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  • Hide and Seek
    31 3 1

    Liz and her brother Jesse are trying to drive home for the summer. Something unseen is waiting for them. Takes place in the same world as Three Mothers.

  • The Legends of Calais (unedited)
    104K 11.8K 66

    Hi, my name is Britney Maria Sheridan and I am a mermaid. The truth about us is nothing like they led you to believe, although I will find that out right along with you. They abducted me as a baby and I grew up with humans... with no idea of the wonders of this world. Highest rank: 96 Magic/ 7 Mermen

    Completed   Mature
  • The Shallows
    262 19 1

    You know what you saw, just before drowning in the shallows of the sea. A boy that was once a seal dragged you from the frigid waters and onto land, where your family found you shivering, babbling of magic. Maybe you are crazy, you muse, standing in the exact spot where it happened. All in your head. A hallucination f...

  • Black Depths
    11 2 1

    Barry O'Shea is a selkie who's out to capture the girl of his dreams. Meaghan is a powerful sea-witch, and has her own ideas about what will capture her heart. Will Meaghan's desire bring them happiness, or will it lead them into dangerous waters?

  • The Fisherman's Wife
    578 37 1

    When a young woman finds a selkie's pelt in the cellar, it will tragically change her life.

  • Selkie Skin
    402 22 1

    As a Selkie, it is natural that Mila is fond of the sea. But when she is unexpectedly forced to become the wife of a seaman she must fight to survive and save herself from her reoccurring abuse.

  • The Mer Girl - Selkie Tales Short Stories
    163 1 6

    SHORT STORY / 5800 Words Lea knew what the land folk were good for - very little. They stumbled around awkwardly on spindly legs and smelled of sweat and dung. She preferred the open freedom of the ocean. To be able to plunge hundreds of feet into its shadowy depths or to ride in exhilaration along a cascading wave. B...

    Completed   Mature
  • Selkie's Plead
    3.2K 179 16

    Selkies are the seal people of Scottish legend.They can shed their seal skin and become human, or keep it on and remain a seal. Ronan, a selkie himself, is in love with a girl on land, Maggie. But he can't stay with her; he will die. Maggie cannot go into the ocean with him; she will drown. And when Maggie's drunk and...

  • Selkie
    180 9 2

    Story based on the Selkie legends of the British Isles. Maisie and her sisters shed their sealskin coats and become human to dance, but a man takes Maisie's coat and forces her to stay with him on land.

  • A Selkie Story
    160K 4.8K 21

    Sam--short for Samantha, if you please--has been living in Crawley, Maine for about a year in her grandfather's lighthouse. A promising advertiser, she works from home and the local coffee shop, where she gets her daily hot chocolate fix. For her, life is perfectly normal and that's just the way she likes it. That is...

  • Icelandic Selkie
    69.4K 2.3K 11

    At the age of 15, your family moved to Iceland for good. As much as you tried to cope with everything, nothing good came out until you met a certain mythical creature. Special thanks to my friend TrumpIsASlut

  • Selkie
    1.3K 63 5

    Almost all Selkie stories depict a sailor gaining the Selkie woman's skin and gaining her as a wife, or a woman summoning a Selkie man to please her depressing life. But what were to happen if the newest generation of Selkie were to mess up and end up with the same sex? Mathias is a normal teen wanting to finish his s...

  • Selkie
    239 16 1

    Emeline never knew why she felt a powerful connection to the ocean. She would find herself staring at it for hours on end, a dull ache throbbing in her chest. Little did the young woman realize what her adoptive father had hidden from her. A secret that explains her longing to be one with the sea.

  • Skinned: A Selkie Short Story
    4.2K 328 1

    A night watchman with a past so horrific that he has been stripped of even his name. A young bride who knew the freedom of the sea until her seal skin was stolen away. Both trapped in their own ways. When they meet by chance one night, this nameless man must decide whether it's worth the wrath of his village to help h...