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  • todobakudeku one shots
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    these are tododeku, bakudeku, todobaku and finally, todobakudeku smut one shots! i hope you enjoy and please put up with my crazy writing ⚠️⚠️smut warning ⚠️⚠️

  • to hell and back (todobaku)
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    au priest todoroki and demon bakugou. point of view Bakugou. i traval earth looking for mere entertainment but instead i found love what a disgrace

  • ,,404; page not found,, - TodoBaku Modern AU
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    404; page not found. "What, no!"

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    "You're mine. 𝐎𝐧𝐥𝐲 mine." As a prince he had everything within his fingertips, a wealth of luxury, immeasurable power and most importantly his favourite toy, the vulnerable omega Izuku Midoriya. #2 Katsudeku 150619 #5 Omega 110119 #1 Servant 200119 #2 BakugouxMidoriya 200119 #1 Izuku 080420

  • bakutodo instrgram°•gone wrong•° discontinued ?
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    A bunch of texts between class a-1 Sorry for spelling mistakes

  • {TodoBaku} 3 AM
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    /Text Fic Both Katsuki and Shoto have trouble sleeping for each of their own reasons. But one day Shoto hears a loud scream in the dorm, obviously from Katsuki. So he sends a text to ask him what's wrong. #1 in Todobaku 9/9/21 #1 in Bakutodo 7/3/20 #221 in texting 9/27/20 #1 in tdbk 4/22/20 #1 in bktd 4/7/20 #1 in Bak...

  • 🍒cherry cola🍒- kamisero
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    [completed] Sero could never have a crush on anyone, right? He'd never really thought about it, so when he starts feeling differently around Kaminari, he has no idea what to do. And besides, Kaminari has a crush on Jirou, doesn't he? >>cover by akatsukink, go check out their insta!<<

  • TodoBaku - Dragon's Riches
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    A prince is in search of someone to help save his kingdom, and a certain tribe leader is just that person. Fantasy AU Todoroki x Bakugo Todobaku [Completed] Warning: explicit sexual content, graphic descriptions of violence, gore, cannibalism, major character death

  • Kamisero/Serokami one shots
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    Just a contribution to the Serokami/Kamisero shippers who don't have enough fan fictions to read :) This will NOT be consistently updated, only for when I'm bored or can be bothered so yeahhhh.... xD COVER ART ISNT MINE!!!

  • touch- shigidabi
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    with a quirk that scares many a certain pastel blue haired boy didnt received much love , or touch at all , so you can imagine that little amounts of touch creat quite the reaction...

  • Todobaku - Confession
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    Todoroki confesses to Bakugo. Months later, Bakugo does the same. So what comes next? Literally just and excuse for me to practice writing sex cause there's gonna be some in my newest tobobaku fic, Dragon's Riches. This has nothing to do with that story, though. TodoBaku Todoroki x Bakugou

  • BakuDeku Pictures
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    This will have some smut pics, so you are warned. I will update every so often so.... :)

  • Number Neighbor [Kamisero]
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    Try and tell me they wouldn't do this shit

  • Todobaku smut oneshots
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    Read the description Don't be a bitch

  • Only A World Apart .:Tododeku Fluff:.
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    Midoriya has always had an adventurous heart that's too big for his body. He can't help it, and he doesn't regret his impulses at all. One fateful afternoon, he is exploring in the forest, and comes across a wounded fox. A big heart can attract even the most heartless of beings, and thus a tale of misadventures begin...

  • Tododeku pictures ❤️
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    all of my OTP aka Tododeku PHOTOSSSS ENJOYYYYY

  • Game Boy (Tododeku)
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    "I'll tell you what. Let's have a challenge. Every night, we play one game and the person with the higher score that day gets a point. First one to win five games has to do a dare from the other. Deal?" the greenette asked. "Deal." Cover art by @oniimely on Instagram! Please, go check her out!

  • Shigadabi smut/Lemons/Fluff
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    A few things too read for other shigadabi fans, also sorry if I have bad grammar. No art belongs to me. Lemon=🍋 Smut=❤️ Fluff=☁️ :I do not own BNHA or any of the characters, if I did, there would be lots of gay boys and les girls:

  • power; tododeku
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    ━ villain au ! tododeku ━ midoriya tries to join forces with todoroki to go against the pros, but todoroki seems to be after something else.

  • My Hero Academia Ship Pictures And Other Content
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    just some pictures not all bkdk sorry for the inconvenience ¯\_(☯෴☯)_/¯ Not my art unless stated otherwise

  • The Haunted House {TodoBakuDeku}
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    It's spooooky season! So I thought I would honor the holiday with a TodoBakuDeku fanfic! ❤️💛💚

  • New student.. (TodoShin)
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    Finally the purple grape of a pervert got kicked out of UA for a number of reasons but 1A got a new student named Shinsou (Aziawa's favorite) how will Todoroki react when his feelings get in the way of his studies Warnings: - Smut - Suicidal thoughts - strong language - Dabi is touya todoroki - TodoBaku = abusive rel...

  • ☼𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐃𝐄𝐊𝐔☼ (𝐺𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑟𝑦)
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    Wattpad can kiss my ass

    Completed   Mature
  • Shigadabi Oneshots
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    Wattpad's really lacking in Shigadabi stuff so I thought I'd make some because its one of my favorite bnha ships. This might flop but imma do it anyway. I do not own My Hero Academia; Cover art credit @difk_ya on twitter (I'm not sure about this one; if it's your art please tell me)

  • No Longer Human
    26.3K 825 24

    From the author of "A Hairdresser's Life" and "No Man's Land" A Police/Criminal story in which Izuku is a Police Dective and Todoroki is a Criminal Psychologist. but something is wrong, they are not who they say to be... A new adrenalinic and violence filled story in a city full of crime! Todoroki saves him during...

  • You Are Mine
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    First time writing Karmagisa stories~ So I hope you guys will like it! This is the real story description😂: Do you really think you could keep me away from him Karma-kun? Well you're wrong..... Let's see how you suffer when Nagisa bails on you... [ Yeah that's all ]

  • Secret Kisses (KatsuDeku)
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    "Kacchan, I'm so s-sorry I kept running. I just thought you didn't like guys, and if y-you did.. you wouldn't like me! Cause why would you? I m-mean just look at me in such a l-loser and, and-" "Oh my god. Shut up," Katsuki said and without thinking, kissed the mumbling nerd. It shouldn't have been a big deal, but it...

  • KarmaXNagisa Drunk One-shots
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    I really like drunk fic moments with these two, so I decided to make a story of one-shots with that being the theme.

  • Flower Petals||Kamisero
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    Can I get an F in the chat?