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  • My rando book filled with rando things
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    CUZ I WANT TO! AND I FEEL LIKE IT!!! If ya really want to know, this is a book about an emotional preteen who rants about the most randomness things, like her bald-headed teacher or her dog who licks herself to much (that is so freaking annoying!!) And when this little hissy is actually being serious, she'll rant abou...

  • I'm A Dark Horse
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    This story is basically where I put all my rants, tags, and other Beatles stuff. You'll find all the latest Beatles or music related news here. Plus random memes and pictures. Thanks @LucyInTheSky04 for making the cover! You're the best!

  • why samehhhh (Random Stuff Too)
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    my friend said "see you next year" and now I'm dying inside. There's also just a bunch of random stuff on here too, like all the adventures I have with my friends in art class, and all the overdue assignments due five months ago 😂😂 Speaking of overdue assignments, I'm gonna start writing an actual story! And if you'...

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