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  • Poems
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    My poemssss! A lot of these are gonna be sad, and none of them are gonna be really good, but I like poems so I'm gonna make them! I'm gonna post them here cause I'm bored and wanna share them lol- gonna try and post daily, might not tho lol-

  • Raindrops of Reality - [poetry]
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    I'm fine. But what does it mean? A phrase said for years but usually meaning a lie. A settlement for how something could be? Or a false testimony for the way that I'm feeling? Raindrops of Reality is a personal collection of poems, with the will to translate various emotions through a rather free form of writing. Al...

  • Poems, Oneshots & More
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    A book of poetry that I write every so often because I think it is fun and I may not want to sing some in the future Poems. I been getting into some hardcore darkish realistic themes of poems... Not for you? That's okay. At least give some of them a shot before walking away.

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    ALL ABOUT AdiennaMichelle's CREATIVE WRITING. It was created to gather my entries on different competition that I've joined. Enjoy reading! "Manalo, matalo, cute pa rin ako." Joke lang, bawal bash dito. 😂

  • poems
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    Something I wrote a while ago

  • My Angsty Poems, thoughts, and stories
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    this has my poem, life stories, and thoughts......... Heads up cringe, trigger warnings, depressing, may contain thoughts of suicide and sad stories

  • My Sad Poems
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    Just poems of how I feel, mostly sad. Some are just a little random. ( Pleas don't use the poems or artwork, even if it is crappy. It's my own personl work, and It is the way I use to express myself. I am fine with it if you ask, but don't just take it and claim it is yours. ) thank you so much.😗 Love you all:)