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  • Hands Too Cold, but Heart of Gold *Avengers* Daredevil*
    6.3K 165 12

    You officially joined the Avengers only two months ago and you're about to take off to yet another mission. Cap would like to have some extra help on this one - but the Avengers have approached the Devil of Hell's Kitchen before and he made it pretty clear how he felt about it. Of course, this time it's you who got st...

  • Heart Too Cold, but Friends of Gold*Captain America*Avengers*
    1.6K 57 16

    Reader-Insert. Follows 'Hands Too Cold, but Heart of Gold'. Your life ended the moment you gained your powers and then found your way to the Avengers business. It's a logical move for a villian to hurt your family to get to you - except no one outside your team knows who's hiding behind the mask of Frostbite and they...

  • Five Times Steve Felt Betrayed and the One Time... *Captain America*Avengers*
    679 19 7

    Sequel to 'Hands Too Cold, but Heart of Gold' and 'Heart Too Cold, but Friends of Gold'. After the fiasco in Nigeria, the world is fed up with dealing with the Avengers' mess. The Sokovia Accords are invented. It's understandable that the team is divided. But Steve would never expect that The Accords would wedge a sp...

  • Hell Froze Over*Avengers*Captain America*Reader*
    739 15 13

    Part four of Melting Hearts series. There's a new enhanced on a scene, showing up at places of the Avengers' fights and sometimes even intervening. She's fast. Really, really fast. And Wanda can't read her mind. So far, she has been helping. But surely it's only a matter of time before she will switch sides. You could...