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  • The LGBTQ+ Handbook
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    Did you just find out that you are gay? Are you secretly a bisexual? Feeling awkward because you are transgender? Do you not have any idea about what you are? Or are you straight, and you don't know how to treat people of different sexual orientations? You will get many questions answered in this lovely handbook! This...

  • Haikyuu Photos
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    People make haikyuu seem very depressive and sad so I'm here to change that so Ladies and Gentlemen here is your Daily Dose of memes and comics (But if I find good S A D ones I'm obviously going to use them)

  • 9 Month Deal // Billdip
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    The word "baby" has been thrown around several times after they married. Mostly by Mabel. Of course, it's not humanly possible for Dipper to conceive but Bill was something else. Dipper wants a baby and Bill makes a deal. In other words the progress of having a baby. Part 2: They Gave Me A Journal

  • sad poems
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    These are mostly free verse poems.

  • Sasunaru smut
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    I wrote this when I was 12 but somehow a lot of people like it I'm 19 now btw

  • Sander sides smut
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    No remus x roman. Request are open. I'm going to hell after this. ❗None of the art is mine❗