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  • Symbol of Love
    959 96 27

    When the vortex that had engulfed them dissipated, Krist realized two things: one, he was still holding his sister's hand, and two, they were in some ancient castle. Perhaps the guy would have realized something else, but then a confident male voice rang out in a room that looked very much like a private office: "Well...

    Completed   Mature
  • All Is Love♡(ONE SHOTS)
    34.4K 2.1K 50

    A series of one shots on My Favorite couple Kongpob & Arthit. There are random stories of them out of my imagination. Stories full of feelings, emotions & Mature Contents🤭 (If that is what you're looking for) . . . BoyxBoy Arthit♡Kongpob Let's read Hope you will all like it✌🏻 Enjoy 🤗🤗🤗

    Completed   Mature
  • Mistake
    49.8K 2.4K 19

    Mistakes have always been Krist's companion. There were several mistakes which made Krist on the verge of breakup with his long time boyfriend, Singto, yet his lover had the patience to stand beside Krist and accept him as who he was. But, just one mistake, just one misunderstanding made both of their lives miserable...

    Completed   Mature
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    Sometimes, what you see...may not be true and what may be never understand it that easily. "Please don't bother me and just go sit somewhere else, please."....Kasper is trying hard to tone down his anger. "But, I like sitting next to you. What's wrong in that?"...Sky asks pleadingly with puppy eyes. Oh Gosh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Suspicious [Completed]
    4.1K 268 6

    'They looked goddamn suspicious!' *This is just a really short and simple story about my favourite bl couple Arthit and Kongpob from Sotus The Series and Sotus S The Series. *The characters belong to the lovely author Bittersweet but the plot is mine. *Hope you like it. Start: 4September2022 (not published) End : 3Oc...

  • A Lifetime with You [Completed]
    49.7K 3.1K 21

    In Thailand, arranged marriages have been common with people ranging from 23 to 28 years of age. In a generation where the Same-Sex Marriage Act has been established for the past decade, arranged marriages have been more prominent than ever. There is one requirement though, both parties must agree to the engagement. S...

  • The Mr Mafia and his Mrs Doctor.
    30.6K 1.3K 21

    hey guys this is my new story and with me a girl helped me with the pictures and also helped me with some part of the story so I will be giving her credit too. And the pictures are from google so credit to the real owner. Tay Tawan younger brother of Off jumpol and singto prachaya is the head of Mafia black beads . b...

  • Things Change, So Does Life
    9.5K 684 13

    Description: "None of them said Yes, but yet here they are chosen by the fate and elders, to be partners for life." A story of two strangers, who decided by fate and family to be married and led a family life. How they connect with each other and fall in love and lead their life. As they say - Things Change, So Does L...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fortuitous
    11.1K 713 18

    Fortuitous - An unexpected accidental chance. Arthit always loved his P'Kong. Before he could do anything about his feeling, his P got married to someone else and Arthit chose to remain the close Nong of his P. He was content with it. Neither Arthit nor his P'Kong is aware of what fate had in store for them. Somethin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Suthiluck Siblings
    154K 11.6K 44

    A flirting with the wrong person turned Arthit, Puth and Tine's lives upside down when the girl ( whom Tine flirt at college) turned out to be the only sister of powerful Suthiluck brothers who no one dares to mess with. Unfortunately, Tine took the risk and now they all have to pay the price [Completed] KongArthit...

    Completed   Mature
  • SOTUS - The Next Chapter
    329K 15.2K 37

    Arthit and Kongpob are about to walk together into their shared future. Could there still be other obstacles to hinder their happiness? Will their love for each other be strong enough to help them overcome anything?

    Completed   Mature
  • Twist of Love
    15K 788 14

    Wang yibo is happily married to Zhou Ye but she dies while giving birth to their son. Xiao Zhan is engaged to Arthit who loves Zhan more than himself. What will happen when destiny plays a twist on their lives? Read on to know. A big thanks to @lux1986 for the constant support. I welcome criticism so let me know you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Marriage
    1.7K 102 1

    ' ''I kiss him he kiss me back'' CONGRESS YOU BOTH ARE NOW !!! --------- ARTHIT:Did you loved anyone before me. Kongpop:No I was not believed on . Kongpop:what about you. ARTHIT:I don't have time for love. Another one-shot OF Artkong..... Arrange marriage life of THEM. W...

  • when it's start
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    LOVE was beautiful but we all had our different situation face in it. Here other story by me. character not belong to me and it my second one-shot.

  • Five of me? (A Crossover)
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    Krist and Singto find themselves greeted with a bizarre poster. They didn't know it would lead to being locked in a room with their other selves from different universes. But they don't know of this fact. They didn't know this at all. This is a crossover featuring Krist and Singto's characters. What will happen when t...

  • The dangers of long periods of abstinence
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    -Kit, I'm already..." said Singto in a confused voice. There was an equally surprised response: -Me too... already, P'. Krist doesn't have Muffin in this story yet, because I wrote it in June 2020.

  • First Love | TharnType | Completed
    457 47 1

    This is a story of Type who is trying to tell us his important phases of life. Who Tharn is to him? Are they best friends? Long lost friends? Or Lovers? Read the story to know more Start Date : 16 Dec '21 End Date : 16 Dec '21

    Completed   Mature
  • My heart is where you are
    174 14 1

    "There is no smoke without fire" - a Russian proverb, which means that in an empty place rumors do not arise. In this case Кrist meant that the chemistry between Om and Singto on the show was so good that he has reason to be jealous of Prachaya.

    Completed   Mature
  • Resourceful Senior
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    The taste and smell of KFC had Kit stupefied and he blurted out too much. As always, our favorite and resourceful P' came to the rescue of the confused and embarrassed sun))) *** The action takes place the evening after KFC's Кrist Live on January 13, at which he blabbed that he and Singto were together before New Yea...

  • A lost confession
    184 18 1

    Singto confessed his feelings, but the confession was lost...

    Completed   Mature
  • I just care about you
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    Sometimes happiness is closer than we think ;-)

  • Besame mucho
    151 16 1

    Now only the stage was illuminated, and after a few moments a slender, dark-haired, rather tall guy appeared on it. The performer approached the microphone, and smoothly put the fingers of one hand on it, closed his eyes, tuning in to the singing. The first chords of another composition from the golden musical fund pl...

    Completed   Mature
  • That feeling when you're just mine
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    Sketch on "What Family Life Would Look Like for Kit and Sing." "And those words send my roof off on a vacation to Phuket." In this sentence the word "roof" is used to mean "brain.

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Prachaya ✓
    23.6K 1.4K 15

    Media displaying sexual intercourse, or any other sexual act, regardless of whether private parts are visible. Krist just now thinks why his life is like this? Is being gay wrong? Is being who you are wrong? Coming out of the closet for Krist was hard and now that he finally got the guts to do it, he got disowned by h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Touch his heart
    4.5K 255 6

    Main casts (more info and other casts in characters' chapter): Singto Prachaya | Krist Perawat _________________________________ Synopsis: A vampire male who hates human but has to feed on human versus a sunshine-like human who attracted to a vampire, how these two kind of person will end up together? ________________...

  • Kongpob Suthiluck Started Following You
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    Arthit hates social networks. Especially Instagram. Especially if he has to reconnect with his old school friends. Especially a certain stalker...

  • A Doctor ( Gl - Preg 😳 ) { Completed ✔️ }
    12.4K 482 15

    " i have never seen a patient who likes to come in hospital so often " " becausethepatientlovesdoctor" " what ? " " do you have any med from which we can listen in one time " "........" " now doctor can't talk also, nurses! Call the other doctor to cure this doctor! " *I was re-editing and some pic got lost...i h...

  • Untamed (Completed)
    92.5K 7.2K 34

    Kongpob found a wild man in the forest Untamed....... Feral...... Unruly..... How will he tame him and bring him back to life.... And.... WHY he felt so protective towards him ??? WHY his innocent dimpled smile tugged at his heart ❤️

    Completed   Mature
  • Unexpectedly You
    29.8K 2K 13

    "I have a favor to ask",he responded. Looking more hesitant than before. Ah, so this is why he's acting all concerned. He's got an ulterior motive. I sighed softly, feeling a bit disappointed. "Ok? Let's hear it." I answered, starting to feel annoyed again. He got up and sat beside me, then took my hands while gazing...

  • Beauty from Ashes
    49K 3.9K 30

    Kongpob Suthiluck is a young executive in an Asian conglomerate. He's open, warm and kind. Arthit Rojnapat is a member of his executive team. He is closed off, cold and standoffish. Kongpob has been tasked with turning around a failing division of the company in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His methods are seen as radic...

    Completed   Mature