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  • In Loving You
    2.5M 10.9K 8

    Rank #1 in @loveatfirstsight tag and Highest Rank #2 in General Fiction. February 24, 2021 Non-Exclusive contract signed for IN LOVING YOU Please visit my account there Selene Souchon to read the complete version of this story and I hope you'll also support my other stories ILY is Completed there❤️ Thank you.

  • Shut Up and Be Mine [Fin] - PUBLISHED UNDER PHR
    4.2M 82.6K 45

    Barkada Babies Series #1 This is published under PHR. Visit their online store to get a copy of the ebook version. Price: 142php ------ Hanggang saan ang kaya mong gawin para lang mapansin ka ni crush? Stalk his social media accounts, managed to know his phone number and texts him everyday, cheer him in his basketba...

    833K 13.7K 35

    I love him so much but he broke my heart into pieces and now 4 years had past i already moved on but he claim me again as his wife and he wants me back to his life. What should i do?

  • The Vampire's WIFE (On-Going)
    674K 12.9K 81

    Vampires are mythical beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (blood is their food source). The vampires most people are familiar with (such as Dracula) are revenants - human corpses that are said to return from the grave to harm the living; these vampires have Slavic origins only a few hundred years old. B...

  • Tied up
    4.4M 67K 73

    "What else do you want from me? Nakuha mo na ang gusto mo kaya lumayas ka na!" That was the last thing she said before she left. And now that she's back, I'll do everything to have her again. "Not so fast lady. You're mine the moment you let me touch you. When you gave yourself to me, you agreed to be with me forever...

  • The Gift (One Shot) "PUBLISHED"
    21.4K 349 1

    "I hope you will consider this as the best gift ever."

  • The Miserable Wife
    1.2M 15.7K 36

    "Mahal ko ang asawa ko, kaya nga nagpapakatanga ako at nagbubulag-bulagang mahal niya rin ako... kahit na alam kong hindi."

  • My Married Life
    2.3M 34.5K 38

    Tatlong taon na akong kasal kay Alessandro Fuentebelde, at tatlong taon na ring dumaranas ng lungkot kasama siya. Ang tanging nakapagpapasaya sa akin ay ang dalawang taon kong anak na si Lily. Hindi ko alam kung anong problema sa pagsasama namin, ginagawa ko naman ang lahat para maipakita ko sa kanya na isa akong mab...

  • The CEO and I
    5.4M 78.7K 49


  • The Mafia Lord's Possession
    3M 68.8K 47

    "You are my possession... my priceless possession" -Rave Adrian Silvestri- Highest Rank Achieved: Rank #6 in What's Hot List for General Fiction (06/25/16)

  • Mr. Devil Is My Boss [COMPLETED]
    4.2M 70.2K 58

    Demonyong nagkatawang tao. May sungay, may buntot at tinidor na panusok. Ganyan ipaliwanag ni Freia Gonzales si Travis Reyes. Pagpasok pa lang niya bilang sekretarya nito, gusto na niyang mag-resign dahil sa ugali nito. Utos dito, utos doon. Magpapagawa ng kape pero hindi iinumin. Paano nga ba magkakasundo ang dalawan...

  • The Playboy's Substitute Wife (Completed)
    5M 15.8K 8

    Meet Yelena Rae Falcon, the substitute bride, kayang gawin lahat para sa pinakamamahal na lolo't lola niya na nag-alaga sa kanya mula noong bata pa siya. Kahit pa ang pagpapanggap bilang kanyang kakambal, na ngayon lang niya nakita, para sa kasal nito dahil ito ay nasa coma. Meet Alexander James Hernandez, the playbo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Because Of Love 2 (Available on Dreame)
    289K 1.3K 5

    "You're still naive little girl. Money can buy anything in this world Yna, even people!"

  • We Are Married?! (PUBLISHED under Pop Fiction)
    18.7M 203K 70

    You are a sixteen year old high school student living on a house with your Geometry teacher who comes to be your husband. Wow, what a life! © iheartcandiii 2012