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  • Blue Cherry Blossoms || TMNT
    129K 6.6K 91

    {TMNT 2012} [Leonardo X Reader] "Wait! You can't look at me!.. um, sorry." "No, no I get it. With the whole 'playing hero' thing, sometimes it's not good for others to see you. Whatever your reason is, I don't mind." There was a long pause. "...R-really? You don't mind?" "Not at all, Leonardo." . . . After loosing...

  • Fire In Her Eyes (A TMNT Story)
    7.2K 235 13

    Andrea didn't ask for this. She didn't ask for these powers. She didn't ask to be forced to New York City... And she certainly didn't ask to have her father taken away from her. Forced on the streets and constantly running from the whitecoats trying to destroy her life, Andrea is on her own. Scared, angry, and tired. ...

  • Get set to get wet (Turtles x Reader)
    1.1K 26 2

    All in title ladies

  • Complex l♡ve (Leonardo x reader) (SLOW UPDATES)
    2.3K 123 15

    Love is a complex puzzle that is always missing pieces.Sometimes it doesnt end up getting completed but other times it does get completed.Lets see if this one will be completed. Cover made by moi (Me)😊 (Time:7 hours and 4 minutes) ⚠️Warning⚠️this story contains alcoholism,self harm,abuse and torture.If you're sensiti...

  • Dancing with Katanas
    30K 1.6K 24

    A TMNT Fanfic | Leonardo Hamato is the best friend you never knew you needed, or for that matter, wanted. Unfortunately, a friendship with him and his brothers comes at a cost, as you find yourself becoming entangled in a warring world between ninjas and warriors and something much more sinister than any of you could...

  • His DNA |tmnt ~Leo X Reader|
    150K 4.9K 14

    One night Leo gets captured by the Shredder and is given to your father to experiment on. You are shown Leo in a cage in your fathers lad, what do you do? Will you let him free? Or will you just let it go and forget about it and move on...... This is a Leo x reader for all them leo fangrils!!! I promise this book won...

  • Hurt But Not Broken
    10K 466 25

    It's no one's fault that they got captured, but now they are at the mercy of the Shredder and his mutant companions. The Foot. Each brother will go through their own hell that tests their bonds as brothers and a team, but their determination to survive will push them further than ever before. A motto and a promise eac...

    Completed   Mature
  • TMNT: Boyfriend Scenarios
    30.2K 1K 31

    (Y/N) = Your Name This is my first book on this type of thing. Usually I don't do this but it looked fun to try. Please leave insights in the comments and enjoy!

  • TMNT One shots (REQUEST)
    78.5K 1.2K 30

    Do I even need to explain? Oh yeah one thing, REQUEST!

  • Silence is Golden (TMNT x Mute! Reader)
    20.4K 447 21

    Read the story of how a certain, special kunoichi goes through a series of (un)fortunate events and gains the greatest things of life; a welcoming home, a loving family and friends, and more importantly, a voice! (A/N: This was just an idea that came to me one night after working on a chapter of my first TMNT fanfic.)...

  • Living With Turtles (TMNT 2012 Fanfic)
    13.6K 574 51

    [COMPLETED] Abby, Sarah, Kenzie, and Kayla; four ordinary girls, at least everyone thought. They watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, taking a leap into the unordinary with just a TV show. When the girls actually meet their idols, they discover there's more to the turtles then meets the eye. Old secrets are revealed an...

  • Love struck TMNTxreader
    35.5K 997 28

    After a dating app that your mother suggested matches you up with some mysterious boys, you decide to try and get to know them better. Unfortunately they don't tell you much and it's up to you to find things out for yourself. What will happen when your curiosity gets the best of you? How will you react when you see wh...

  • Don't Make Me Fall For You | Raphael x Reader
    368K 11.5K 37

    "Aha! So you are soft! I knew it!" You poked him in the middle of the shell. "What-no! That's not what I meant-" "You act like you're this macho tough guy, but really you're just a soft teddy bear," you teased, booping him on the nose. "Shut up," Raph growled, but he was smiling. ...

  • Changes (TMNT Leo x Reader)
    10.8K 266 11

    You had just returned from your best friend's party and were about to go to sleep. All of a sudden you see mysterious red lights and-as couriousity takes over- you follow the lights and find yourself in front of robotic like ninjas. They start attacking you but you're saved by the one and only anthropomorphic ninja t...

  • TMNT Fanfiction: I Will Protect My Brothers, At Any Cost
    39.1K 812 5

    It was a normal day on patrol. The turtles were having fun, as usual. but everything changed when the Shredder came. They have no chance, no way they will be able to win this fight. Leo tells his brothers to run. Raph, Donnie, and Mikey do as he says, but Leo doesn't get away. The Shredder captures him. Shredde...

  • TMNT 2012 - Boyfriend Scenarios
    9.9K 219 23

    I wanna start by saying: I KNOW THERE ARE TONS OF THESE IN EXISTENCE!! BUT, I've been thinking about starting one for a while, and, through the encouragement of @browniefangle and @Herreranathalia , I've decided to give it a shot! :) Enjoy! :)

  • [UNDER RECONSTRUCTION] His Scarlet Dragon: Raphael X Reader
    74.7K 176 2

    THIS BOOK IS UNDER RECONSTRUCTION. CHAPTERS WILL BE MISSING BUT I LEFT THE FIRST AND LAST ONE. If this book is in your library, please don't remove it. I am reconstructing and I want this book to be back for you when i get more chapters done! You have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for a Boyfriend! Lucky... You are a...

  • Falling In Your Arms •TMNT•
    50.6K 1.7K 11

    [Raphael x Reader] A girl that falls into the arms of a big talking turtle.

  • Woven. | Leonardo x Reader | TMNT
    217K 7.7K 35

    plip, plop plip plop. The rain quietly fell from the sky. there was no thunder or lightning. just rain. The water slid down your already drenched body in tiny droplets. Your breathing was heavy and laboured, still at unrest from the third near death experience you'd had within the past month. You stood face to face wi...

  • TMNT Shell Shots
    58.8K 1.5K 23

    This is a collection of random TMNT short stories, including 'Grief' ('Requiem'), 'Together Again' ('The Power Inside Her'), 'Torn Apart' ('The Power Inside Her'), 'Always Knows' ('The Creeping Doom'), 'Fractured Trust' ('Broken Foot'), 'To Err is Turtle ('Broken Foot'), 'Too Afraid' ('The Power Inside Her'), 'Hidden...

  • Every Choice (A TMNT fanfic)
    3.5K 134 11

    Emery Jones. Younger sister to Casey Jones. Pink hair, brown eyes, and a smirk for a smile. After four months of Emery feeling distraught because her brother keeps pushing her off for April O'Neil, and bully's at school have suggested it, she's ready to take her own life. Except, a red banded turtle talks her out of i...

  • #TMNT
    362K 6.8K 54

    TMNT x Reader

    Completed   Mature
  • Babysitting
    1.1K 58 1

    Leo x Reader. One night while you're babysitting your cousin, Leo comes over. What happens when you discover your cousin already knows him? And Why does Leo keep blushing?

  • Your Ninja Nerd: Donatello X Reader TMNT
    128K 4K 45

    You didn't want to trust him. He was obviously stronger than you and from your experience, you were no match when going up against him... But something about that mutant makes everything feel like... like everything was going to be alright. STORY CONTAINS SWEARING! Enjoy! It'll start out a little rough, but soon y...

  • TMNT 2012 Leonardo Boyfriend Scenarios
    2K 61 9

    "Hey," his voice is a lot softer, and I feel a nearing presence from behind. Without warning, Leo snakes his arms around my waist and rests his chin on my shoulder, which I can tell is a genuine effort to comfort me. But my emotions go from down and dejected to my skin sparking with awareness at his touch, and my whol...

  • Turtles Go Undercover:Leonardo X Reader
    14.6K 516 18

    After having learned that Shredder is working on something very evil with a brand new enemy, our turtles try to find a way to investigate it thoroughly even in the day. Whatever Shredder is planning to do in the shadows, they can't risk letting him succeed no matter what happens. But, when Mikey did something shell s...

  • My savior
    6K 199 40

    This book follows the misadventures of Skylar, a teenager living life to the fullest with her teenage mutant ninja friends. Disclaimer: I do not own TMNT, just my OCs. And this will not follow the same plot-line as the show. Just a warning. Enjoy :)

  • Mission Failed ~ Leonardo x Reader
    60.3K 2K 22

    You were a TMNT Geek. Your life was pretty good at your Boarding School, until the day Shredder came. Asking of a student with high grades from each subject to take with him on a 'training camp'. No one would believe you when you tried telling them that he was a villain. You manage to escape and meet the Teenage Mutan...

  • DonnieXReader [The successful experiment] Tmnt fanfiction
    74.8K 2.1K 20

    You are the only successful artificial human being that Professor Harley created. Now you do anything to be away from him and his scientists. What is his plan? Why did he create you? We'll find out and along the way you fall in love with one of your saviors. Btw I don't own tmnt 2012, it belongs to nickelodeon and I d...

  • Frostfall (Leonardo X Female Reader)
    92.8K 2.2K 36

    President of the school counsellor, Y/N L/N, you, had a fantastic reputation in Roosevelt High. You were perfect in the eyes of your peers. Your parents mysteriously died when you were very young and the O'Neils took you in. You've lived with them for a solid 5 years and you've grown to love April as your sister and K...