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  • Queen of the Night (Book 1 of the Witchfire Series)
    1.9M 90.4K 55

    Chance Nightshade, daughter of the Melbourne City Alpha, will avenge her brother's murder at any cost. Even if it means working with a charming vampire prince. ***** Cursed with yellow eyes and the ability to tell truth from lies, Chance Nightshade...

  • King of the Mountain (Book 1.5 of the Witchfire Series)
    229K 18.9K 62

    Expelled from her old school for a crime she didn't commit, Ivy must gain the trust of the High Pack at Ridgeview Academy to stop her new home from going up in flames. ***** Growing up werewolf is brutal. The schools are remote...

  • Legion of the Lost (Book 2 of the Witchfire Series)
    49.9K 3.1K 62

    Nora Walker, a psychic vampire, will gather the power she needs to survive no matter the cost. Even if it means joining a task-force of supernatural legends, headed by the fearsome Chance Nightshade herself. ...