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  • Phantom's Fight
    211K 6K 27

    When US Seal, Jasper Cole aka Phantom had finished his final tour with the US Marines. He made his way home one last time to return to The Lost Knights Motorcycle Club and resume his role as enforcer. Ivy Grace Brown, the daughter of the Lost Knight president and princess of his club has always been surrounded by the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Reaper's Poison
    1.2M 37.2K 56

    He was poison. The kind that seeped into your veins and pumped with your blood. The moment he breathed the same air as you, you were infected. The kind that killed you slowly until the moment it decided it was your time and then it happened all at once. Every time, every time you could hand me the antidote and I wou...

  • Born To Raise Hell [#1 Born To Raise Series][ON HOLD ]
    225K 5K 32

    [ON HOLD ] [ Book 1 of The Born To Raise Series] Rose ' Ghost ' McKillen is probably the strangest girl you have ever met. From her tattoos down to her personality, there isn't a single person on Earth who knows Ghost that could tell you one straight fact about her. She is an enigma and a fairy tale all in one. Livi...

  • Reign (Riders of Apollo #1)
    862K 28.6K 54

    I didn't mean to let jealousy take over, honest, but Lexie egged me on and I just thought, fuck it. I was certainly rewarded for my efforts with a kiss that weakened my knees and fired me up in a way I've never experienced. I was close to giving all the bikers a good show on this bar but he pulled away before I could...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Saints' Devil
    4.5M 148K 56

    {The Wattys Awards Shortlist} The Saint's Brotherhood motorcycle club was known all over town, they were ruthless. They were feared, they got their reputation from one member in particular, one member that was so unbelievably intriguing and mysterious, people made legends and stories about him. They didn't know his n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ride With Me
    262K 10K 21

    Lia Smith only knows one thing, survival. She does whatever she can to be able to see tomorrow. She doesnt know what it means to be happy. To have a family. She's hard to the core. What matters to her though, is that she's free. Free to go wherever she damn well pleased. What is she going to do when she gets tangled i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ghost [ ON HOLD]
    1.9K 67 5

    [ Prequel to Born to Raise Hell 1st Book in the Born To Raise Series ] Rose McKillen This is the story of a girl who became a myth , who lived life as if she were an engmia. Feel her pain, share in her joy, and relish in her life. Through blood , sweat, tears, and the occasional dissappearing act. Find out just exac...

  • MC Home (Broken Demons MC #10)
    869K 38.5K 39

    BFG was destroyed by the only woman he's ever loved and is no longer the man he once was. Can he finally move forward with his life or will his past refuse to stay away?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Jaded Irish ( Hades Gate MC #3)
    7.7K 198 2

    • Haru • I'm never alone. My own voices alway keeping me company. Protecting me. Hiding me from the cruelty of others. My soul was broken apart by the nightmare I called a childhood. Now I need protection from myself, because I told myself to never give myself to another man. So why am I giving myself to not one, bu...

  • Stay With Me
    107K 5.1K 16

    It's been two years since Demon lost his memory and after a year, he decided to leave, wanting to find himself. He hates leaving Lia, and he feels she may hate him back. He left his old lady, taking his cut, but leaving his bike. Lia was devastated when he left but she understood, and vowed she would be at the compoun...

    Completed   Mature
  • Slow Ride (Hell's Tribe MC Series) [Book 1]
    688K 29.5K 45

    Veronica "Ronnie" Nash never thought that she would turn to her mother's old love when she faced trouble. But, when Ronnie is facing certain danger at the hands of her own father, turning to Mick-the president of Hell's Tribe Motorcycle Club seemed like the only way she could secure her safety. Although Mick was hesit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sherlock ( Hades Gate MC #4)
    7.4K 180 2

    • Layla • No one wanted me until him. He was my savior, my hero. I loved him. But we were torn apart by the system. Once again no one wanted me. I was a shadow. Hiding from the demons around me, lurking in broad day light. Until someone noticed me, someone who told me I was beautiful. I should have known better than...

  • Saw ( Hades Gate MC #2)
    20.4K 515 2

    • Mirjam • I've had a good life. A nice family home. Parents who only wanted the best for me. A nice and almost perfect fiancé. I followed my passion and never looked back. Until I went to far. I got abducted and tortured in Afghanistan. Held by terrorists for months. I just wanted to help people, follow my passion a...

  • Right Through Me
    1.8M 58.8K 52

    Lina owns a small clinic in a small, rough town. Everyone in town knows her, mainly because her clinic is the equivalent to a hospital only it is much cheaper and more welcoming. Her town is unwelcoming, with the Russian Mafia, Swedish Biker Club, and Japanese Gang; no one is safe on the streets. The three groups are...

  • MC's Nomad (Broken Demons MC #5)
    1.3M 47.8K 37

    Reaper hasn't belonged to a chapter of the Broken Demons since his wife was killed 10 years ago. He prefers to live alone on the road travelling to different chapters of the club, never staying too long. However on his latest visit with Killers club in North Carolina mother chapter has he finally found a reason to st...

    Completed   Mature
  • MC Soldier (Broken Demons MC #6)
    1M 40K 35

    We return to Broken Demons for the sixth instalment. Doc is an army vet who saw things that will never leave his mind, he hasn't slept without nightmares since he landed back on American soil. He loves his club family and is always there to help, but a big part of him is hidden away from everyone, until she walks into...

    Completed   Mature
  • MC Player (Broken Demons MC #7)
    1.5M 50.7K 35

    Ice is the ladies man of The Broken Demons MC. A different girl in his bed every night and he loves his life. Can one woman finally tame the beast? Imelda is a single mother with a secret. Can she help Ice grow up and become a man?

    Completed   Mature
  • MC History (Broken Demons MC #8)
    865K 37.2K 37

    Socket still bares the guilt from his sister being hurt years ago, he just doesn't seem to be able to get passed it. He wouldn't have joined the Broken Demons if it weren't for what happened, and while Evie now lives a normal life, Socket has yet to move on. Natalie had a lonely childhood and because of what she watc...

    Completed   Mature
  • MC Forbidden (Broken Demons MC #9)
    2.2M 68K 39

    Needles lives his dream, a member of the Broken Demons MC and runs the tattoo shop owned by the club. He's watched his brothers settle down and start families and he can't help but wonder when it'll be his turn. Molly is the black sheep of the family. After making some poor choices her parents have had enough and sen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mayhem (Hades Gate MC #1)
    1.6M 50.1K 37

    • Levi • I've wished for death too many times to count when I was a child. Too bad only my soul died, not my body. Now that i'm older, I refuse to give up.I want answers. Answers that my family can give me. A family that doesn't even know I exist. What the hell am I getting myself into? • Mayhem • I was born into th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eight Years Later (Book one of The Knights Of Hell) #Wattys2016
    242K 7.6K 22

    Parker Greyson is the definition of a bad-ass. She is the kind of girl who can strike fear into a mans heart with just a look. She was raised to be a street-soldier, a warrior. A leader. Not a follower. Everyone feared Parker and her older brother, because they ran one of the biggest MC's around. As far as everyone k...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eight Months Further (Book two of The Knights Of Hell)
    5.5K 121 1

    "It's a funny thing; Grief. It rips a person apart. It breaks a person. But this wouldn't break us. This will fuel us. The Knights Of Hell will rise up. We will find everyone in association with the Thieves Den and we will make them pay for ripping our family apart. We will have revenge." - Excerpt from Eight Years L...

  • Along for the Ride (Hell's Tribe MC Series) [BOOK 2]
    368K 15.5K 32

    With a past as messy as his, the only thing that Aaron "Tweaker" Rhodes ever worried about was getting drunk and having a laugh. A relationship that lasted only a night had been more than enough to satisfy Tweaker for years, but when a chance encounter brings him back together with Raegan Clark-an old flame, he begins...

    Completed   Mature
  • Whiskey ( Hades Gate MC #5)
    8K 184 2

    • Elvira • Some people call me Elf, some call me Elvira. I don't really care, because i'm distracted by the perfect view that would make a perfect picture. People call me stupid, an airhead. Honestly? I'm just not interested in their conversations. People call me childlike, talking people half to death, making pic...

  • Destroying a Monster (Xavier)
    4.5M 111K 56

    When Aubrey moved to a small town, no one warned her about him. She didn't know that he was dangerous. She wasn't told the small town stories. So when she runs into Xavier one day she has no idea who she is dealing with. Xavier is the leader of a motorcycle club that has terrified his small town since his parents we...

  • Inked and Dangerous
    1.9M 106K 56

    A brainiac biker chick who witnesses a murder seeks refuge with a childhood neighbor turned FBI agent and risks her life to help him put the criminals behind bars. ***** Felicity Taylor has a beautiful mind and a future with promise, until something happens to blow it...

    Completed   Mature
  • If I Lose Myself
    951K 26.2K 45

    Catalina, a once loving girl. Is now a broken girl struggling to trust those around her again. From being beaten and raped by her step-father. She takes a leap of faith and runs away to her father's. Once there she realizes not only did she run away from a monster, she ran right into the world of Bikers since her dad...

    Completed   Mature
  • branded (phantoms mc #2)
    1M 37.5K 37

    Once upon a time, there was a boy named Marlon who fell in love with a girl named Cat. Like her name suggests, she had claws --- sharp ones. But the thing about cats with sharp claws is that as much as they hiss and scratch, they still enjoy being stroked... (Working blurb, ha.) *Cover by @bullethood*

    884K 24.1K 48

    COMPLETED The Iron Horsemen MC #1 #6 in Club Their Lethal Weapon, Her Saving Grace Chaos Callahan is the vice president of The Iron Horsemen MC. With no memory of his past, he was taken in by the brothers and soon became their most lethal weapon. Lennox Lee is a forgotten soul, no family, no home ... No purpose. Feeli...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Devil Wears Leather
    174K 6.6K 27

    Leslie Demitriou, Angelina Ander's best friend, is a mystery in itself. On the outside, she seems like the kindest, most selfless, person you'd ever meet but, on the inside, she's a ball of fire just waiting to combust. All her life she's struggled with her anger and it was only recently when she began to take anger m...