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  • Nothing to Say
    64.9K 3K 4

    "Morning, Beam. Aren't you saying anything to me?" "...."

  • Be There for You
    54.6K 4.6K 8

    Beam can court Forth in a very subtle way,... Many kind of almost unseen way like in Silver Watch, Cliffhanger or Concidence. Pampering Forth, -Silver Watch Left him with no choice, -Cliffhanger Or just act as if it was just coincidence, meant to happened, -Coincidence. Forth? He could be bold, He could be clumsy, He...

  • Phana Ate My Pocky!!!
    107K 4.4K 6

    "Hey, pocky...!" Phana took the pocky box from Beam shelf. "Dont eat that, Pha." Beam tried to get it from Pha. But Phana raised his hand so high that Beam could not reach it. "I have the snacks here." Beam took out the snacks and even hand Phana a box of exact kind of pocky. But Phana ripped the pocky box with a grin...