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  • KlausxBella
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    Klaus and Bella have known each other since 1692. They lost touch during 1864 when Bella had to leave Mystic Falls, the place where they lived, because she was being hunted. They lost touch. What happens when they finally see each other again. ( Story is complete)

    Completed   Mature
  • Peter Hale & Alex Danvers
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    An introduction and love story about Peter Hale & Alex Danvers Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or any of the characters, I just own Riley Finn, Buffy Summers, Bella Hale, Alex Danvers and Kara Danvers all of the stories and banners that's all. All credit goes to Jeff Davis, the producers and writers of Teen Wolf.

  • I've changed
    53.1K 1K 4

    The pack kicks stiles out after the nogistune, stiles leaves beacon hills and ends up in forks as a vampire/ werewolf hybrid, he finds love with Edward Cullen but what happens when his so called pack wants him back ???

  • Of all Damned (Twilight/ Queen of the Damned) (Bella/Lestat)
    1.3K 54 2

    After Edward leaves her in New Moon; Angela and Jessica invite Bella to come with them to a concert outside of the United States and head across seas to London. The concert although not to Bella's taste is introduced to a new world of vampires. Especially, when she gets to go back stage unknowingly being "dinner" for...

  • The Calling from the Sea
    3.3K 48 7

    A Thirteenth Year Fanfiction based on the Disney Original Movie Summer has gone- and just like Cody promised; he's back for another year at school. Three months can change a lot and to Cody three months was everything; he got to know his mother;he even met his family; but when disaster strikes in the most unlikeliest...

  • Bella et Deos (Twilight Fanfiction)
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    When the Cullen's leave Bella in New Moon. She realizes that she's not done with the world that has left her behind. Now living with her mother, Renee, in Jacksonville, Florida. The Michaels come to town, they will ensnare Bella into their dark, secretive world. Maybe, Bella will finally belong.

  • Royal Moon and Desire: Twilight Fanfictions
    30.3K 1.2K 26

    When Edward dumps Bella, her mother invites her to go overseas with her. When they reach Italy, Bella reunites with Edward, but she also meets there royalty. Desire: Royal Moon #2: Royal Moon: Desire by Bella4evr3 Bella has rescued her dad from the clutches of Victoria, yet he lays in a bed in a coma. Caius is actin...

  • Changes (Twilight) (Bella/Carlisle)
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    Set in New Moon and before Eclipse. The whole Edward leaves scenario. Two major things happen. Charlie dies leaving Bella alone. And second, Carlisle chose to stay. Watching her from afar till he watches what happens and Carlisle is there to be Bella's support and maybe even something more...

  • Why me
    4.2K 158 8

    Bella was going to the Cullen's when she arrives she finds a heart breaking scene and leaves to pack her bags leaving with no destination in mind she ends up in Texas and meets a very scary man and is saved by a red eyed vampire and her life is never the same set after the newborn attacks in new moon so she has talke...

  • My Captain
    43.7K 1K 17

    set in twilight new moon b4 the newborn army and Victoria come Bella and alice become friend Edward thinks he loves her until.......................

  • Of Wolves And Wildflowers
    8.2K 188 21

    "even тнe lone wolғ тнιrѕтѕ ғor love." Killian JonesxOC werewolf AU Amara is a free spirit and is in no hurry to settle down and find her mate. She prefers her own company. Her father, Arthur the Alpha of her pack, fed up with his daughters dismissal of tradition chooses a mate for her. Amara runs away, and in the p...

    Completed   Mature
  • A New Beginning: Bella and Damon Book One ✔
    85.7K 2.7K 33

    Bella Swan has been pushed to her limit. Yet maybe her limits was the thing to push her. When Edward Cullen and Jacob Black die, Bella flees to Mystic Falls with devastation and hurt in her blood. Yet after meeting the classic Damon Salvatore, Bella seeks salvation in the vampire, learning of catastrophic love that...

    Completed   Mature
  • 🏰 💎Jasper's New Mate (Completed)
    38.5K 880 14

    What if Isabella swan is the daughter of Peter and Charlotte Whitlock but is acting like Bella swan to meet her mate. Will jasper and Bella get together right when they meet or will Bella have to act like Edward is her. Mate read to find out

  • Immortal Love
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    -- Sequel to 'The Wrong Brother' -- My life has changed so much over the past few years. I am a wife, mother, Aunty, sister, and a vampire. I have seen people I love die, I have joined and left the Volturi and I have married the love of my life. But for all the years I may live, the years to come will be the most diff...

  • The Wrong Brother ~ Jasper and Bella Fanfiction
    378K 9.5K 32

    When Bella moved to Forks, Washington, her whole world was turned upside down. She fell in love with the mysterious Edward Cullen, who was a vampire. But her feelings will change and she finds her self crazy about Edwards adopted brother Jasper? All rights go to Stephanie who created the Twilight world. This is only a...

  • Isabella Marie Volturi
    36.9K 896 17

    Isabella, or Bella as she likes to be called, finds out that Edward has cheated on her. So she calls up the Volturi and asks to join them. What she comes to realize is not what she expects at all. She finds out things that were said to be lost for forever. She realizes things that she never thought to be true.

  • Was our love ever real?!!
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    the next thing I knew I felt cool lips brushing my collarbone. I couldn't help the shiver and wine that left my lips at the feeling. I felt Jasper smirk as he started to leave open mouth kisses all over my neck.As soon as he licked my soft spot a loud moan left my lips, I blushed. " Hmm now I like these emotions, and...

  • Isabella Whitlock and The Prophecy Of The Volturi
    167K 3.1K 21

    Jasper Hale Whitlock had learned that Alice tricked him with some Other guy. Jasper and Bella went out for to buy Alice a necklace when both of them saw Edward and Alice..................................... Read the next................................................................. Twist in the end will help you re...

  • Guardian Wolf
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    When Edward leaves Bella, what if things didn't go like they orginally did. What if she somehow is a great descendant of Ephraim Black? When she shifts who is her imprint? Read to find out.

  • Stamon (stiles and Damon) tw/Tvd
    72.5K 1.8K 13

    Damon knows stiles stillinski? Who would've thought. How does he know him? Why is he protecting him? When stiles travels to mystic falls on a school trip, what will happen? I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTORS

  • The Vessel
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    What if Lucifer had more than one vessel? Sam wasn only Lucifer's vessel for the final showdown because he was Dean's brothers. What if someone else was Lucifer's vessel and didn't need the demon blood to be able to survive? I do not own anything to do with Supernatural or Twilight.

    Completed   Mature
  • Let me be your shield [Twilight Fanfic] - On Hold -
    49.2K 1.8K 18

    Stefan Salvatore x Bella Swan Love Story This story is about two souls that are lost, but somehow found each other, and they fell in love. A male vampire named Stefan Salvatore fell in love with a mortal girl named Elena Gilbert. The moment they met, Stefan believed that they would be together for eternity. Sadly, E...

  • Alpha (Twilight& Teen Wolf)
    24.3K 807 10

    Edward leaves her. Turns out Bella wasn't Edward's mate. Way before the big break up however Bella has had strange, yet seductive dreams of a man with piercing red eyes. With nightmares of Edward leaving her Charlie decides to send his daughter to California to live with his sister and her son. But what Bella didn't...

  • Lovemore
    283K 8K 50

    Isabella Maria Swan is eighteen years old and she is very unique. Her father Charlie Swan, often called Chief, is a werewolf. Her mother Renee Swan is a vampire. What happens when they have a kid, which shouldn't even be possible, and they get a mix between werewolf and vampire. They have the first ancient hybrid, she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Now and Forever (Twilight Seth Clearwater x Reader)
    952K 20.9K 78

    You all know the story of Bella swan and her life but things can change once you put her younger sister Y/N into the story. When You and Bella come to Forks it changes your lives forever. (Contains all Movies Twilight to Breaking Dawn part 2) * All rights to Stephanie Meyer which includes everything like characters a...

  • Howl [Teen Wolf and The Twilight Saga]
    16.4K 396 8

    Scott's spending the summer, away from his Pack, with his cousin in Forks and he's just trying to get down to First Beach to ride the abnormally sick waves when he gets tackled by Isaac Lahey- who just happens to be a Vampire...awesome. 11/15/18 #62 - scisaac 08/26/19 #9 - wattyawards2016

  • Bitch! Jerk! Idjit!
    36.2K 769 10

    One day Bella gets a call from an old 'friend' of hers. He and his brother need her help. Read to find out more. //!!!!Discontinued!!!!//

  • The New Phoenix Will Rise
    44.2K 1.2K 11

    Jasper Bella Emmett story. After Edward leaves Bella, Bella doesn't stay long in her zombie faze and moves on. And finds herself in love with two unexpected vampires. Couples: Jasper-Bella-Emmett Edward-Rosalie Alistair-Alice Carlisle-Esme

  • Secrets And Lies Revealed
    66.3K 1.8K 14

    Bella walks in on a conversation she shouldn't have. But in the end it works out for her. She gets a visit from Jasper, Peter(who is in town) and Garrett(a nomadic vampire visiting some old friends) They tell her everything about the conversation she heard and with that she gets three mates instead of one. All twilig...

    Completed   Mature
  • Peter and Bella: My Love Will Last A Lifetime
    33.3K 942 18

    Just wanted to make a Peter and Bella love story. Don't see that much.

    Completed   Mature