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  • Alpha Dylan
    5.4M 156K 52

    "We have a feisty one," he mumbled, tracing kisses down my neck, settling just above my breasts as he admired them, licking his lips. "She said no!" someone growled, the voice sending a shiver down my spine. Suddenly, the man was ripped off of me and I gasped as he was punched, his lifeless body falling to the floor a...

  • Alpha Grayson | ✔️ (Published)
    8.4M 198K 22

    *BOOK THREE* (Can be read as standalone) OFFICIAL PREVIEW FOR THE PUBLISHED NOVEL!! THIS INCLUDES THE PROLOGUE AND FIRST TWO CHAPTERS. Lexia has been held captive for most of her life. Until one day, when a young, attractive Alpha appears with an offer she cannot refuse. Why he chose her, to come live with him in hi...

  • My Arrogant, Over Protective Mate
    12.1M 47.9K 3

    Haven Mathie's life unexpectedly changes when she shifts into a wolf on her seventeenth birthday. Raised as a human, by humans, neither Haven nor her parents understand what's happening to her. Forced to leave her home, Haven travels across the country to Astoria to live with her Aunt. What she finds is a kind friend...

  • April Fool and the Big Bad Alpha
    280K 10.1K 17

    When your parents give you a name like April Fool it's kind of your job to be the best prankster out there. But after pranking people for years on end getting payback is your ultimate price. Except when the prank goes wrong and April ends up in an Alphas prison... well things get interesting.

  • Beauty and The Alpha
    377K 13.9K 17

    What happens when the most powerful alpha gets cursed by the moon goddess? Ryan Walker, the most powerful alpha in the world, unfortunately gets cursed by the moon goddess. His temperamental problems are causing a lot of damage, to his people, and to himself, and so fate had decided to step in. He cannot shift into...

  • That Moment When You Find Out That Werewolves And Vampires Really Do Exist
    8K 646 6

    Ava's got problems. You could call them daddy problems, or mommy problems, or just awkward home school kid problems. But she's got problems. And they just seem to be growing more and more as time goes on. she's moving. For one. And her Dad thinks now will be an ideal time to send her to an actual high school. Like se...

  • An Alpha's Bite
    3.1M 105K 42

    "Look dude, I get that you probably have some emotional problems, and you have taken to random strangers to find comfort. I mean I get it, I really do" I totally didn't "But it isn't really cool to do this sort of thing, so I'll tell you what. My Sisters, Husbands, Uncles, adopted daughters, mom is seeing a shrink for...

  • Whisper For Me
    838K 26.8K 35

    Whisper Rayne is not a happy camper and neither is her wolf. She has to move to California with her family because they want her to have new opportunities. So, what happens when she finds her mate and he turns out to be the Alpha? She tries her best to avoid the undeniable attraction but is slowly giving in. Everythi...

  • Oh, So Now You Want Me?
    21.7M 305K 43

    Rainie Harper was like every other wolf who dreamed of finding her mate. A mate who loved her and made her smile with every word he spoke. A mate who would always be there with a hand to brush her tears away and open arms that felt like home. Rainie did not expect to discover that her mate was none other than Mason...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sold to a Wolf Pack
    28.8M 1.1M 144

    "My dad sold me to a pack of werewolves to settle his gambling debt." ❀ "I'm going to count to three," Logan growls. He doesn't have to say the rest. If I haven't come to him by then, he'll come to me... and I'll regret it. I know this game, and I know there is only one way it can end: with broken bones. If I don't c...

  • Not My Fairytale (ON HOLD)
    1.4M 29K 21

    In a world taken over by werewolves, humans struggle to thrive among all the supernatural creatures. After world war IV, werewolves, vampires, and fallen angels come out from hiding and live in peaceful harmony among the living. Annabelle Stray is no match for fate...

  • Addiction (ongoing)
    4.6M 78.7K 35

    Addiction. Blake Adams wasn't looking for an addiction. He wasn't out hitting up drug dealers or spending his Friday night gambling. No, it hit him full force in a beautiful pair of green eyes, hiding a dark and heavy past. His mate. Delilah Winley, AKA Sunny Taylor, was afraid. Her brother had rescued her from that w...

  • Werewolf Committee
    34.9M 975K 48

    Every year a student is chosen to get a scholarship to graduate at the official Werewolf Committee. No one gets to meet or even see the high society wolves unless they are lucky enough to be born into a family of wealth, or to be chosen as a scholarship graduate...

  • Masked SheWolf (MSW book 1)
    4.5M 68.9K 96

    [This book has been published and is now available for free in most ebook reading platforms and is for sale on Amazon.] The first female werewolf in centuries has to stay hidden. Against all odds, Micheal Dylan Connolly was born a girl. She must mask her gender to evade those who would want to use her bloodline. She h...

  • I Saved The Alpha. (Watty Awards 2012)
    13.9M 246K 40

    Ally Summers is on her own. Not forcibly, basically just because her mother drives her insane, and her dad isn't any help. After graduating college with a degree in Photography, she sets out to tour the world, or, well, the country. Maybe just the province. It depends on how far her money can stretch, and how long...

  • The Alpha Meets The Rogue
    54M 1.1M 41

    Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away from an Alpha, she ends up kidnapped by another one. The exception for this was one: this Alpha was her mate.