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  • Ours
    925 51 10

    Something sinister is happening at Brunsleigh High. Teens begin waking up in the oddest of places with no memory of getting there. People begin noticing that their friends are acting out of character. Without their knowledge, six ghosts have taken control of the body of six different students. Now they want their bodi...

  • War of the Heart
    682 90 22

    ~ Book 2 of the Esprian Novels ~ The Eseterrian's have returned from the pilgrimage, but their hopes are dashed. Cines is in a state of disarray and people are having to pick their loyalties. To add to the chaos, the court sees two newcomers whose motives aren't quite clear. In this period of uncertainty, it falls to...

  • War Of Men
    2.8K 290 39

    (Currently being edited) ~ Book 1 of the Esprian Novels ~ In the kingdom of Cines, legends speak of five spirits that are the guardians of the land. At all times, there is one girl in the kingdom that represents one spirit, the bridge between Lypera and the spirit world. Only the last five were assassinated. Now five...

  • Human ?
    270 22 6


  • Heroism: Rise of SPAI ~ an applyfic
    2.9K 296 28

    Science has finally come far enough to allow the creation of superheroes. The serums created have only been tested on animals, but it's time to create the world's first superheroes. Ten spots are up for grabs, but the competition is tense - and life after selection is even harder.

  • The water bringers| applyfic
    563 50 13

    A war and drought torn land, 6 chosen to bring life back, and a less then selfless motive at the center of it all. Cover made by dream!

  • Lucidity
    2.1K 191 43

    { WILL BE EDITED IN JANUARY 2021 } The world of Lypera is in great peril. The young mage Mentirix had visions of this danger and fulfilled his duty by selecting a chosen one. There is however an abnormality; Mentirix contacted five people. Anwyn, Yaz, Oburon, Caitlyn and Hjalmar find themselves on the journey of their...