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  • The Day The Invaders Came (Urusei Yatsura x Male Reader)
    60.9K 1.5K 18

    People were always confused when you said that you were friends with Ataru Moroboshi. He was well known for being a horny, perverted boy whereas you were such a polite cinnamon roll. But you just seemed to get along with Ataru. You weren't really sure how, you just did. In fact, you got along with everyone you met. W...

  • Trip To Space (Rosalina x Male Reader)
    3.4K 24 3

    You and your younger sister go on a trip to mushroom kingdom space

  • A Dusty rescue
    1.8K 29 5

    A Dusty rescue is a crossover between multiverse rescue and GlitchDust itself. this is after Dust gained his nightmare form and continue his duties as team hope exploration division until an accident happened in a battle where Dust was sent into the multiverse rescue. GlichDust: adamabyss12

  • Ashly's new pet. (Ashley x neko male OC)
    956 12 2

    This a story when you meet Ashly And becomes her pet(or lover😏)

  • A Ballistic Adventure! (Shantae Half Genie Hero x Whitty Male Reader)
    32.8K 455 19

    Surely some of us know about Scuttle Town, its guardian half-genie Shantae, her friends, her foes and her tales. But...what if someone else tagged along? Meet Y/n Whitmore, a scholar, mountaineer and treasure with a short fuse. How much will Shantae's adventures change with some bombing here and there? Will there be l...

  • ~The Puppetmaster~(On Hold)
    52.4K 2K 14

    First time posting so try to work with me people. Error now lives in the Creepypasta AU world after jumping in the void. He would be considered the Puppet Master. About to be on a unwanted adventures, wondering how he adopted certain terrors, confused of gaining suitors, and oddest yet strangely satisfying friendship...

  • Ashes to ashes Dust to Dust
    51.5K 1.3K 27

    I want to make a story about Dust tale sans. however I want to give him a whole new personality, background and even powers. somethings will stay the same. but if your interested in reading then go ahead.

  • A new creator
    38K 1.3K 23

    Each God has their role to be fulfilled in the multiverse, and for each God there is its opposite. But what happens when one of them abuses their authority and burdens the other? And when does this second find a new way to ease its burden and restore balance in the multiverse? A new creator is needed. _____________ ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tales of Berseria: Calamity's Hero
    141K 1.6K 63

    Have you ever believed in different outcomes? Have you ever believed that revenge was not the only way to get what you want? In this tale, Koda Reaven, an ordinary person from another world is reborn in a new world. He become friends with Velvet Crowe and Laphicet Crowe. Over the course of the nine months, Koda didn'...

  • The Mortal Babysitter: A Dark Deception Fanfiction (Agatha x Reader)
    59.8K 1K 29

    Ever wonder what it'd be like to babysit a little demon girl? Well, here's your chance to find out! *I claim no ownership over any non-original characters presented. All rights belong to their respective creators.* Photo art by M0o0n_SMILE.

  • Blind love (Toph x blind male reader)
    330K 6.6K 25

    You were frozen in the ice berg with Aang by accident when you fell backwards and were nocked out on Appa's back, now you follow team avatar, what will it be like to meet Toph?

  • One Body, Two Personalities
    46.4K 720 19

    Marcus Striker was just your everyday average 17-year-old. Living life at school, getting his butt handed to him by bullies, doing what he can day after day. After the death of Spider-Man, New York has never been the same. Marcus wished he could do something to help the world. Little does he know that a certain black...