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    Not for the holy

  • Sweetheart; Phan AU
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    Dan is a little, Phil is a caregiver. They live with each other, and everything was normal until Dan was caught in little space. They soon figured out they were more than friends

  • Phan CGL Oneshots
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    All stories will be written by me... sorry and will all be Daddy!Phil And Little!Dan (DDLB is Dominant Daddy/ Little Boy so if you don't like the lifestyle, don't read it.) There will be smut chapters (sorry if they are awkward, I tried.)

  • Little space boy(boyxboy/phan)
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    Dan and Phil have been dating for quiet sone time,but when stress and anxiety start to be too much for the to handle the couple decided to try our Ddlb/cgl(daddy dom/little boy/caregiver little) **THIS IS A CAREGIVER/ little STORY! IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT READ It!**

  • little prince // phan
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    "Shit, I'm so fucking sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you back there." "Don't use naughty words please." -- punk!phil & little!dan -- published: August 21, 2016

  • Daddy and me ( Little Boy SEQUEL)
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    Dan grew up and his ageplay lifestyle was long gone. With Dan and Phil's hard work with YouTube and selling their merchandise, they lost what used to be their comfort. When Phil notices Dan is more stressed than usual, they decide to give it another try. Will things be different now that they're older or will it jus...