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  • (httyd)watching riders of berk my episodes 4
    1.4K 23 11

    there back to see what comes but not knowing what they will find out more about a kid?

  • (httyd)watching riders of berk my episodes 2
    6.1K 70 17

    there waking up to see more episodes but what will they see next and everyone else will learn more about stoick and hiccup but what?

  • (httyd)watching riders of berk my episodes 3
    1.7K 14 10

    there back once again to react as we soon find out a secret that shocks everyone when they all learn the truth

  • Lovestruck(hiccstrid)
    51K 1K 23

    *COMPLETE* A new girl comes to town and a new school she has blonde hair braided and blue eyes she was very pretty she grabbed her iPhone and earphones when she went on the bus everyone stared at her so she went to the back of the bus when a guy came in every girl started to fix her hair or her make up but astrid ign...

  • Out In The World ( How To Train Your Dragon)
    2.7K 21 24

    Imagine if Hiccup caught toothless differently . His story started differently, he met different people, had different adventures , and lived somewhere else than Berk. Are you ready to take this adventure with Hiccup and his friends. ( none of these pictures are mine) ( sorry for the miss...

  • Mysterious Rider
    349K 8.7K 29

    Hiccup was five years old when he was snatched up by a Night Fury in a raid and was never seen again. 15 years later, Berk is on another hunt for the nest, but things go wrong when a storm hits and the Chief, his wife and Gobber are stranded in an icy wasteland. While searching for shelter they're ambushed by dragons...

  • The Prince of the Wing
    1.9K 32 6

    15 years ago, Young Hiccup was taken by a stormcutter away from Berk. Everyone thought he died. Astrid, the gang, Stoick, Valka and Gobber went on a small trip, but after getting caught in a storm their ship sunk. However they were rescued by someone named Hayden who not only rides a Night Fury but also took them to a...

  • Dragon Boy
    134K 4K 13

    AU where Hiccup was raised with dragons in the sanctuary. While on a journey, he and Toothless crash land on berk. As they explore the island, they discover the village. Looking for materials to fix Toothless' tail fin, he finds the forge and during the night, sneaks in to get supplies. Only to be found by fearless A...

  • Hiccup the USELESS
    49.9K 699 25

    Hiccup hadn't shot that dragon down, he had never won the dragon training, he never lost a leg and he had never made a single friend. His father's disappointment led Stoick and Hiccup's relationship to drift apart in the three years since Hiccup's last attempt to prove himself. Stoick's only way to keep Hiccup occupie...

  • Dragon Teens
    2.5K 57 10

    When Hiccup goes to find his legendary kill, he never expected to actually find it. When he casts his gaze on the downed beast, he finds himself sad. Then, it turns out Hiccup wasn't the only one with a secret dragon... That is how the story of Hiccup the Horrifying began. All characters and species of dragon in th...

  • I Am Dragonblood: Secret Uncovered {Book Three} (HTTYD Fanfic)
    37.6K 816 19

    'Hiccup?...' Astrid whispered. Then more strongly. 'Explain. Now.' 'I...' Hiccup shut his eyes as a quiver racked his tense muscles. 'I... Can't. Not... Right now.' Concern flickered in the blonde Viking's eyes and she gave a half step towards him. 'Hiccup, wha -?' The Dragonblood Chief held up a trembling...

  • HTTYD: Lost Son of Berk
    110K 1.8K 26

    This is a story of the Lost Son of Berk. The story of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, and how he became the legend known as...the Dragon Master!

  • (httyd)watching destroying the inner voice
    1.4K 38 13

    sequel to the smile and the blade berk is now watching the sequel but what will happened and will hiccup get better?

  • Taken, the dragon boy (HTTYD)
    1.4K 25 7

    Hiccup, a young boy at the age of five taken from his home by dragons during a raid. His father Stoick mornes as well as Hiccup's best friend Astrid. There will be drama, war, battles and enemies. Read the first chapter to find out if this is smt for you:D I drew the cover and it is my own creation(not the background)...

  • SECRET PRINCESS --a miraculous ladybug story--
    36.5K 639 9

    Marinette's class goes on a trip to china for 6 weeks for the princess coronation .Marinette tells Alya about being the princess of china. will marinette tell adrien? if she does will adrien take it the wrong way? (there will be no ladybug nor cat noir)

  • The Princess of China-Miraculous
    154K 2.5K 22

    Marinette has two secrets, one she is ladybug Paris's own superhero along side Chat nor her pun-loving companion, The second is that she is the princess of China. In one of these chapter there will be violence.

  • Bravery Will Always Triumph Over Evil
    538 10 6

    "Will it always be this complicated?" "No. Sometimes it will be even more so." "Why?" "Because life is full of the unexpected, Astrid. You want it to be one thing and it turns into another." "Will it always be this hard, Hiccup?" "No, My love." "Why must we leave?" "To protect our secret. It's an uphill battle, but on...

  • Finding What You Are Not Looking For
    4.9K 53 12

    It had been five years since Hiccup had seemingly vanished from existence. All of Berk believes that the small 15 year old had perished. But when all the village had a curse placed on them by turning into dragons themselves. They will be forced to learn that there is more to dragons then meets the eyes. A HTTYD challe...

  • How Is This Even Happening?!
    12.2K 185 11

    What if when Hiccup released Toothless, Toothless did something to him and he became a dragon? Not just any dragon, a NIGHT FURY! But, a few months later, the raids mysteriously stopped, and all the teens ( Tuffnut, Ruffnut, Snotlout, Astrid, and Fishlegs.) were taken by dragons!(the ones that they ride in the movie)...

  • Voltron Legendary Defender AU
    56.7K 1.9K 7

    Keithak Kogane is half Galra, half Altean. His father is Thace Kogane, but he has never known his mother. One day, he decided that he has gotten enough of the taunts from his Galran piloting class and escapes..... with a Red Lion? DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER

  • Runaways
    62.4K 1K 27

    Yes, it's another one of these but I really wanted to do another one and hopefully better than the other one. "What if we left for good?" "What do you mean?" Hiccup was planning to run away but now that Astrid knows his secret, he doesn't know what to do. Then Astrid comes up with a crazy idea that might just save the...

  • Hiccstrid Love
    35.2K 575 21

    This is a twist if the original story (obviously). Anyway instead of Cloudjumper taking Valka, Cloudjumper takes Hiccup. So yeah... oh, also this is my first fanfic so plz don't hate.

  • How to Train your Miraculous: ON HOLD
    1.8K 30 13

    On the island of Miraculous in the Parisian Archipelago, lives Adrien; son of Chief Gabriel the Strict; who is a bit of an outcast among his village and has a major crush on Marinette, the best warrior in training in the village. But when he shoots down a dragon while testing his invention he is thrown into a world ch...

  • The Soul of a Dragon (HTTYD Fanfiction)
    22.6K 325 11

    Hiccup struggles to live with soul of a dragon. The only problem is he's a viking in a war with dragons. The end of this war is fast approaching. Which side will be victorious? The dragons, vikings, or neither?

  • (httyd)watching httyd behind the scenes and bloopers
    8.9K 78 20

    just before hiccup was chosen to kill the nightmare everyone was been transported to a theater to watch behind the scenes and bloopers of there own movie(lets see how things turns out).

  • Peace Between Two Worlds
    71.2K 1.2K 33

    What if both Hiccup and Astrid are dragon hybrids, future dragon royalty and who unite both the human's and dragon's worlds. Both obvious of each other being their life time partner. But once they do what would they do with this information ? Would they fulfill their destiny?

  • (httyd)watching shorts
    5.7K 90 15

    as hiccup was chosen to kill the nightmare they were transported along with the outcast,alvin,dagur, and valka to a theater to watch shorts as some of them are super funny and some are even from the past

  • Adrinette-Soulmates
    199K 3.1K 15

    [COMPLETE] Soulmate marks are now a thing that are practically tattooed onto a newborn, not by a needle, but when born. Everyone had one, even Chloe. But who Marinette had as a soulmate? It just might (most likely not) shock you, but it shocked her. This is a oneshot. I do not own Miraculous Ladybug or any of the char...

  • Your Eyes
    57.9K 1.6K 7

    Soulmate AU. Everyone has a soulmate. There's a catch however, you can't see the color of your soulmates eyes. So if your soulmate had green eyes, you can't see the color green. Once you look into your soulmates eyes, you can finally see that color. Marinette has lived her whole life without seeing the color green...

  • Dragon Riders
    10.8K 191 13

    Hiccup was raised by his mother in a clan called the Dragons riders. A known group for riding dragons and saving them as well. Drago want to capture one of them and sets his sites on young Hiccup. (Inspired by movie trailer or HTTYD 2)