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    IN WHICH, they always found each other. No matter what. Barry Allen x OC Cover made by @llunaetic

  • Enchantment | Once upon a time x The Flash
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    Amerlyn Mills-Stiltskin, the daughter of the Evil Queen and the Dark One finds herself in another universe. What in the gods names is happening? The flash season 2 & Ouat season 6 SLOW UPDATES

  • Fallin' | The Umbrella Academy
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    On the 12th hour of the first day of October 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth. This was unusual only in the fact that none of these women had been pregnant when the day first began. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, eccentric billionaire and adventurer, resolved to locate and adopt as many of the children possible...

  • Tethered Feathers (WIP)
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    ╳°»。 ∾・⁙・ ღ ➵ ⁘ ➵ ღ ・⁙・∾ 。«°╳ The darkness closed in around her, blotting out her vision. She tried to scream, but had no voice, she tried to fight, but had no body. As what remained of her consciousness was swept into the never-ending void, she heard a familiar voice. "Oh hun, do not try to fight this, do not try to...

  • The Days With No Sun
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    Sometimes we fear truth over reality. But things get dark and heavy and we play the blame game. We end up hurting others or ourselves even. We don't think before we act or we don't say before we do. This is the evolution of my madness. A cluster of rants and thoughts and poems for you guys. Everything is written how I...

  • IN THE LIGHT ━━ Doctor Who
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    ❛ i would stay forever if you say don't go. ❜ doctor who, series 2-10. i do not own doctor who or any canon content featured in this fic. i only my original characters and their storylines. copyright© -happyhaunt 2023.