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  • The Bladerunner. (Male Reader x Cyberpunk Edgerunners)
    32.5K 822 12

    Arasaka has sinned a thousend times in order to achieved whatever goal they had at the moment. But this time, they tried to play as gods. One of their latest experiments is the creation of a super soldier, one that has passed all this time in a cell, constantly being tested on, rebuilded and forced to do whatever they...

  • "Just Co-workers" |♡| A Codegold/JxN AU Fanfic
    6.5K 96 7

    "J finds herself falling for her idiot of a coworker, N, after a mission they were sent on by JCJenson, how will she make up for years of bullying and try and get a chance with N?" // cover by @SillyGooberN on twitter

  • Need For Speed: Murder Drones
    33 0 1

    Copperfield City, Tennessee. A great city to live in, at least on the surface. Recent Crime Waves, especially illegal street racing, has caused Mayor James Elliot to increase the Police Department's budget. The PD has started to add in new equipment, primarily new JC Jenson Worker Drones and even prototype Law Enforce...

  • A machine's guide to Divinity
    14.7K 320 31

    Violence, Fraud. All gone. And with Treachery soon to follow. The machines are decimating everything in its path and Hell itself is on the verge of being wiped out. Or so it seemed. Hell was aware of its layers being destroyed, but it didn't care for it had much bigger, grander plans for the future. Letting the machi...

    2.9K 55 6

    Shandra wants to adopt a child as her own. When a boy named Miles comes along, she doesn't hesitate to take him in. However, he catches the eye of other female Aeromorphs who want him as well. Nothing could go wrong, right? (Inspired by Unidentified562's stories)

  • Need For Speed Most Wanted X Fast & Furious
    635 21 8

    21 yr old Palmont City Street Racer Cole Brickowski Zandersen finds himself running off to Rockport City after a dramatic end to a race battling for territory, but he has yet to experience the craziest adventures of his life on his new journey throughout the world. Rog Ortiz, a retired street racer, now car mechanic...

  • Just the Pizza Guy (OC x MHA)
    11.4K 527 16

    30 year old Jason Mendoza thought that moving to Japan away from the craziness that was NYC would provide a fresh, new start for him, to rewrite his grim future and pursue his dream: Opening a pizza shop. That is until the absolute chaos that comes with villains, heroes, and quirked teenagers becomes apparent... "This...

  • Tear In the Deep (Bioshock 2 x Big Brother Reader)
    15.5K 272 9

    Alright, Alright. I know what you guys are saying, "Look man! Your gonna have to continue with your other stories before you make another one that you may never almost update!" And your right, I should stop making more, but I can't help myself! Anyway, in this story, you play as a new genetically altered protector of...

  • My quirk is so much more (MHA x Murder drones)
    5.7K 103 19

    A boy named Izuku was told that his quirk would make him able to control over technology but after creating robots that have memories of not of this universe, would he be able to control or be controlled by a Ġ̵̱͓̜̪̣̦̇̏̓̌̔̊͒͝͠ļ̸̩̬͕̓͑̿́̓̓̆͒͘͝i̷̡̞̳̩̣̱̬̜̻͉̰͛ͅt̵̡̡̼͉͌͒̇́̆c̵̛̦̻͇̪͖͉̱̮̰̜̤͑͋͋h̶̨͇̺̯̔͗̉̍͆͗̐̿̾̇͂̈͘̕͠ MHA belongs...

  • Daddy is home (Murder drones x Male reader)
    12.6K 192 12

    this story I hope is good because bioshock is one of my favorites sagas of video games and I like the series of murder drones so I thought why aren't any story's of this two together.( also this going to be a small harem for the reader)

    4.3K 38 4

    *heavily tweaked and modified* This is a story of a teen that had a rough patch of life when he began highschool, but he decided to make the best of it. He became a brilliant hacker and engineer, but always wanted to do more. His two favorite things were tinkering and playing bioshock 2. Oddly specific, but who cares...

  • Zorua? [On hold]
    3.3K 34 9

    you as Y/N reincarnated as a Zorue in an anthropomorphic version of the Pokemon anime.

  • Season of the Squid(Destiny 2 Male reader X Splatoon 2)
    4.3K 70 9

    What happens when a human resurrected from the dead multiple times arrives at a completely new and unfamiliar world?. PS: ima gonna use splatoon 2 cuz it's better to make a story with it

  • I Guess I'm Part Of The Crew(Male Reader x DC Super Hero Girls Harem)
    47.6K 1.4K 11

    You were just a normal school student trying to get by in his normal school life.But as fate would have it that's not what would happen.Instead you got wrapped up in a bunch of hijinks by wanna be big league super heros.....But hey at least you get to join on their hijinks.

  • born to leadership (Multiverse x brother of Optimus reader)
    6.9K 213 4

    Y/n was not a ordinary being but the younger brother of Optimus Prime. abandoned by those around him of Cybertron Y/n was left to wonder the planet Earth nearly alone. However after nearly being killed by a Decepticon Y/n learns the truth. He was an Autobot not some android. What will the boy do when he has the chan...

  • A Certain Powerful Omnitrix. (とある パワ の Omnitrix)
    100K 2.3K 26

    (A certain magical Index and Ben 10 fan fic) Misaka Mikoto is a level 5 esper living in Academy City. Despite the occasional thugs, life is relatively normal for this girl electro master. That is until she meets Ben Tennyson wielder of the device known as the Omnitrix. Now with both the science and magic sides pulling...

  • Spark the Heart: (Male Ultimate Echo Echo Reader x Jenny Wakeman)
    2.2K 57 1

    One day in Tremorton, an odd robot begins attacking. A robot unlike anything Jenny has ever faced before and he proves to be a tough challenge. That robot is you.

  • Tomboy Incineraor x Pokemon Trainer
    21.3K 385 20

    Incineraor is a 6ft 5in Fire/Dark type pokemon who's a little too much for trainer. While it looks like she gives her trainer a hard time she actually cares deeply for them. In the outside she expresses herself through hardly any emotion due to her pride and toughness.

  • The Creation of Venus
    10.9K 420 5

    Welp. Mei Hatsume is back at it again and this time she has a little help from our favorite american blonde Melissa Shield. They two had concocted a scheme in order to fuse heroes together and use the fused being to synthesize a temperary quirk thats a fusion of ther quirks of the respective counterparts. This time th...

  • Were gonna have a MADTime in Apocalypse [ HOTD X DUST!Sans Male Reader ]
    64.9K 1.4K 25

    Warning: This Book contains, Blood and Gore and Violence and other type of not allowed for the eyes of children for this is a rated 18+ book Y/n ' Dust ' ' Murder ' the Skeleton the son of Sans the Skeleton. Y/n's POV At first everything wasn't so bad I got a job, my dad and uncle, friends, but then that Human came. I...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dead Don't Love (Springtrap x FNiA) [Rewrite]
    6.6K 175 3

    After his untimely demise, William Afton finds new life inside his tomb, and is eternally trapped inside the springlock suit. For decades he is trapped inside a sealed room inside a pizzeria long forgotten. But when he is finally found and brought somewhere new, he meets an unlikely crew that may change his perspectiv...

  • Age of Unalloyed Gold
    7.6K 185 4

    After the ruthless Battle of Aeonia, Malenia found herself at the foot of the Haligtree. She was recovering her strength, slumbering, while also waiting for the return of her brother, Miquella. Until a Tarnished interrupted her sleep, saying her brother had been kidnapped, and petulantly offering to be her Blade, to f...

    Completed   Mature
  • HERO
    307K 7.7K 95

    when all hope is lost the world just seems to find a way to recover with the fall of superman by the hands of Doomsday there appeared a man with limitless power how will this world react to the "hero for fun."

  • The Hospital Ship of Azur Lane (Slow Updates)
    39.9K 861 30

    The RCS Doctor Solace is a hospital ship operated by the Red Cross in the war torn Austronesian Republic. It is the only hospital ship belonging to the Red Cross capable of acting as both a hospital ship and as a shelter to the orphans, innocent civilians and former war veterans. One day, while en route to Vietnam, a...

  • Rogue-Repair-Ship
    157K 4K 29

    IJN Kohaku is the brother of IJN Akashi, the scam cat. He is one of the best repair ships on the ocean, but one day he leaves the Sakura Empire and becomes distant from any ship-girl he meets. Why did he leave the Sakura Empire? Why won't he join Azur Lane? OC ship-boy x Small Harem. I own nothing, not the picture...

  • Mobile Stratos (Infinite Stratos X Gundam Series Crossover Fanfiction)
    731 16 4

    Infinite Stratos or IS is an Exoskeleton that possess technology and combat capabilities and far more advanced system than anything at that time. Sounds very strong but, unfortunately it can only be piloted by woman due to the creator of it create it that way. At the same time when IS there's also a suit armor that be...

  • The Curse of Gundams (Gundam:Witch From Mercury x Male Reader)
    23.2K 817 15

    Suletta Mercury isn't the only new student who's transferred to Asticassia as another student arrives the same time as her, a new student from somewhere no one knows of. In this battle where giant companies compete in the race of designing the greatest Mobile Suits, what will happen when two machines of unprecedented...

  • Romping Around at the Speed of Sound~.(Fem Sonic Harem x Male Reader.)
    177K 2K 14

    Warning! There will be Lemons! All Characters participating in Lemons are 18+. I also do not own the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise or art I use(Still will list who the artist is though when I can.) Anything I use belongs to there rightful owners. You live in a strange world the only gets stranger every day and it seems...

  • ||Hiatus|| Big Hero 6 x Venom!Male!Reader
    53.7K 710 5

    Your parents forced you to move to San Frasoskyo, where you will be attending the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. They didn't want you to stay with them any longer. So you went on your way. On the bus trip, a criminal stopped you and tried to hijack the bus. One threatens to kill a little girl. You had it up to...

  • Whispers Of What Once Was. (Whisper the Wolf x Male Reader.)
    25K 646 42

    The traumatized Whisper the Wolf sees how Dr. Eggman's grasp has destroyed the world, she tries to help where she can, and meets someone very special in the process...

    Completed   Mature