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  • It Wasn't What It Seemed To Be
    39.2K 1.7K 53

    As the two sides continue to fight, a swordsman and a dark angel discover the real truth to stop the fighting. Unless.. One betrays the other. (The cover illustration does not belong to me or the chracters.)

  • Soraru boyfriend scenarios (discontinued)
    6.6K 160 10

    Boyfriend scenarios for Soraru (utaite) If Soraru sees this book and is uncomfortable with it, I will delete this book with no hesitation Criticism is welcomed with open arms ╰(*'︶'*)╯♡ discontinued. Requests are closed

  • Klinefelter syndrome (Soramafu au)
    17K 662 19

    Klinefelter syndrome (KS) also known as47,XXY or XXY, is the set of symptoms that result from two or more X chromosomes in males. Sometimes symptoms are more prominent and may include weaker muscles, greater height, poor coordination, less body hair, breast growth, and less interest in sex. What if Mafumafu is sufferi...

  • Utaite b's Love Scenario!!
    2.3K 70 6

    Utaite BL stories. Range from all different pairings! Feel free to give suggestions. This is not in anyway meant to hurt or make people uncomfortable, so if you at any point do not want to continue, please do so but don't report!!

  • Young Love [Soraru x reader]♡♡
    2.3K 64 9

    A romantic story of a childhood friends that got seperated for so long. They meet each other again as an utaite. First, it was so damn akward but they turned to be a cute couple. For many years of dating, they both marry, have 2 children and lived happily ever after.... ~kyocchi

    Completed   Mature
  • * D R E A M E R *
    725 31 1

    『Your line of sight is just for me。』 -Urata 『From today you're my girlfriend。』 -Shima 『You're also an angel, right?』 -Sakata 『That in other words, our angel。』 -Senra ~ ~ ~ 【 UraShimaSakataSen x Reader 】

  • Utaite xReader
    9.3K 363 14

    Authors Note :   This book will be an Utaite x Reader book.I hope you will like this and if you want to request, just message me or email me. Hope you enjoy! Thanks!! ❤ Soraru ❤ Mafumafu ❤ Amatsuki ❤ Uratanuki ❤ Sakata ❤ Sou That'll be the only Utaites I will include in this fanfiction, since I don't know the other U...

  • Amatsuki X Reader
    2.4K 84 7

    This story take place on summer.You're an university student and come back home for summer holiday since its been a long time since you last home.Of course,you're Amatsuki no.1 Fan and your dream is to meet him.You always wish of that since you never go to his concert because you're not a rich girl.Who knows that summ...

  • Utaite x Reader Oneshots [Discontinued]
    30.5K 796 41

    ○●□■☆★♡♥《 DISCONTINUED 》♥♡★☆■□●○ ◆Sorry but this book is now discontinued and so is the other one Also wth was I doing when I was younger Started: 9/17/2019

  • Triangle •[Aho no Sakata x reader]•
    4K 255 20

    First day of school and Sakata once again became classmates with his best friends and his admirer, (Y/n). She gave him her 100% efforts last school year and knowing that she will be sharing another year with him made him feel weird inside... not something bad... just strange... One of Sakata's best friends had a crush...

  • You were the one •[Urata x reader]• ~Oneshot
    1.4K 81 4

    Urata prepares himself to confess his love for Yukima, his crush while (Y/n) helps him with it even if it's hard and painful for her... Wanna know what happened next? Read to find out!

  • Utaite OneShots [On Hold]
    52.3K 1.8K 94

    Welcome to my collection of Utaite OneShots~ I just don't know where to put my huge amount of love for these guys, so to anyone reading this: You've been warned ^^ Accepting requests, although not from every Utaite and only with story idea! Well then, enjoy~

  • Utaite One Shots
    940 32 3

    Second Book I made this for a friend which is @Yui__Akiyama since she was looking for Soralon fanfics •Considers a lot of utaite ships even crack up ships •Doesn't contains lemon yet •Reuqest is open Credits to @Ameru_nya for the image again

  • Soramafu Stories~
    24.1K 691 29

    A book about Soramafu •Full of weird stuff doesn't contain lemons YET •Only writes Soramafu, I can't handle Mafusora •Most of it are angst so always have a box of tissue with you! Credits to @Ameru_nya in twitter for the cover picture!! REMINDER: I DO NOT OWN MAFUMAFU NOR SORARU 'CAUSE THEY'RE REAL PEOPLEZ AND THEY'R...

  • "Yes, You JERK!" *A SoraruxReaderxMafumafu Fic*
    4.4K 183 8

    Meet Soraru, the loyal childhood friend ____ ever met. It just always been her and him and he never shows any romantically development to her.... which somehow upsetting. but then somehow, a fallen angel had encounter ____-chan... more like, fall on her. from the building. and the 'angel' survive.... but not for you.

  • Teacher's Kitten (Soramafu)
    35K 1.1K 16

    Soraru, a high school teacher comes home to find a white cat in his home. When he finds the same cat the next morning as a naked boy in his bed.. Well let's just say a lot of things happen between them. Don't read if you have an innocent mind. Cover is NOT by me, the beautiful art belongs to the rightful owner. (I los...

  • The Tale of a Century \\ SoraMafu
    47.3K 3.5K 54

    [Book 1 in the Wave Project Series] He watched his silhouette from behind, the sun against his figure. It honestly made him look like... an angel. "What do you keep trying to look for?" he spoke up, voice coming out louder than expected. Mafu scoffed, a distasteful scoff, a spiteful scoff. And even though Soraru could...

    Completed   Mature
  • Where The Wind Blows || SoraMafu
    15.3K 974 19

    [Book 2 in the Wave Project Series] What happens when a boy meets the one that hurt him so long ago? Whether everything was a lie, he has decided that he doesn't want to know. The only place to go is where the wind decides to take him... [Updates every Wednesday] I do not own the utaites by any means. I own only my pl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Guns | Roses --Soraru x Reader-- .:Mafia AU:.
    3.6K 168 6

    Thieves vs. Thieves. White vs. Black. That's all I get working with the mafia. The sweet, sweet pleasure of victory running through my veins... was stolen. My heart was stolen. I want it back, Soraru, you raven-haired man. Perception. Deception. Eradication. {Let's play: capture my heart}

  • Soraru x READER
    15.8K 518 9

  • MafuMafu × Reader
    14.3K 383 8

    What a lucky fan.

  • Thank you
    14K 467 7

    Mafumafu x Reader You were a fan of Mafumafu and because of him, you decided to be an utaite. But when you finally reached the dream of yours, you find out that you...

  • Dear Illustrator (Mafumafu x Reader)
    13K 445 12

    (Real Live AU) Illustrator is an important person to an utaite. They provides illustrations for each video for the utaites. Utaite themselves are usually a hikikomori, someone who spends 90% of their time inside, away from society. So, it's kind of not surprising that they don't have any love-interest. But let's just...

  • The Ones Within: Utaite Version
    57.2K 3.3K 52

    Many famous players have been disappearing just before clearing the game The Ones Within Genome. As a result it's called the "Disappearing Game". Soraru, a mystery let's player, wakes up in another location just before clearing the game and meets other let's players who suffer the same destiny as him. They meet the...

  • *Discontinued* Am I a Monster? (Srmf/UrSk/SmSn)
    90K 6.2K 95

    A promise that was forgotten, a past that haunted them, a forbidden love. Three kids were cursed with something that made them different, seen as demons and left abandoned. No one seemed to show their love for them......until one day they meet three boys that would change their life. Main Ships: SoraMafu, UraSaka, Shi...

  • Utaite x Reader
    14.4K 505 8

    Some kind of a collection of my stupid and weird utaite imaginations. I made it utaite x reader for others to enjoy it too. Now, let us all fangirl together ~~! P.S : I also accept requests so feel free to tell me :)

  • Adventures in Nico Nico Wonderland
    1.2K 76 4

    A collection of stories featuring animal Utaites in Nico Nico Wonderland!

  • An Absolutely Good Child's Etc.
    7.9K 464 7

    "Why are there children in the house?!" ----- Amatsuki, Urata, and Sakata met up at Mafumafu's house per usual that sunday, wanting to film another video. But, the three discover something weird that day; Why are there two kids inside the house?! There's no signs of Mafumafu around the house either. All they found wa...

  • My Escape ✾ Mafumafu x Reader
    21K 674 20

    ❝Freedom is an addicting drug, isn't it?❞ .•.•.•.•. ⚠️Warning ⚠️: This book contains strong language, depression, angst, gore, and violence. ⁑-_ᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ᴍᴀᴊᴏʀ ᴇᴅɪᴛɪɴɢ-_⁑ [Highest Rank: #980 in Fanfiction] Highest Rankings in Tags: #91 ɪɴ suicidalthoughts #11 ɪɴ ocd #60 ɪɴ japan #53 ɪɴ amnesia #61 ɪɴ escape #102 ɪɴ me...

  • SoraMafu [Mine and Mine Only]
    6.5K 217 6

    Soraru, Mafumafu, and Lon story. (Also a bit of SoraLon, TsukiMafu and Yandere Mafumafu) School AU