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  • BLSC #10 : His Bid on Her
    2.2M 85K 29

    BLSC #10 Joel Cesborn His heart is made of steel , he's a guy that's hard to tame. A lot of girls tried to tame him but no one succeed. Until he landed his eyes on one girl and he thought he will never see again Irene Payton A baker , she loves baking with all her heart. She's a really bright person when you know her...

  • BLSC #9 : His Cold Heart
    3M 115K 38

    BLSC #9 Axel Cesborn A good guy , if he's in a hero movie. He's always be the good guy. He has a good control of temper , calm and can take care everything without panic. One day someone took that away and turned him into a cold person towards new people Stella Veros A girl who has a dream to be a doctor but her paren...

  • BLSC #8 : Her Black Knight
    2.3M 92.9K 34

    BLSC #8 Marco Hastington Cruel and cold, that's Marco Hastington in public's eyes. He's a straight foward person to begin with. He loves his work and has no time to care about anyone else. Until one day, he bumped into a girl who got a gun in her body. Her blue eyes already targeting someone and that's where he starte...

  • BLSC #7 : a Night To Remember
    2.8M 103K 34

    BLSC #7 Christian Hastington For him if you date girls in your early 20s , it means that girl is only for decoration only not for a serious relationship. He never thinks that every girls that he dated was a real one until he went to his friend's birthday party and have a one night stand with someone that he never thou...