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  • Wattpad Helpline | ✓
    5.5K 1K 13

    [COMPLETE] FOUR TIMES FEATURED STORY! ❝Hello, this is the Wattpad Helpline, what can I do for you?❞ ❝Wattpad Helpline? What's that? This isn't Domino's Pizza!❞ In which a hungry, pizza-loving boy accidentally calls a girl working at the hotline of the largest writing and reading platform in the world, and maybe finds...

  • James and Jamie
    403 87 4

    "We were two worlds that were never meant to collide. But when we did, we caused an explosion." James Miller and Jamie Anderson were two people who were never meant to be. He's the quiet kid in class struggling with his mother's cancer diagnosis. She's the academic over-achiever burying herself in work as an escape fr...

  • How Bad Can A Good Girl Get?
    2K 132 8

    Storm Romero is a good girl, despite her chaotic-sounding name. She's your classic straight-A student who would never dream of getting into trouble. But then the arrogant Joaquin Lars comes spiralling into her life. A bad boy with a quick wit, Storm finds him irresistible, and finds herself slowly beginning to shed h...