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  • Naruto: Nine And Seven
    220K 3.2K 18

    Naruto x Fuu story Leaving Konoha, Naruto and Pervy-Sage stop by a village called Taki, While in the village of Taki Naruto comes upon a girl with mint-colored hair, and orange, mesmerizing eyes. He notices that she is treated the same way he was when he was little, what will become of Naruto? Please read to find...

  • Secret Kisses (KatsuDeku)
    378K 13K 13

    "Kacchan, I'm so s-sorry I kept running. I just thought you didn't like guys, and if y-you did.. you wouldn't like me! Cause why would you? I m-mean just look at me in such a l-loser and, and-" "Oh my god. Shut up," Katsuki said and without thinking, kissed the mumbling nerd. It shouldn't have been a big deal, but it...

  • -Mob Psycho 100-"Nothing changes around here, does it?"
    3.5K 99 6

    Shigeo Kageyama, also known as "Mob" to his friends, has finally gotten his life back together. After the incident that nearly destroyed Seasoning City over a year ago, Mob finally has time to relax and enjoy his first year of high school. His powers have been much more stable lately, he's been tutoring his younger b...

  • We'll Protect You {Baby Izuku} {Dadzawa} {TodoDekuBaku}
    204K 5.7K 26

    When Midoryia is walking back to the dorms after classes, he get mugged. When Midoryia fights back he is hit with a quirk the reverts him back into a 4 year old. What will happen when he doesn't remember anyone from class 1-A except for Bakugo? And what will happen when Bakugo isn't the only one fighting for Midoryia'...

  • Change - Boku no Hero Fanfiction | IzuToga
    205K 3.6K 19

    The league of villains is planning to look into Izuku's memories to find what kind of connection he has with All Might, but... Is that all they will find? Will Toga find something she never thought she would?

  • Wholesome Oneshots - Mob Psycho 100
    1.3K 18 2

    Requests are open! Slice of life wholesome MP100 oneshots with a dash of angst

  • Warped Minds {VillianDeku}
    33.3K 1.1K 27

    When Izuku Midoryia gets hit by a quirk that contorts his mind, will he be able to figure out the difference between right and wrong? Or will he lose the battle and succumb to the darkness? Who am I shipping Deku with? You'll never know. Warning: Strong Language Harassment Self-Harm •I do not own Boku No Hero Academia...

  • expulsion ; bnha ✔
    90.5K 4.4K 26

    追放 | Completed | "All five students expelled from U.A. High, effective and immediately." The Kamino Incident brought many changes to the entire world. One of which, for our students's of Class 1-A's concern, were five of their classmates getting expelled. U.A. had given them expulsion but from observing their physical...

  • Legends Never Die (BNHA X One Punch Man) (Abandoned) (Available for Adoption)
    79.3K 1.2K 14

    Izuku was a young quirkless boy, Who met a man who has saved the world times over. What Happens when This Baldy gives Izuku some advice? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adopted from @SoulnessTakingOver Izuku Midoriya x...

  • When Angels Fall
    103K 3K 14

    "I didn't make a mask to hide that i'm broken, I made one to hide the fact that your the ones who broke me" Never abuse someone's kindness, remember, behind every angel; a demon hides. Naruto was a lonely boy who was slowly falling apart, a fragment of himself falling from each and every day he awakens. When an old t...

  • •Shackles of Time•
    24.6K 1.1K 8

    On normal circumstances, no one would even give this option a single thought. The risk was far too great. However, for a certain blonde and his raven companion, there was no risk. In fact, the moment that the blonde hokage even mentioned that it was possible there was not even a single doubt that they should do it. Af...

    197K 7.6K 41

    Naruto really thought they could do it. That he could do it. But when the chance was staring him in the eyes, reflecting off of the rasengan in his right hand and the pulsing in his chest, Naruto failed. Madara sent him back. Back to a time when he had everything once again. And he couldn't stay. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ J...

  • She's a Troublesome Girl (Saiki x Teruhashi)
    138K 2.6K 36

    One day at school while teruhashi is walking around and looking for saiki, teruhashi notices saiki using his powers while he's talking to Auira. What will she say and do? (Ps this is my first time writing something so I hope you enjoy it. I don't own any of the characters I'm just messing around with them but If you...

  • My Hero Academia: Izuku Midoriya's Journey-Licencing Exam
    80.6K 732 18

    Its Christmas day, but Class A can't go home for the holidays because the roads and trains are blocked, so they decide to kill the time by watching themselves fight the other hero schools during the licencing Exam

  • Brainwashed- A Villain Deku Story
    30.4K 776 24

    On a scouting mission for their second term in their internships, Midoriya encounters a large group of villains. With Gran Torino missing and a strange boy asking him about his quirk, Izuku notices A young villain stands in his bedroom. It just so happens today is this young mans LOV initiation day...

  • morosis
    435K 28.9K 200

    ❛ morosis; the stupidest of stupidities... ❜ °.Incorrect quotes, bnha.° ‑‑‑‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ↳ ɴᴏᴛᴇs ﹏﹏‍ 。˚✩ ‑‑‑‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ‑ ✎ bnha © kohei horikoshi - ͙۪۪̥˚┊❛ ᴇɴᴊᴏʏ ❜┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌

  • Izuku's Secret Life?
    24.6K 442 8

    I adopted the story from Wolflover4evr I did make some of my own changes does someone make it my own story I really hope you enjoy it...

  • Ugly Scars And Pretty Lies (dekubowl) (On Hold)
    93.7K 2K 20

    (On Hold!) Izuku has always been told that hes quirkless. He had grown up without a dad, a mother who is always busy, and with a abusive childhood friend. Izuku wasnt able to tolerate the emotional and physical pain. He soon became deppressed and he eventually started to cut himself. But on one eventful day, he finds...

  • Liars (Villain Deku)
    161K 5.8K 24

    Deku is kidnapped by the villains and wakes up without a memory and several drugs in his system. He knows All for One as a father figure and Shigaraki as a brother, everyone outside of the league of villains is lying to him. (Not at all consistant updates and plot is all over the place, at least its fun tho)

  • No Control
    179K 6.4K 15

    A villain deku AU where Deku was kidnapped instead of Bakugou and is brainwashed.

  • BNHA Reacts to the Multiverse + 1A Shenanigans
    441K 3.5K 57

    the characters of BNHA have been summoned by me, H-Man, to watch the Multiverse because I was bored of watching it by myself. All BNHA characters & every other character & story belong to their respective owners.

  • bnha on crack
    306K 6.8K 131

    this is a meme book because why not. Theres a second book to this so when you finish this you can go look at the memes on the other one.

  • Help me...{Nomu Deku}
    15.1K 317 10

    Cover Art by me. (It looks horrible doesn't it..) Deku finally made it to his dream school, U.A high! A few days after the dorms were installed, Deku was taken in his sleep waking up in a experiential lab, where he was tortured every day. Then experimented on until they had successfully turned Deku into a Nomu. He had...

  • The Dekuverse(HIATUS)
    75.2K 880 12

    What are the characters reaction to see different versions of Izuku? Read to find out! (request open)

  • .•multiverse.• - BNHA
    61.5K 897 16

    Waking up, half of the group didn't know where they were or why they were somewhere other than home. The other half had senseless thoughts of panic and distress. A room full of teenagers, some confused mothers, pro heroes, two little kids, the principal of UA, an author... And many, many many universes to watch. What...

  • BNHA Chatroom
    55.5K 1.5K 9

    Need help hiding a body? I know I might... I'm also bored and love chatfics so here a chatfic yeet I accidentally turned this into a depressing chatfic so warning - Depressing Topics

  • UA multiverse
    1.3M 10.5K 85

    let's just say that 1A, 1B, Hatsume, Shinso, Big 3, UA teachers, The Pussycats with Kota and Eri are "kidnapped" by a figure to the auditorium of UA to watch a multiverse of their lives How will they react? Note: this is my first time writing something like this so bear with me if there's a mistake. Also, English is n...

  • "deku, you okay?"
    167K 3.9K 28

    "deku, you okay?" Not a question he often got but it was one that made his head swirl and his stomach turn was he okay or was he falling deep? Will anyone save him or was he truly lost. This book contains the following Swearing Abuse Depression Suicide Panic attacks Sexual themes (no sex tho ew) Enjoy ⚠️IN EDITIN...

  • Song Of Deadly Static
    82.6K 3.5K 7

    Deku is dead but can comunicate with a radio, who's radio is that? PRESENT MIC'S!