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  • ! 💮 地球からではない 💮 ! Mha x Alien Child reader!
    1.4K 8 14

    listen i will try to upload alot and you yes you! i am a minor so keep the innapropiate things to a low level please! ( there will also be cursing in this story ! ) no ships btw ! / maybe( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mangos Are Gross
    59 3 1

    A tale of a group of middle schoolers that occasionally switch dimensions. "Where are we going 🐱?" "Relax 🦢, 🦇 has a map on their phone," "Yo I don't think my phone plan is interdimensional..." "Oh fuck-" Also other versions of themselves are trying to kill them. original story uwu i know nobody asked but i went ah...

  • Antihero | J. Kaisen Male Reader Insert
    128K 6K 18

    ❝ Being different is not a crime. It's the heart. And how you choose to use, your power. ❞ »»-------------------► [ contains manga spoilers ] [ picture used in the cover belongs to its respectful artist ] [ continued after two-year-long hiatus ]

  • Survive with me (Dangerous Fellows)
    117K 3.6K 32

    The worst thing that could ever happen has happened. The apocalypse have happened. A number of zombie out breaks have happened. Y/N had to run and escape to find somewhere so she can survive. when she meets a group of survivers could this turn out good? or is it bad? find out! Highest rating #4 in harryxreader # 4 in...

  • 《Dangerous Fellows x Reader》
    146K 5.5K 27

    Will you meet other survivors, as you fight to keep living in a place, where zombies roam the streets day and night?