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  • I Became the Wife of a Monstrous Crown Prince (PART 2)
    45.6K 2.2K 45

    Original Author: 꿈결나무 Genre(s) Adventure, Fantasy, Historical,Romance, Shoujo She transmigrated into the body of Ancia, the current wife of the monstrous crown prince, Blake, in an R-19 romance novel. In the original story, Ancia committed suicide on the day of their marriage, leaving Blake with massive trauma. But t...

  • The Lady is a Stalker
    53.1K 1.6K 17

    Our unlucky MC has transmigrated into the world of the novel she was reading the night before. In this new world, she is now Celebi de Pirineus, an obsessive stalker of the Crown Prince. If things continue as the way they are, she'll be doomed to be executed. Celebi decides to improve their relationship... But nothing...

  • Secrets & Sins | Park Jimin [ revamping ]
    4.3M 48.8K 14

    [ IN THE PROCESS OF REVAMPING, KINDLY DO NOT READ YET & WAIT FOR THE NEW, IMPROVED VERSION ] ❝How can something so wrong feel so right?❞ Park Jimin is already engaged, but after realizing his fiance cannot seem to compromise over what he wants, Jimin slowly starts to find solace from you, his sister in law. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬...

  • Snk Various X Horse!Reader
    203K 7K 19

    You wake up in Attack on Titan as a horse.