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  • Inazuma Character x Reader/ OC One-Shots
    26.4K 627 44

    Inazuma Character x Reader Disclaimer: I do not own Inazuma Eleven. The show and the characters belongs to the rightful owners.

  • Emergency Couple [ Inazuma 11 x Reader ]
    77.8K 3.2K 23

    " no one deserves to suffer, not even you. " [ ranked #1 in #inazumaeleven ] [ cover credit ; ]

  • "Love Café"[Inazuma Eleven x Reader]
    14.8K 612 6

    "Hello! Welcome to 'Pavo Cafe', please come!" What do you want? Sweets? Cakes? Cookies? Muffins? Or Love? 'Pavo Cafe' is right for you! Cover by @KWAITAN Banners by @an-tan_

  • Ares no Tenbin: Ever-Changing Child
    4.3K 101 10

    "Do not pursue one who leaves, Do not reject one who comes". The best phrase to express personality of an apathetic vice-captain. Nonetheless, that young boy chooses to lead a life with every action of his controlled by Ares program. All for the sake of a little promise he made with a childhood friend who is also his...

  • Inazuma Eleven Orion No Kokuin: Master Of Predictions (Discontinued)
    12.4K 391 10

    Many youths train until they bleed to improve their skills. But only a handful can reach it: The entrance to glory that only the chosen ones who've conquered fierce battles may gather in front of, The gate to the world.

  • ⚽ Inazuma Eleven GO Book 1: Brave Hearts, Rebellious Souls ⚽
    6.6K 175 18

    (Cover by me) In a world where Japan's soccer is under the control of an organization known as Fifth Sector that determines the preset scores and forcing youth soccer teams across the nation to follow their rules or face the consequence of disbandment, a group of young, brave, and rebellious hearts dared to defy this...

  • Twins Twists (Inazuma Eleven Reader Insert)
    36.8K 1.2K 13

    Endou Y/N is Endou Mamoru's twin! It will be following the plot of the story from the original series! *Warning*SLOW UPDATES!