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  • Ace
    156M 3.9M 100

    [COMPLETE][EDITING] Ace Hernandez, the Mafia King, known as the Devil. Sofia Diaz, known as an angel. The two are arranged to be married, forced by their fathers, joining the two Mafia's. But Sofia eventually learns, even the devil was once an angel. Cover by @alluringathena *This book is more of a romance book t...

  • The Alpha's Trap
    16.9M 464K 50

    Warning: Feels, Violence and sexual content Advised Age: 15 + Maisie Ashford is thankful that her older brother is becoming Alpha. She'd rather not have the responsibilities of having to care for her pack with all the duties of being Luna. She enjoys her life... She has a crush, a best friend, a loving family... what...

    2.3M 60.4K 64

    [COMPLETE] Thirteen year old Emilia has been through a lot in the past, from having her mother take her from her family to then having a new stepdad that wasn't too fond of her. Beat after beat and punishments after the next, she still pulls through. Just a few months before her 13th birthday, Emila's mother died fro...

  • ARRANGED (Book 1) ✔
    2.7M 90K 45

    Arranged marriage, it doesn't occur as much in this modern society. Or so people think. In reality, it would shock you how high the numbers are. It just so happened to occur between two complete strangers. A famous soon to be CEO and a girl with no say in her life. It was inevitable something would happen b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vincent Territory
    20.6M 732K 61

    Highest rank - #1 in werewolf Alexis Michaels is a normal teenage werewolf. After her parents' mysterious disapearance she was left in the care of her Alpha where she was constantly taken advantage of. One night after being continuously beaten by a pack member and almost raped, she runs away She ran far but because o...

    Completed   Mature
  • My tempting mistake
    151K 7.2K 89

    "TIME of death?" "2:38am" *********** Elijah Carson black the number ONE player! He doesn't care about love unless it comes to his family. He's got TWO rules never to marry or fall in love. He wants to show his father he isn't going to fail like him. What will happen when his father tells him he can only be the CEO o...

  • Storm
    1.2M 45.3K 33

    Mira Owens had a perfect life: loving parents, her dream job and a handsome fiance, who was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. Despite the fact that it was an arranged marriage, she really liked him. After spending a passionate night with his fiance on his birthday, she felt so happy, but her world turn...

  • Falling
    12.3M 352K 47

    Dante Brown has met many challenges in his life, all of them crumbled beneath the ground he walked. He is arrogant, cunning and brooding. He's on top of the world, a CEO for one of the largest companies in New York City. Nothing was tearing him down. Until her. Amelia Rhodes had been dealt the worst in life. Facing ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl In The Window
    23.6K 344 9

    Diana Mitchell had spent her whole life hidden away. Her evil father used her extraordinary gifts to lie and cheat his way through life. She is forced to use her powers to steal money for her father, but she finds her self in deep trouble when she steals money from the wrong person. Lucas O'Connor is a fearless gangs...

  • His Ex-Wife
    6.8M 151K 34

    "Hey Babe! I am having a surprise news for you!!" Anna cooed with the joy to tell Ethan that she is pregnant. "Before that sign the divorce paper!" Ethan yelled. "Ethan are you joking or serious?" Anna asked with disbelief "No I am fucking serious!" Ethan replied. "But wh-hy?" Anna asked... •••••••••••••••••••••••••...

  • The Mistake
    1.6M 43.4K 44

    Jonah Lewis Chambers, a multi-billion dollar CEO, has only one objective on his mind - REVENGE. Mindy Ivory Young, your average hardworking, innocent and feisty woman falls prey to his revenge. When a mistake causes Jonah to seek revenge against Mindy and her family to the point of even kidnapping her, he never expect...

  • My Husband's Girl
    18.1M 623K 70

    Love is Sacrifice. ❝ I don't love you and I never will, because I love someone else ❞ Ian said to Alison, his brows touched together as he looked at his wife. ❝ Who is she?❞ Alison asked as calmly as she could trying her best to keep her demeanor straight, trying very hard not to break down in front the man she has...

  • In Love With A Prince✔️
    758K 21.9K 44

    Malia, a poor girl who worked as a maid in a palace to get enough money to help her sick mother and support herself and her sister...... then she meets Prince Anderson..... Read to find out the interesting journey of Malia.... Ranking: #8 in romance #1 in queen #1 in prince #1 in anderson #1 in malia #1 in support #2...

  • Loss of Innocence
    1.5M 36K 40

    *WARNING: there are descriptions of abuse and rape in this story. I strongly suggest that readers should be 18+ years and older. I do not condone any abuse and rape. This story is also NOT promoting abuse or rape. * Read at your own risk. He gave me hope.... But he took away my innocence and crushed me into irrepara...

  • beautiful disaster | #wattys2018
    653K 17.6K 34

    > * * * When her ex-boyfriend broke things off after finding out she's pregnant, what's a girl to do? She get scared, packed her things and left. But what happened when suddenly a strikingly handsome and imperious CEO found her and wants to have a taste of her body for a night? She surrender her body only to leave hi...

  • Cruel Rejection (Completed)
    3.2M 16.8K 8

    (FULL STORY NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON WATTPAD) Available on platform like: •Kindle •Wonderfic (Android system) •Novelcat •iStory •iReader •VolcanoEbook •MoboReader I have been abused, I have been tortured, I have been mocked, I have been broken down mentally and physically and now I have been rejected. I am falling thr...

    Completed   Mature
    2.1M 88.8K 39

    "What is it about you, Kira?" Oliver asked, more to himself than me, in a whisper. I could hardly breathe with him being so close and my heart was pounding almost painfully hard. "I don't know what you mean." I answered in an out of breathe manner, though I believed he was feeling the same as me. I wished I didn't hav...

    Completed   Mature
    3.4M 94.6K 28

    Arranged to marry a rich guy she has never heard of, because she never watched all the gossip channels or TV in general. Cara Winters comes home after a hard day of working at the cafe, only to have her father tell her that she was getting married in just two weeks to a guy she didn't know existed up until that moment...

  • Cristiano's Craving
    1.4M 34.8K 59

    Covers by: @rrosemayaa (Thank You!) @A_A_N_GEL (Thank You!) Kindhearted and compassionate, Rosalia Amabella, preferably Rose, was just a curvy woman that was blessed with captivating, beautiful looks and the ability to tremendously bake and cook. She was only supposed to be locking up the bakery until a drunk and con...

  • Wrong One (Devils #2)
    1.8M 67.3K 38

    Grace Ross had everything she needed in life, a steady job, kids, and happiness, until it was snatched away from her so fast it took everything in her to catch herself before she falls, she desperate now, shes looking, but failed in what she looking for, there's only one way to get her precious treasure back, even if...

  • His Best Mistake (Devils #1)
    31.5M 892K 50

    When a one night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy Sofia Smith doesn't know who to go to. she tried to find the man who got her pregnant but he is nowhere to be found 6 year later, fate brings them together Joe "Devil" Collision is the boss of the biggest dangerous mafia in the world, he has no time for romance...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thank You Mr Bully
    1.1M 41.8K 53

    ✨You hurt me again today, but that's okay because you said I deserved it.✨ Best: Short Story - #6 PLEASE READ: This short story deals with a very server topics such as self harm and bullying. It should be taken as no joke if you're a victim of bullying please say something. Your voice matters. Not all stories are fake...

  • The House Keeper
    2M 85.3K 50

    Montana Kelly had no where to go. She needed a job, a place to live. Oliver Black was the billionaire that needed a housekeeper. What would happen when they get to know each other? How would they deal with each other? Especially when a child appears? Follow the emotional spiral of Miss Kelly and Mr Black.

  • The Alpha's Servant
    231K 8.9K 63

    •NUMBER 22 IN #ALPHA (04/04/2021)• •NUMBER 11 in #FAERIES (01/06/2021)• (120 000 - 126 000 words) I could only see his slightly scarred hands. Nevertheless they looked soft and I wanted to touch them. Athena became unnaturally excited and she wagged her tail. I looked up slightly to look at the host of the scent. I ga...

  • Undeniable Attraction ✓
    3.3M 118K 52

    "And where the hell is the supposed assistant?" He angrily asked. "I'm here." A soft voice answered shyly. There was something about the voice that was oddly familiar. He was ready to fire the person until he turned around to find no one other than Shayan West, a woman he heavily despised. Her heart was poundin...

  • His Runt |✔️|
    2.8M 74.1K 22

    She's the runt, the outcast, the pack punching bag. All because she's different; a fox-in a pack of wolves. When an Alpha comes to evaluate the pack and discovers his mate abused and malnourished, he takes her back to his pack. The Alpha known as being cold, quick tempered and selfish, finds his salvation in a runt;...

  • Abandoned
    1.3M 30.9K 46

    "I only married you because I feel sorry for you! Now, get out of my life and never come back." Join Melissa Evans, a 17-year-old girl that came from a very poor family, going through her life after meeting a stranger who is a billionaire at a random party that her friend, or should I say her only best friend, Olivia...

  • The Alpha and the Maid
    4.2M 117K 31

    Most of her life all Sasha Stone has ever known is pain. After her pack was attacked when she was 6, she had been taken prisoner. After years of abuse Sasha finally runs way bringing along her 3 month old son. With no where to go, she settles down in a small town in Oregon called called Crystal Waters. With no form of...

  • Making Babies #NewAdult
    8.7M 322K 51

    Highest rank #1 in ChickLit ● ● ● ● ● ● All it took was a few minutes for her life to change forever. Six years ago she was saved from an imminent death by a good samaritain. Now, years later, she's offered a deal of a lifetime that could possibly be the best decision she's ever made, or the worst mistake o...

  • Red Riding The Alpha
    33.6M 651K 44

    ❝Let me make that tingling sensation in between your thighs disappear, it will take only a moment, Red.❞ Only 60% of book is free / Sample only Red lived in a small town in Pennsylvania with her grandmother. The town was known to invite supernatural creatures every year. Whenever the mating season struck, it was a ri...

    Completed   Mature