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  • faded ❦ ︱ Kurapika x Reader
    840K 32.8K 49

    ❝Kurapika, feelings fade when people change--❞ You gasped when your back met the wall. The boy who had always managed to keep his emotions at bay had finally snapped--roughly pounding the side of his elbow and forearm above your head. His eyeballs were laced a deep crimson red--broken and confused. Your breath hitche...

  • Lady Prince (Kurapika x Reader)
    91.1K 4K 24

    Emperor Nasubi Hui Guo Rou of the Kakin Empire in an interesting man who calls all of his "legal children" princes. On the outside, the emperor seems like a happy-go-lucky person. So who would have thought that all of his princes were about to engage in a battle to the death in order to decide the one true heir? You'r...