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  • Prince of Tennis X Reader (Fin)
    19.8K 288 13

    Okay, this is my first ever FanFic so bear with me. Anyways,this will be a one shot stories and I want to add some sort of scenarios if I happened to be in the mood. WARNING:Slow updates. I apologize if there are some wrong grammars. Anyhow,hope you like reading stories like this.Thanks. I don't own any of the charact...

  • Royalty? No Damnit!!!(prince of tennis)
    3.3K 60 5

    That fateful night it all changed....his possible future...his destiny all changed and he dosn't remember at all....what he had been,what he had gone through,however a link still remains...proof of who he used to be...proof of his old life...what will happen when he regains his memories following another inciden...

  • Prince Of Tennis x Reader
    22.2K 512 18

    These are ones I have written in my notes some are oneshots others are long

  • Ryoma's girlfriend (ryoma x reader)
    69.1K 924 8

    Ryoma has a girlfriend!? none of the regulars knew neither did his fangirls. But now she is in front of them and is going to attend seigaku. What will Ryoma's fangirls do? does she play tennis?? and most of all what is happening with Sakuno??? ( i do not own prince of tennis )

  • Crazy Love
    3.7K 154 10

    Echizen Akia and Akiko, older twin sisters of Echizen Ryoma, despite being twins, are very different from each other. Everything from the way they look, to the way they dress, and to the person they fall for. Despite being so different, they get along very well and always help each other out, while taking care, in the...

  • My final wish!
    36.7K 753 14

    Ryoma QUIT?!!!

  • Princess Vs Prince (Echizen Ryoma X Reader)
    8.2K 211 7

    Synopsis : You are a tomboy girl and been popular of 'The Princess of Tennis' nickname. You are really love tennis and want to enter the tennis tournament. However, what will you do if you know you have to pretend to be a boy and enter the boy's tennis club?! Sakura : Ryoma-kun~ My favorite character~ <3 Ayato : Tc...

  • Berry. ♡ [ Kuroo x Reader ]
    726K 19.1K 16

    ❝You're the apple to my pie, you're the straw to my berry.❞ You're kenma's best friend and one day kenma introduced you to his teammate and best friend, Kuroo Tetsurou, you began to fall for him, but its not that easy as you think. Your friend who has been really nice to you, likes him a lot. Will you win kuroo's hear...

  • Why?
    166 8 1

    Selim can't seem to understand the mind of a girl

  • Older!Pride fanfic
    1K 6 4

    I had this weird dream with Pride/Selim Bradley, and this is what happened. This will most likely become a lemon later, but even if it doesn't, I hope you enjoy.

  • Red and Blue (Shu x Valt)
    21.4K 457 29

    Valt Aoi and Shu Kurenai are good friends, of course you know that. And Valt has had a little secret that involves Shu... his love. Valt gets nervous around Shu everytime and all that. One day, he wants to confess his love to Shu but he doesn't know how to approach him. Valt is always confident, but this is something...

  • Killing For You [Killugon]{DISCONTINUED}
    100K 3.2K 14

    "So which is it? Will you accept me?" Killua leaned to lick the shell of Gon's ear. "Which do you want me to choose?" Gon tried to hold in the sudden pleasurable sound. "You should already know the answer to that." Killua and Gon are the leaders to popular gang's in Yorknew. That is, until they meet each other of cour...

  • I Found What I Was Missing
    143K 6.2K 91

    "Izuku, I am not your mother. You're adopted," For just a few seconds, it felt like Izuku's world came to a grinding halt, and did a sudden flip as he felt his heart skip a beat, before everything turned back to normal.

    Completed   Mature
  • Revenge
    211 7 1

    Movie night with Killugon and Sasunaru;)

  • Naruto RP
    18.3K 166 18

    Says in the title

  • naruto shippuden rp
    9.2K 173 34

    Says in the title

  • Aiger Instagram
    2.3K 152 8

    J'ai vu que beaucoup de gens l'on fait y compris de puissants bleydeur comme Valt Aoi,Lui Shirosagi, Free de La Hoya, Xander Shakadera Bah je me suis dit que se serait amusant

  • promise me ( katsuki bakugou X Reader) COMPLETED
    1.8M 52.2K 93

    "Don't... Don't do that again you dumbass... " "I love you too Katsuki " Child hood friends that were seperated for 10 years of their life. But ones feelings never disappeared. What would be their reaction when they meet again? What adventures will they get up to? Hotel? Trivago. COMPLETED || Started || August 10t...

  • Beyblade Burst x Reader
    500K 9.2K 124

    just read on :)

  • Infatuation (Yandere Boys x Reader)
    8.2M 275K 92

    After six new boys meet (Y/n), they begin an unhealthy obsession over the female and soon take it too far. There's not much chance of her escaping their thoughts or hands but she's definitely going to try when she's had enough.

  • The Fall Into Darkness (Shu x Valt)
    27.3K 585 12

    This takes place a year after the events from Red Eye and Shu is forgiven by the bey club except Valt who is unable to trust Shu after everything that happened and the pain Shu caused him soon Valt hears about a forbidden bey called Corruption Burst and how it was broken into fragments and spread throughout the fores...

  • Todoroki Shoto Boyfriend / Husband Scenarios (Todoroki X Reader)
    6.9M 175K 140

    (Important: DO NOT REPOST, STEAL OR COPY my work, please!) Status update: DISCONTINUED since 2021 [Requests are not open anymore, sorry!] Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date a half-ice and half-hot boy in U.A. Academy? Thus, I introduce you guys / BNHA fans a set of boyfriend scenarios about you and T...

  • || BIO IDEAS || 🌸
    77.8K 494 19

    A book full of caption ideas! - i just wanted to suggest some nice bio ideas 🌈. credits to the rightful owners!🌸 - tenenetenet i hopeee sooo you guys like it! oh yeah😍😂 JANGAN LUPA VOTE TAU...THANK YOU!💖

  • Dead Beat (❌)
    2.7K 1K 14

    1st Place Winner of The Midnight Sun Awards 2019 • • • If your life was a lie, how would you process the truth? Riddles, unexpected events, death, birth, deception, betrayal. All in the blink of an eye, reality could be shattered into something that never truly existed in the first place. • • • [I DO NOT OWN ANY ARTWO...

  • Male Agent Four X Marie
    32.7K 451 17

    The title is exactly how it sounds like. Title isn't my art, no possible pictures that were used are mine, et cetera. Also, this'll be bad I know and this is my first time writing like this, so, here we go

  • Tag someone who... 2.0 (Game Book)
    53.9K 6.1K 188

    Who's ready for another tag book!? If so, get ready and buckle up because we're about to go on a tagging spree once again!

  • From Sensei to Daddy☽Kakashi x Reader☾
    804K 22.4K 14

    Ever since you'd been lately assigned to Squad 7, you'd had a small crush on Kakashi-Sensei, even though you'd only seen his left eye you knew he was a hot and worth the long wait. But did he feel the same the way? Had he longed for a relationship like you did? Did he even care about you more than he did of Sasuke, Sa...

  • The Missing Pieces : Pokémon and Naruto World
    28K 616 66

    Ash, Pikachu, and Serena's Sylveon are stuck in the Shinobi World, the three of them must find a way to get back to their world. Meanwhile, they met with the Seventh Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto, who will help them return to their home. But a man named Uchiha Sasuke is also stuck in the pokémon world and he must find the wa...

  • Nunca lo imaginé (Naruto)
    122K 15.5K 26

    Naruto es un reconocido actor y rival de Sasuke Uchiha, con tan solo dieciocho años se ha hecho famoso y creen que es la mayor promesa del cine en mucho tiempo. Por su odio hacia Sasuke Uchiha, el actor juvenil más reconocido, jura no trabajar jamás con él, pero su representante firmará un contrato para una serie de t...

    Completed   Mature