condition with horrific side effects. (Follows the plot of both RWBY and Tokyo Ghoul. Takes place after season 2 of RWBY and before se...

  • Tokyo Ghoul Crossover Avengers: Ghoul Recruitment
    98.1K 2.4K 16

    ORIGINAL PLOT BY alarose ON FANFICTION.NET After days of awful torture, the unexpected happened. Ken ends up in LA. After two months of both basking in the nonexistent presence of ghouls, and the painful lonliness; Ken is found out. Ghouls do not exist. Not here atleast. SHIELD gives Ken two options, be arrested and i...

    Completed   Mature