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  • The Bonneville Witches' Cookbook { A Calliope Finx Seedworld Novel}
    1.2K 166 16

    Calliope Finx is training to be a murderess. It's very civilised training, tucked away in her guardian's estate of Bramblyrose, where she loves to ride her horses, and learns anatomy and foreign languages, as well as exactly how much strychnine to slip into a teacup. At seventeen, she hasn't exactly murdere...

  • The Face in the House
    70.4K 5.9K 60

    A twisted tale of death, love, and magic. Enter the mouth of the face in the house... Featured on: "Stranger Summer Reads" (Wattpad Pick)- Summer 2019 Wattpad Homepage - Fall 2019 "Wattpad Classics" - Spring 2020 Rose White's little old house is filled floor-to-ceiling with books, newspapers, and other fragments of a...

  • Southern Saturday Nights ✔️
    50.7K 1.8K 30

    Allyson Reed shapes her life to make her parents proud, but whenever she's with Daxson Winters, the star wide receiver with a troubled past, her perfectly-crafted existence crumbles at the seams. *****...

  • She Kills Elephants and Men (EPIC of DESIRE)
    26.7K 2.7K 91

    Powerful matriarchal clan, strong daughters and military glory are solid life goals. But whenever Ismar's meteoric rise is curtailed, she must look to the pretty faces in her shadow-her husbands-for unexpected solutions. Is her true calling to be the force of change in the world? Pitched against monsters, calamitie...

    Completed   Mature
  • Renegade
    4.3K 410 39

    Fourteen years ago, a teenage girl accidentally set her friends and a store on fire. Today, every ability-wielder is tested, categorized and closely monitored by the Civilian Security. Behave and you get to live. Misbehave and you will be hunted down and locked up - or worse. Makoto and Amanda messed up and are on the...

  • More to Life ✔
    22.2K 2K 47

    When her first love falls apart, a Filipina-Canadian foodie is devastated as she believes she's to blame. To prove her devotion, Maria joins a social-media cooking contest despite her family's advice to move on from the toxic man. It draws him back until he reveals his loyalty to his new girlfriend. Crushed, Maria upr...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rest is Riddles
    31.3K 2.5K 45

    [COMPLETE] Straight-A student Jane Huang cares only about acing her classes and graduating college... until a terrifying encounter with an otherworldly monster plunges her into the mysterious world of Mir. To return to the home she loves, Jane must become an 'avtorka' - one with the gods-given power to write in Mir's...

  • Quid Pro Quo
    47.7K 3.8K 33

    Satchmo Turner is a failed private detective from the rusting heart of the Black Country who is reeling from the loss of his sister and fiancee. He's going nowhere at work, and treading water in life, until he picks up a simple missing person case and stumbles into something much bigger. Satchmo soon finds himself in...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Kings Game
    3.5K 87 2

    Cover done by : Noah was content. A normal life with a kinda normal friend. But then the world froze leaving only silence. In that empty silence it appeared, draped in black and presenting an invitation. An invitation he should not have seen. Now Noah must learn to survive in a l...

  • On The Outside Looking In {HIATUS}
    832 122 28

    "I get it. I'd understand if you want to skip this story. It's nothing special, only about me." Ebony Nightshade has woken up in hospital with no memory of who she is, where she is, or how she got there. It turns out she has been in the hospital for quite a long time, though she has no idea what anyone is talking abou...