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  • The Vampire Diaries Imagines
    5.5M 83.1K 104

    ❝ This family makes me want to murder people. ❞ A book of one shots about the lovely characters of The Vampire Diaries. All imagines are character x reader! Includes most male characters. This book also contains smut, possibly triggering themes and ""language"", so read with caution in case you're uncomfortable with...

    Completed   Mature
  • twilight tvd, 4 mates, 2 brothers and enemies.. wow my life
    235K 5.4K 35

    what if Bella was not a swan but a Salvatore what if she was a mate to two Cullen boys and two others but who??? read to find out

    Completed   Mature
  • Isabel
    29.2K 733 17

    AU. Isabella Marie Swan, daughter of Charles Swan and Renee Dwyer. Nope I'm Izzy the daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson. Half-Sister of Hope Mikaelson. Half-Sister of Damon & Stefan Salvatore. Come and Learn my story

  • Salvatore blood and a long story
    47.9K 985 21

    Twilight X vampire diaries X originals

  • Make Me Love Again (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES)
    171K 4.1K 17

    After the death of her parents Aria Gilbert runs away, however we all know not everybody can just escape mystic falls, you have to come back eventually. Around a year and a half later she returns to Mystic Falls to live with her twin sister Elena and her younger brother Jeremy with her aunt Jenna. What will happen w...

  • bella and klaus
    89K 1.9K 22

    bella is the salvatores sister when they forced her to turn she left. what happens when edward leaves bella and she goes to mystic falls

  • Legacies imagines/gif preferences
    37.6K 516 35

    These are not my imagines I found them on tumblr

  • Elena: The Original Witchpire |Elejah
    50.9K 1.6K 48

    Klaus found a way to turn Elena into an Original. Klaus daggered her and no one knew because he had Katherine play as Elena until she killed Jeremy and he had no choice but to undagger Elena so she could say goodbye to Jeremy and then she heard about the Cure and decided to help Rebekah, pretending to have her emotion...

  • My Dear, Niklaus (Vampire DiariesxTwilight)
    200K 5.6K 15

    Bella is not who she seems, but she doesn't know that until one night she remembers everything. She isn't meant to be with Edward; she was compelled by her love's brother Finn to forget everything to keep her safe from Mikael. She goes back to Mystic Falls with the Cullens on her trail, worried about her safety and wh...

  • The Royal Engagement
    406K 13.9K 101

    The King Of New Orleans - also known by Niklaus Mikaelson, The Original Hybrid - wants to have Mystic Falls, a small-town where Caroline Forbes is the Queen. To bring peace to her city and her people, the Caroline Forbes makes a deal with Niklaus Mikaelson, they will marry and take care of both their cities but it wil...

  • All I Need (Vampire Diaries/Captain America Fanfic)
    93.1K 1.8K 59

    Meet Serena Salvatore. A 162 year old vampire and the only Salvatore born to a Bennett Witch. After 50 years away, she decides to come back to Mystic Falls, reuniting with her brothers Stefan and Damon. The last thing she expects is to run into Captain America. She knows she should stay away from the Supersoldier, but...

    331K 7.5K 27

    Athena Stark-Potts was Tony Stark, and Pepper Potts adopted daughter. After her break up with the one and only Steve Rogers, aka Captian America, she decided to move to the quiet town of Mystic Falls. REST OF THE DESCRIPTION INSIDE

  • Ending
    10.8K 332 19

    •Book 1- Alive •Book 2- Saved •Book 3- Redeemed •Book 4- Ending, fourth and final book in the "Alive" Dean & Elena series. If you haven't read the first, second, or third book yet, go read it! Elena and Dean move on to a bigger stage of life, now with their son Thomas. In this final chapter of this series, blood will...

  • Redeemed
    44.9K 1.5K 49

    •Book 1- Alive •Book 2- Saved •Book 3 of Alive, Dean & Elena series. If you haven't read the first or second book yet, go read it! Elena and Dean's lives are changing dramatically, in good ways and maybe some bad. How are their lives going to be affected? And how is everyone else around them going to be affected? [...

  • Saved
    54.8K 1.7K 33

    Book 2 of Alive, Dean & Elena series. If you haven't read the first book yet, go read it! After Dean leaves Elena at the hospital, she finds herself lost without him. With no communication since then, Elena struggles with putting the pieces back together and figuring out what to do with her life; finding meaning...

  • Alive
    123K 3.7K 35

    [Deanlena/Vampire Diaries & Supernatural Crossover] After being compelled to leave Mystic Falls, Elena is sent away on her own in hopes of finding herself a new life. She does just that. But is this one any better than the last? ~Book 1~ [[I DO NOT OWN SUPERNATURAL OR VAMPIRE DIARIES]]

  • The Cullen Princess [1]
    199K 4.3K 22

    Faith is Hope's twin sister, however, when the witches went to sacrifice them to the ancestors they tried to kill faith in a different place than Hope, and was saved by none other than Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen, and being raised as their daughter in Forks as Faith Cullen. Now 16 years later, Faith and her family...

  • The Original Witch
    374K 9.4K 79

    "Always and forever." That's what her family lived by when they were human until forced to become the first vampires to walk the Earth. Alexia Mikaelson soon realized that she also possessed the ability to perform a new kind of magic, one that led her to create a whole new magical line of witches and wizards who use w...

  • Little Star Twilight / Wolf pack/ Volturi fanfic {Discontinued}
    609K 11.3K 32

    {This Book is discontinued, but on my page is a new version of this book I'm writing you should check out if you want to. Thank you!} Madison Deane Swan is Bella Swan's younger sister. It's been a year sense Bella has moved in with there dad. Madison decides to move back in with her dad to after being at a high level...

  • the vampire Diaries soulmates
    720K 12.4K 44

    Klaus, Damian, kol, Jeremy ------- Sorry, still fricken suck at this part. ------- Please read notes. WARNING ⚠️⚠️⚠️ ⚠️ nsfw ⚠️ depression ⚠️ anxiety ⚠️ ED ⚠️body dysmorphia ⚠️ drug use ⚠️ suicide thoughts and actions ⚠️ violence ⚠️age gap ⚠️teacher x student relationship ⚠️ others

  • His Swan
    189K 4.2K 23

    I don't own twilight or tvd just Emma and her story. Cover by @-voidalexis Gifs by @-voidalexis

    Completed   Mature
  • Twilight, Edward leaves Bella
    91.9K 2.2K 15

    Edward leaves bella , if only he stayed he would of realised just how powerful bella would become. This is not a edward/bella story, they won't get back together in my book. Bella angel/vampire book.

    588K 10.8K 16

    Pheobe Elizabeth Masen Cullen is the younger twin to Renesmee Carlie Cullen and the daughter of Edward and Isabella Cullen. When Pheobe was born she was very ill because she hadn't fully developed yet unlike Renesmee was a normal healthy baby. Pheobe has been asleep for a long time now and hasn't grown at all since b...

  • The One You Once Were
    205K 6.7K 72

    When one of Bonnie's spells goes horribly wrong, Caroline finds herself back in the days no vampires exsisted. More specifically, in the town of the Mikaelson family, who are all still human. Living with the family, Klaus starts to be intrigued by their new blonde company. What will Caroline do once she starts feeli...

  • Second Chance
    190K 5.5K 51

    After 5 years stuck in a wall, Klaus is finally rescued and by no one other than Caroline Forbes. After Caroline helps him getting out of New Orleans she tells him how he was 5 years in that wall, how Haley has been doing everything in her power to get the Originals back and how along the way she became good friends w...

  • Conversations
    63.8K 2.6K 100

    Conversations I make up between TVD/TO characters. Mostly will be with or about the Mikaelsons. I accept requests about which characters and/or couples you want to see talk or what do you want to see them talking about

  • Beginning of a New Era
    121K 3.3K 100

    *Read the Auction first* It's the start of a new era, not only for the Mikaelsons but also for New Orleans. It's been 6 months since Niklaus Mikaelson became the King of New Orleans and with the help of his siblings, Caroline, Elena, Bonnie and Stefan, he was finally able to make New Orleans a city where vampires, hyb...

  • Auction
    484K 13.8K 102

    Caroline is organizing an auction to raise money for the school, and this auction will have many people that are seniors to go on stage and have someone give money to go on dates with them. Important Note: This events happen in season 4. Klaus never had sex with Hayley. Tyler cheated on Caroline with Hayley. Elena is...

  • Best Friend's Brother // Klaroline High School AU
    168K 6.2K 43

    Caroline Forbes and Kol Mikaelson have been best friends since the third grade, the two of them inseparable. That is until Kol's older brother, Klaus, comes into the picture. Caroline's heard the stories of Klaus Mikaelson, most of them coming from Kol himself. He's cocky, rude, sarcastic, and a player. Most importan...

  • The Alpha (twilight, teen wolf and the vampire diaries)
    25.2K 567 20

    (Completed) Bella is a la push wolf but when she is forced to move to beacon hills to live with her aunt when Edward leaves she gets bit by a wolf? What will happen after? Who is the wolf? Read and find out