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  • Playboy surrendered ✅
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    When he gets closer to her, she leans back in her chair. "Don't worry, you're not my type" he smirks as he stands up. "Alhamdulillah" she said with a smile as she looked up at him. His smirk had vanished. Nurin Areesa is a hijab-wearing Muslim girl. She is kind and modest, and she treats everyone with respect. She...

  • Alima
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    We all lie. We all cry. We all make mistakes. But it all depends on if we are strong enough to hold these problems. So how hard will this be for Alima a 23-year-old Muslim woman who is in a very abusive marriage? Will she be able to escape with her 3-year-old son? But isn't there a story behind everything so will sh...

  • Doctor Alif ✅
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    There is a man name Farhan shah who is 27 years old. He Is powerful man, rich, rude etc. He was married to his life Safa his wife, everything was perfect in his life until his wife dies in a car accident leaving behind his son Yusuf who is 6 years old. his son fell in depression. Farhan did everything to make him ha...

  • The nerd and Mr. Popular✔️
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    "Just a reminder you're nothing but just their tutor and we are tolerating you in our house cuz you're a friend of that stupid girl, so act formal and keep your nose away from our family's matter," he spat out angrily and left the room. Zaynah Fatima, not your expected nerd, whose life was full of secrets and drama. W...

    809 101 25

    Arwa is your typical perfectionist who makes sure the most important things in her life are kept as the top piorities, her family, friends, work and basically people's feelings above hers and she has always kept it that way. But what happens when her whole past and trauma is brought up when she meets the two charismat...

  • She Is The Hijabi
    1.1K 204 14

    Iqram Amir is your regular Muslim girl who is striving to be the best daughter and the best friend. she is phased by her sudden contact with her father who had left them years back when she was young. she is determined to keep that secret from her big brother who had nothing to do with their said father. While Iqram...

  • BadBoy VS Hijabi (COMPLETED)
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    " Baby, stop crying. Now say sorry." he said and wiped my tears again. " I am sorry." i said bcoz i have no other choice. he loosen the grip on my hands and i took my belongings and started running towards the door to escape from him. " You can't run away from me, Zayna. i need to talk to you." he said and walked slo...

  • Memoirs of Safa
    187 47 8

    (ONGOING) My happiness also matters. So does everyone else's. Join Safa as she tries to figure out what end she is on in this love traingle. Two men fighting for her love. Who's love will she choose. Who will win and who will accept defeat. In end who will it be This is a story of love, acceptance and endurance

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    A simple Nigerian Hijabi from the Yoruba Culture meets A Cruel Business Tycoon who once believed in Islam In New York. What happens when Rofiah meets Az-Zāhir ?? Read more to find out😉😉 Meet Akinbo Rofiah A Nigerian Hijabi, Marine Biologist, Fashion Designer and Hair stylist who just arrived in New York for the...

  • H🦋J🦋B🦋 H E A T H E R
    210 9 10

    Don't expect a beautiful piece of work I decided to write so it can be a reflection of myself. I started writing this because I had been getting tired of cliches and wanted my first book to be edgy. This story is about a Muslim trying to navigate through a sea of confusion not knowing if she'll make it out with a sens...

  • C.O.A.T - Chubbiest Of All Time
    7.8K 953 14

    Alisha already has three problems in life: 1. She is overweight 2. She is nearing her thirties 3. She is still single To overcome the 3rd problem, her family brings in a marriage proposal, only to see it turning out to be Alisha's 4th and the biggest problem - she now has to get engaged to a rude man who constantly fa...

  • Falling for the Muslimah
    1.8K 169 8

    When bad boy Austin gets partnered up with confident, caring, sweet and stubborn Umaira, he just messes around with her. But will they be able to look past their differences and fall in love? **** When Umaira Sultan gets paired up...

  • Destined [On Hold]
    132 16 2

    A story, where a friendship based on lies, soon turns into love, then betrayal. But those who are meant to be together, no matter whatever they go through, they will get back together. Two different people, Two different cultures, Two different religions, Two different nations, Yet, destiny decided to attach their str...

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    This story is about a 19 year old South East Asian girl named Leena who unexpectedly meets her ex bf who is a year younger than her. Read the story to find out what happens when Leena and Omar meets again.. Will they get back together?

  • sittie haya's faith
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    Life has always been harsh to sittie haya but she always has a firm belief that "allah does not burden us what our sole cannot take" in this story we will see how strong sittie haya's faith is! __________ Marrying a hot and religious guy at a young age is something she never expected but it is okay she liked him anywa...

  • Samira
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    Samira Lived Her Whole Life As An Independent Women. Never Gave Any Dude Any Attention Until The Night Of Prom. "You're going to leave high school and didn't even experience having a boyfriend" her friend said getting ready for her sneaky link Those Words Rang In Her Head The Whole Night. "When I get home I'm goin...

  • Our Changing Relations
    1.4K 204 2

    What if your family forced you to marry a man whom you always loved like a brother???? What if you loved someone else???? And he broke your heart into million pieces .... Will she able to loved her husband??? Will their marriage work???? Let's find out readers.... Fatima Ali a sweet, gorgeous 20 years old girl... She...

  • Deceptive Glitters ✅
    126K 25.8K 92

    *BOOK ONE IN THE ALL THAT GLITTERS TRILOGY Walking out of an abusive marriage 'unscathed', Khadijah thought that was her salvation, the end of her suffering but the years of silent pain proved just how human she truly was and emotions was not something she could shut down. Instead, She fought and restored all her brok...

  • A Peaceful Chaos
    3.5K 875 24

    In a world devastated by loss and hardship, a young couple fights against the odds to find hope and reclaim their life. Haunted by the painful memories of loved ones lost, they face the challenges of a constant threat of danger. But with unwavering determination, they confront all odds. Through resilience and love...

  • Philophobia..💔💘💖
    640 150 13

    With tears flowing down her cheek, she tied the rope to the fan, taking her legs off the chair, "goodbye world". These were vardah's last words as she was about to take her life.... And before she received a hard slap on her back! VARDAH!! lol... what happens when a fifteen year old vardah becomes heartbroken.. They s...

    14.6K 3.3K 37

    When Abiola thinks she can't fall in love with a new guy she met in her cousin's house, she did. But now, he has left her to herself. But...... Did he really leave, or is there a reason for his departure? When Abiola finds out, will she finally accept his love for her and forget what THEY did to her? Or would she ne...

  • I'm old enough { RE WRITING }
    462 116 8

    ----------------------------------------------- Munirat Ismail, second daughter of her parents and a 18yr old college student falls in love with AbdulGhaffar Muhammad, a 23yr old businessman. After crossing all the bridges of love, only one thing is left. Marriage. But you can't have everything you want. What happens...

  • The Kidnapped Hijabi
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    Im not so good at descriptions but its a good book or thats atleast what i think. Im only 12 so dont judge. This book might be cringy to some so read at your own risk.

  • Some Bittersweet Memories
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    bittersweet /ˌbɪtəˈswiːt/ 1. involving feelings of happiness and sadness at the same time. *** [muslim girl x atheist boy] Being a Muslim who wears Hijab, Daneen Mohsin wants nothing more than to have a normal last year of high school in a new area. Following her survival motto 'stay low, stay out of trouble', Daneen...

  • Tehzeeb
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    Beauty they said fade which is true. But beauty within never fade. Tehzeeb a young and elegant lady. She have grown up without knowing what opulence is rather she have grown up to know what penury is. Would she be able to know what opulence is? or would she forever remain in penury?. Opposite they said attract. Does...

  • Life of fateemah
    1.2K 148 6

    The story of a rich egoistic Abdulhameed Bukar Dikko found him self in love with a middle class girl fateemah read and find out wat happen in there journey.

  • HE and ME Impossible ✔️
    138K 7.6K 43

    When Neha's parents decided to marry her off. She does not have any option other than marrying him. But when he didn't talk to her atleast for once, her frustration level hit the spike. Will they fall in love? ❤❤❤ For her its an arranged marriage, but for him its a love marriage. For her, love is not exist, but...

    77 33 7

    He saw her. He grew interest. He presented himself the way his stalkings assured him she would like. They became friends. But what's in the heart lies in the heart until revealed. *************** "We've been in a relationship for four good years and anytime you're alone with me,you act insecure. Don't you trust me?" T...

  • Wrong Turn
    314 64 9

    Humaira She had it all; looks, brains, grace, manners and a little bit of sauciness in her life. To her, she was living a perfect life until she met Areef. Areef From a very powerful lineage, Areef was every girl's dream man.Cocky,handsome and rich. He fell for Humaira and under circumstances, they got married. They...

  • I can't help falling in love with you
    40 4 2

    "Stop! We can't be together. It's forbidden! Why can't you understand that?! We already went too far..." "Then marry me!" "What?" "You heard right. Marrry me so I can kiss you whenever the fuck I want!"