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  • Alive//H.S
    295K 5.4K 89

    How do you stop feeling numb? After the tragic death of her famous father, Lila Sinclair must face two different obstacles: An abusive Ex boyfriend that broke what was left of her heart And a curly headed singer, who is keen on making Lila feel Alive again. How do you stop feeling numb? Warnings: self harm, abuse, r...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Unworthy Prince
    1.9K 421 10

    *Discontinued* Too bad... Correct. Too sweet... Correct. Too evil... Correct. Aria is an average teenage girl with regular mood swings and a crazy obsession with any male celebrity that she sees... Incorrect. Ever since she witnessed the annual royal party on the television in her room, she has craved fame and fortune...

  • A Vicious Circle
    123 16 4

    This is the story about Marlowe, a 15 year old girl. She is caught in an endless loop, doing the same things over and over for eternity it seems. They know what she is doing at all times and cannot escape. How will she get out? Read and find out!!

  • The Way I Lie
    1.6K 313 72

    ( not edited short story ) Being an assasin may seem like fun and games, but every game has steps. Step One. Break the ice. Gain their trust. Let them welcome you into their lives. Become their best friend and always be by their side. Step Two. Collect data. Find every detail, every speck of dust, every grain of sand...

  • Complicated
    35 0 1

    15-year-old Sadie Brookes is in her sophomore year of high school. When she spent the year before getting straight A's and having the greatest group of friends, she soon finds out that everything is about change. When she switches one of her classes and meets Leo Burley, he opens her eyes to a world that she's never d...

  • #WHITE WOLF .......
    51 5 5

    "Nessaaaaaa..... where are you ? its getting late now ,get inside the house" What happenes when a normal high school girl named venessa patriack goes for a summer trip to her grandmother in lesburg near a dense forest where she meets the most beautiful and megestic wolf which she always thought was a myth if u want t...

  • My Other Half
    8.9K 541 49

    "Please don't mind if I do this" he said and before I could comprehend what he meant I felt his lips crash onto mine. Then the world around me seemed to be melting. He gently bit my lower lip as his fingers traced circles on my back. My hands found their way around his neck as my fingers latched in his hair. ✖✔✖✔✖✔✖ ...

  • The Last Breath
    106 9 3

    Because we're all a little dead inside. |MATURE LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, SELF HARM, DEATH, SUICIDE, MENTAL DISORDERS ETC.| I don't want to spoil anything so just read it.