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  • Ignite {A Bakugou x Fem Reader Story}
    891K 31.3K 41

    As a child, mastering and controlling three out of the four elements nature comprises of came easily to you. Before even discovering your quirk, the deep connection you shared with the earth was undeniable. Most of your life you've kept a level head and controlled spirit. Only, recently, your patience has been growing...

  • Pick Me!!! Todobakudeku x Reader
    33.1K 860 10

    Where you, Y/N Yagi, the daughter of M/N and All might, goes to UA, and you see three boys that look familiar. I got some inspiration from 'who is she?' You guys should read it, its awesome.

  • My mystical love || kiritodobakudenkideku x reader
    22.8K 620 8

    Y'all know the drill! LETS GO!