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  • Slowly- A Shigadabi Fanfic
    51K 1.2K 15

    Slowly. Ever so slowly Shigaraki starts to fall for Dabi, while Dabi's already fallen for Shigaraki. Slowly they'll come to realizations. Warnings- -Gay -Swearing -Shigaraki uses self harm -Mentions of Abuse -Fluff

  • Crushing
    1.1K 58 2

    Dabi x Shigaraki Tomura Tomura is awaken in the night by a snapchat from none other than Dabi. The one where Dabi is being a fucking dweeb and shamelessly crushing on Tomura, flirting by sending fuck boy snaps and terrible, terrible pick up lines. May be a little OOC because I didnt have the intent of writing them as...

  • Losing The Game (Shigadabi)
    52.2K 1.1K 11

    Shigaraki suddenly stops caring about if all might lives or dies and leaves the league of villins.

  • Helping Out A Villain Dabi x Tomura
    187K 6K 35

    when Tomura refuses to get out of bed one morning, Kurogiri asks Dabi to look after him since he doesn't seem to good, when Kurogiri and Himiko go out. Dabi learns about Tomuras depression and try's his best to help him. Au ish, I'm this book they can control when they use their quirks.. TRIGGER WARNINGS -depression...

  • Drinks [Shigaraki x Dabi]
    124K 3.1K 13

    So I don't really know where I'm gonna go with this but since I haven't been able to find really Shigaraki x Dabi fan fics (either that or I'm not looking hard enough) I decided why not write one of my own since it's one of my OTPs for My hero academia after Tododeku of course but let's see where this goes. Important...

  • (Tomura × Dabi) LOVELY
    71.2K 1K 7

    Warning!! story included yaoi (boy × boy), really OOC, and smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) dont like?dont read. grammar mistakes and shit. And i'm bad at writing so don't expect it to be good, but i will try my best. It's a fanfic of the ship that i really like Tomura × Dabi. just saying.

  • shigadabi- can villains fall in love?
    13.8K 456 5

    Tomura has been over irritable lately and kurogiri is getting worried and so is dabi but he wont admit it nor would he dare try and get in tomuras business what happens when dabi discovers burn marks and cuts all over Tomura? will Tomura talk to dabi? or will he deny it? #83 -sigadabi -2/12/20

    Completed   Mature
  • Shigadabi Oneshots
    76.9K 1.8K 16

    Wattpad's really lacking in Shigadabi stuff so I thought I'd make some because its one of my favorite bnha ships. This might flop but imma do it anyway. I do not own My Hero Academia; Cover art credit @difk_ya on twitter (I'm not sure about this one; if it's your art please tell me)

  • Idiot. - ShigaDabi
    65.9K 1.5K 6

    Tomura Shigaraki is a student at U.A, it's gone without being said that he'll become a villian, no doubt about it. But then Dabi came along.