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  • Red Room - Marvel Studios [1]
    768K 26.6K 60

    Alyona was raised to kill. Being trained since she was 6 to become a deadly assassin, she is sold to HYDRA after finishing her Red Room training, now a fully functioning Black Widow. She is set to spy on the Super Soldier programme and the SSR, funnelling information back to the KGB to try and give them a leg up in...

  • Ebollium - Marvel Studios [2]
    217K 8.1K 33

    This is the second book in the Red Room series, this is a sequel to RED ROOM ! After a mysterious god from space steals one of SHIELDs most dangerous weapons, Alyona is hand picked to join a team of extraordinary people to help to try and retrieve it. The team holds many new faces, as well as some old ones who know Al...

  • Reconciliation - Marvel Studios [3]
    225K 7.8K 44

    This is the third book in the Red Room series, read RED ROOM and EBOLLIUM first ! Alyona managed to survive the Battle of New York, helping to save the world from a god and an army from space with the rest of the Avengers. When she continues to work for SHIELD with Steve and Natasha, an old friend is unfrozen and thr...

  • Sicarius - Marvel Studios [4]
    190K 6.7K 48

    This is the 4th book in the RED ROOM series, read RED ROOM, EBOLLIUM and RECONCILIATION first. ! The Avengers are back to defeat a race of killer machines. Alyona has done more to help the good side than she could have even imagined 50 years ago, and the people she met along the way seem to keep her sane and in this...

  • Contritium - Marvel Studios [5]
    176K 5.6K 52

    This is the 5th book in the RED ROOM series ! Alyona's life seems to be going perfectly on track after the battle of Sokovia, managing to make it out alive with a new relationship having raised on the battlefield. Her team has never been closer and are working together seamlessly, but when an old ghost shows up once...

  • Repentino - Marvel Studios [6]
    75.9K 2.2K 27

    This is book 6 in the RED ROOM series ! Alyona Invankova; Ex-Russian spy and Ex-Avenger. After the devastating end to the Worlds Mightiest Hero's Ally sticks around to help defend the world of the next wave of threats. Teaming up with old and new team mates The Avengers are back once again, but have much more than 6...

  • Dimidium - Marvel Studios [7]
    110K 4.2K 60

    This is the SEVENTH book in the RED ROOM series ! Ally managed to be on the surviving half of the snap, but some of the people she would now call her family weren't so lucky. Ally's life has been turned upside down for the millionth time in the last 10 years, and once again she is left to pick up and reconstruct all...

  • Converto - Marvel Studios [8]
    58.1K 1.9K 50

    This is the EIGHTH book in the RED ROOM series ! Just when Ally and the rest of the team had come to terms with the consequences of Thanos' snap a whole new spanner is thrown into the works. Time travel is something that Ally thought would never be possible being someone from the 1920s, but her life has never exactl...

  • Temere ~ Marvel Studios [0]
    302 30 4