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  • Emma Daniels (GirlxGirl)
    700K 17.9K 31

    Lacey Harding is a young teacher with a troubled past, she never had it easy as a teenager and put herself through college to get her to the place where she is now. Emma Daniels is a young teen at a new school, leaving her last because of an incident that she doesn't like to talk about. The young women grow infatuat...

  • One Look and I Know (Camren)(Oneshot)
    20.2K 1K 1

    Soulmate AU where you can't see the color of your soulmates eyes until you look into their eyes for the first time

  • The Omega (Camren)
    201K 7.7K 27

    Omegas are the lowest ranking wolves amongst all werewolves. They were seen as inferior amongst all creatures. Until one omega proves everyone wrong. This story does contain g!p. So if you don't like it simply don't read it.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sound of An Angel
    31.8K 1.4K 1

    based on: "Is there a one shot where Camren is a canon but like camila is deaf and lauren has learnt sign language but camila gets one of those ear devices that allow her to hear for the first time and the first thing lauren says is "I love you" and it's the first time camila has heard her voice and those words and sh...

  • Through Her Eyes (Camren)
    904K 34.8K 30

    Lauren never planned on living in the house she lived in. She never planned on working the job she worked. She never planned on befriending a strange girl named Camila, either. Lauren never planned a lot of things.

  • [First Draft] Crystals (girlxgirl) (studentxteacher) (lesbian story)
    3M 79.7K 57

    Lilly's family are different from other people's. They each have a crystal which controls who they fall in love with. They have two years, from their eighteenth birthday to their twentieth, to find this 'soul mate'. Lilly's big brother Harry died because he didn't find his in time and Lilly is petrified that the same...

    Completed   Mature
  • Speak (Camren)
    598K 16.7K 41

    Camila was just a teenage girl with autism, that's all she was ever defined as. Until she met Lauren, the psychiatrist's daughter and star softball player of her highschool.

  • Wishes (A Camren Story)
    643K 21.5K 36

    FIRST BOOK IN THE WISHES SERIES Everyone at Miami High is obsessed with Camila Cabello except for Lauren Jauregui. To Lauren, Camila is just an ordinary student. That all changes though when Lauren's family invites Camila's family on their family vacation to Disney World. However, before their vacation begins, Camila...

  • A&J Camren One-Shots
    104K 1.9K 6

    A compilation of Camren one-shots. All originally posted to 5HFanfiction. Summaries/prompts at the beginning of each part.

  • off camera.
    950K 35.6K 32

    Camila started YouTube as an escape from the loneliness she feels as she grows apart from her childhood best friend, Lauren. She never expects it to become a career, to be financially stable at nineteen, and to run into said ex best friend at a grocery store in LA after not seeing her for four years. Camren. YouTuber...

  • Wrong Group Chat? (Funny 5h Text Messages)
    106K 2.6K 32

    When Lauren gets added to a random group chat that she wasn't suppose to be, she meets some strange girls that go to her high school. FUNNY TEXTS BETWEEN THE GIRLS IN HIGHSCHOOL. ( MANY MEMES AND HORRIBLE JOKES. ) ( Cover by SLOTHTATO )

  • Sweet Nothing ➳ Camren
    1M 25.8K 31

    Head cheerleader Camila and Badass Lauren have never gotten along, but when Camila's pride and reputation are on the line she gets a little desperate...and Lauren just happens to be there to help her out. Everything has its consequences though. _____________________________ Give it a chance! It's a great story! Conver...

    Completed   Mature
  • Haven't Forgotten My Way Home (Camren)
    476K 17.5K 30

    In the D/s society of Miami, men and women abandoned by their Dom/mes or otherwise deemed unfit for life "outside" end up at the Lakeview House for Orphaned Submissives. It is here that Camila Cabello finds Lauren Jauregui, broken and fearful from mistreatment at the hands of her former Dom. Can Camila coax Lauren bac...

    Completed   Mature
  • Let me hear your thoughts [camren - au]
    462K 16.2K 16

    Lauren isn't normal. She can read minds. Hear minds. It's both a blessing and a curse. If she had a choice, she'd pick being normal in a heartbeat. Except that day. -- If you're reading this, read Kill next. - PSA: July 2021 If you accidentally read another story in AFF titled same, that's me (winrina ship). I've rec...

  • Play For You (GirlxGirl)
    2.7M 85.1K 42

    Riley's past isn't something most kids go through. Bad things happened, but when she got older, her dad decided it was best to move, and get away from something that seemed to haunt Riley. They moved from Arizona to California. About 1/4 into her junior year, Riley had to go to a new school, and make new friends. She...

  • Mrs. Shuler (GirlxGirl) [COMPLETED]
    1.6M 58.2K 38

    (Teacherxstudent) It might have been the way her hand moved effortlessly across the canvas with every stroke she made, or the way her eyes would shine when speaking about her passion that she adored so much, or maybe it was her smile that seemed to captivate me every time. She was perfect in her own way, and I wis...

    Completed   Mature
  • We Are Family (Camren & Norminah)
    438K 11.2K 51

    The year is 2033 and we shall follow the Married lives of Camren and Norminah*please give it a shot* Credit to @lovinedwards for the cover (Not Mine)

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Off The Key Of Reason
    207K 5.4K 31

    Camila Cabello is a successful Broadway star with a new roommate, the very odd, naive, Lauren Jauregui. It starts with a note on the fridge and a childishly scrawled doodle of an elephant. Everybody has a little crazy in them. *This story is not my own, it was originally a glee fic and someone started converting it to...

  • Mated (Camren And Norminah)
    179K 3.6K 24


    Completed   Mature
  • ymms deleted scenes
    36.7K 1.3K 4

    All of the deleted scenes from the final version of you make me sick (for being so perfect). Set in the same universe as the fic and are the things I cut out. (This work may not be posted/copied/reproduced/translated without explicit permission from the author.)

  • Speak (Camren)
    6.9K 513 1

    When Lauren turns into an orange. - "Well, besides that, I've been thinking... maybe you should kiss her?" "Right now? Why?" "Maybe it'll change her back." "That's a fairy tale, and I've kissed her many times before." "Seriously, you made-out with an orange multiple times?" "I think it's time for you to go home." --- ...

  • just a dream (camren)
    1.4M 57K 62

    Camila Cabello is officially a solo artist. She left Fifth Harmony and is getting ready to start her solo career. Except she wakes up the next day, and she's sixteen, about to start her junior year of high school, and Fifth Harmony doesn't exist. She's pretty sure it's all just a dream. It can't possibly be anything e...

  • My Sister's Best Friend (Camren)
    468K 12.4K 39

    Camila: 16 years, straight A's student, best friends with Jennel, Dinah, Keaton and in a relationship with Cece. Lauren: 17 years, captain of the girls soccer team, younger sister Jennel, best friends with Cece, Normani, Wesley and Drew. What happens when and unlikely accident brings the two together. Would Lauren fi...

  • Lost Inside
    539K 19.9K 97

    All Lauren had was the box over her head and the wet bread on the ground. All she wanted was a family to call her own. Age play Warning: This story is nowhere near as dark as the first chapter makes it out to be. Rated M Because of Language. F-Word thrown around a lot. Started: April 16, 2017 #23 in Austin Mahone

  • Fifth Harmony Texts (Camren/Norminah)
    352K 7.5K 110

    ⚠️WARNING! MY FIRST FANFIC! VERY CRINGE AND SOME GRAMMAR ERRORS⚠️ I started writing this in middle school, read at your own risk a lot of memes and funny texts most impressive ranking #1 in Jokes of 1.5k stories rank #1 in norminah rank #1 in camrenfanfic

  • Step by Step
    473K 12.3K 29

    Lauren and Camila become neighbors on the first day of school. Camila is a junior and Lauren is a senior. As they establish a friendship, Camila goes to Lauren for guidance.

  • Camren smut
    1.4M 8.5K 67

    Just Camren smut... (I do not own the story's) Most from tumblr

  • The Adventures of Five Young Wizards (Fifth Harmony Fanfic)
    125K 3.7K 23

    The girls are all first years at Hogwarts. There will be adventures, detentions, Jinxs... And most certainly rivals. *CAMREN*

  • Mated to a Dork {Camren}
    1.2M 37.4K 27

    High school. The place where you have your typical social groups: the jocks, the nerds, the drama geeks, the cheerleaders, the vampires, the werewolves. Wait what? Okay. That's just Lauren's high school. When she moved from Miami to Wolf's Point, Georgia, she expected the typical boring high school experience. What sh...

  • Army Strong
    832K 24K 29

    After seeing the aftermath of a wild party she threw, Camila's parents feel like the only option left to deal with with their daughter's rebel behavior is military school. At this school, she is exposed to a whole new world of strict rules and emotionless people commanding them. Though she is intimidated by it, she qu...