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  • Mafia Mans Lost Daughter
    668K 17.3K 50

    Bay went deaf at a very young age Bay's Mother was always really good about helping her daughter be in the world, but things took a turn when her Step-Father came into the picture. He would give drugs to Bays Mother and than beat Bay. Her Mother began to associate her daughter getting beaten with the fun of getting hi...

  • My Dear Alpha
    503 23 4

    Asra Reeds was born an omega and left as an orphan from the age of two when his pack and family were killed in a rogue attack, leaving him in the care of the Northern sea pack. From that time onward he was treated like a punching bag and slave. After sixteen years of verbal and physical abuse he has been worn down to...

  • Mute Girl, Bad Boy
    3.4M 85.5K 31

    We all have story's we don't ever want to tell right? Lilliana is one of theses people, she's hiding something from everyone, and she's hiding it by being mute. She keeps it all to herself, until HE notices her...

  • Broken Devil
    561K 18.3K 56

    Ezron Stone is the definition of a man with a haunting soul and cold heart. Never trusting anyone. Not even himself.Being one of the strongest personality among the cruel world has given him the title of devil but no one knows how broken he is from inside. But as said there is always light after darkness and that ligh...

  • The Billionaire's Queen
    37.4K 872 11

    Mine. Is all he thought about when he saw his Queen 👑. HIS ONLY Kai Romano the CEO of the Romano company, the youngest billionaire. He was known for his hard exterior and not showing any emotions but that all changed when Rose Davis entered his life Sorry this is my first book ever and sorry about the sucky descripti...