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  • Compatibility (On Hiatus)
    68.1K 842 7

    Izuku Yagi is a young man, innocent and pure, with a heart of gold and an incredible combat sense. Momo Yaoyorozu is a young woman, proper and elegant, with confidence in herself and her abilities. What if these two were connected through a supernatural force called the soulmate bond? How will Momo contain the ever gr...

  • The Tremor Through his Heart
    252K 5.3K 25

    Izuku Midoriya was a special case, he didn't inherit a combination of his parents Quirks or even one of theirs... instead Midoriya is born with the Quirk Collapse. This Quirk allows seismic waves to be released from his body, unfortunately when his Quirk develops Izuku causes a 8.5 Earthquake that causes the death of...

  • Different Shades Of Green
    65K 1.1K 7

    After finding out that Ochako was cheating on him with his childhood tormentor, Izuku felt alone and betrayed but little does he know that three people will help bring light back into his life. P.S all art used in this is owned by it's respected creator or creators P.P.S I apologise for any grammer mistakes or misspel...

  • MHA Side Story: Marriage Fiasco [Izukuxharem]
    5.9K 79 1

    Have you ever heard of one-night-stands? Friends with Benefits? Sex with no strings attached? Well Izuku Midoriya, now in his third year of highschool in UA academy no less, can definately tell you all about those things. His step-father, Toshinori Yagi claimed to have 'accidentally' introduced Izuku to the world of p...

  • Me and the girls of 1-B
    67.5K 1.6K 9

    Izuku's room gets trashed due to an "accident" that Kaminari and Mineta caused and with Cemantoss on a 3-month vacation due to injury, His room won't be fixed. So Izuku had to move into the 1-B girl's Dorm house. 1 boy moves in with 7 girls. What could go wrong?

  • My Hero- Wait a minute... Is that me?!
    1.4K 26 1

    Izuku awakened on another dimension where only a handful of males have quirks. "Wait a minute, is that me?!" Things only seem to get crazier for our dear cinnamon roll. Oh, well.

  • The Telekinetic Hero: Deku
    2.9K 59 2

    Izuku was born with a quirk. A really strong one at that. Izuku rarely shows his quirk to others in fear he'll hurt someone. Izuku trains daily, both body and mind. He trains so he can have better control of his quirk. Izuku realized early on that his powers are fueled by his emotions. He found this out after getting...

  • The Exiled Prince
    39.3K 714 15

    Izuku Di Britannia, the birth name of Izuku, Izuku is a half-blooded Britannian, and he is despised by the high class of the Empire, and his family. At the age of 8, he and his mother are sent to Japan. Izuku is now known as Izuku Midoriya, and he has a deep hatred for his father, the 110th Emperor of the Empire. Izuk...

    17.8K 257 3

    Izuku Midoriya was born without a Quirk. He was bullied and an outcast to everyone. By the age of Seven he had enough of the Bullying and decided to Train. By the time he was Fourteen he was as strong as All Might and became his Successor, but rejected his Power. How will this Quirkless user handle being a Hero.

  • {~Special~} (ᴏᴘ! ᴅᴇᴋᴜ)
    20K 209 8

    Izuku is one of those people who have their own special traits. Just like his quirk. Trained from young and born from two prominent heroes. But what if his quirk is not like others. What if it's more than just one. A blessing from the heavens and a curse from hell. This specialty may not be what it seems and is a gi...