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  • Simply a Greaser
    361K 6.8K 72

    Ava Winston lived with her alcoholic father in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She didn't have anything extraordinary going on- just the usual greaser things, like avoiding socs and the police, or fighting other greasers. One night, after her dad kicked her out for the millionth time, Two-Bit Mathews stumbled upon on he...

  • reckless 【 the outsiders 】
    119K 2.5K 29

    he was reckless and she was trying not to be. 【 dallas winston 】

  • shakespeare . dallas winston
    613K 16.8K 40

    ❝ i'm not like them but i can pretend ❞ [dallas winston x oc] creds to @alicnstae for cover templates

  • Trade Mistakes
    123K 2K 23

    Elizabeth Curtis is the youngest of the Curtis family at 13 years old. Her older brothers always seem to forget about her, and she feels all alone. How will things work out for Lizzie?

  • guardian angel || the outsiders fanfic♡
    164K 3K 50

    The world's only a lonely place 'til you find someone to share it with. TW: self-harm, suicide attempt, parental abuse highest rank: #4 in #theoutsiders **includes a love story for each guy of our favorite greaser gang :)

  • Us greasers plus one
    309K 5.1K 72

    SEQUEL TO "Us greasers"!! Dallas Winston is known as trouble, will he behave when the baby comes along? Hannah 'Curtis' has been dating the town's bad boy, Dallas Winston for quite a while now, thing's take a turn when Hannah finds out she's pregnant with his baby. Will Dallas stay and support her, or will he quit a...

  • Us greasers
    276K 4.8K 42

    Dating the bad boy of the group is beyond exciting and suspenseful but sometimes it gets a little out of hand. Meet Hannah, a regular teenage girl who got kicked out of her home and got sent straight to Tulsa Oklahoma, right in the hands of seven greasy boys, who one she falls in love with at first sight.

    260K 6K 67

    "No offense, Dallas, but I'm not into moody assholes," I fired at him with a smug smirk. "Yeah, you're not my type either, Diana," he shot back. "Crazy, uptight chics are kind of a turnoff." I narrowed my eyes at him and growled angrily. »»--⍟--«« Unlike other people Diana...

  • her way ✰ (dallas winston x reader)
    1.2M 33.7K 92

    ❝i wish our stories could've been different.❞ some of the things in this may be inspired by the book, but it's mostly based on the movie. highest rankings: #1 in theoutsiders #1 in dallaswinston #1 in dallas

  • Dirty dancing with greasers
    32.2K 464 26

    Darry Curtis is a strong and healthy 20 year old who looks after his kid brothers but struggles to make ends meet. Finally he gets the opportunity to work in the summer at a country resort but this is a job far different to the tiling he is used to. Baby Houseman is a healthy 17 year old ready to save the world and e...

  • The Curtis Sister
    263K 3.5K 32

    A girl in the Curtis home? What could wrong there? Well, you'll have to read to find out . . .

  • The Outsiders
    72.6K 959 29

    What if Pony was actually a girl living three years after Johnny and Dally's deaths? What if...? Pony Curtis has lived with the deaths of her best friends for three years. Now, she is in college and still thinking about how one theme made her think about what's happened every day. Now, Two-bit is living with Darry, an...

  • Doe Mathews (The Outsiders FF)
    207K 3.3K 28

    Doe Mathews is Two-Bit's little sister and she loves the gang like they're her brothers. But, what happens when she wants more than friendship with more than one person in the gang?

  • The Outsiders Whose Girl?
    249K 5.2K 40

    Lisa moved into a new town knowing about greasers and socs and through her life in Tulsa she goes through some up and downs but the gang is always there for her, she starts to like a guy from the gang and he likes her back. What will she do? ALL RIGHTS GO TO S.E HINTON!! EXCEPT FOR MY CHARACTERS

  • The Outsiders: Dally's little sister
    1M 18.1K 36

    Dallas Winston knew he had a younger sister up in New York with his parents, but when his parents die, and Sophie Winston has to come and live with him, his world turns upside down. Dally always loved his kid sister, but he hasn't seen her in quite a while. The last time he saw her, she was a sweet innocent ten year o...