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  • Prison in Colors || K.TH ✔
    9.5K 1.7K 87

    *Deleted at 9.7k+ views, 3.1k+ votes & 560+ comments* He doesn't have a character of his own. "Which character should I portray now?" He doesn't belong to the outside world. "Why did you lock me up?" He doesn't understand emotions. "Can you teach him?" 'He' is Kim Taehyung, a 24-years-old being who spend 20 years of h...

    Completed   Mature
  • D'Angel || K.TH ✔
    7K 1.3K 59

    *This book was deleted at 7.1k+ reads, 1.5k+ votes & 600+ comments.* "What's my sin?" "What's your sin?" "If you were locked up in Hell all that time, why do the humans curse you for all the wrong deeds happening to them?" "Humans are stupid and greedy." After hundreds of thousands of years, the Devil finally escaped...

    Completed   Mature
  • WE || K.SJ ✔
    5.6K 1.1K 26

    *This book was deleted at 2.6k+ reads, 950+ votes & 300+ comments* Jin got into an accident and found that he was losing himself slowly. His mind was taking control over all his surroundings including his memories. While on his journey to understanding, he met 6 young men who changed his life and made realization hit...

  • The Thingummy || BTS ✔
    20.6K 2.9K 52

    *Completed* thingummy ˈthiŋ-ə-mē \ Noun (-)Something that is hard to classify. ~~ A nameless circus appears in random countries, and when it moves, it leaves no hint of its presence as if it was never there. People don't know it exists and just like the wind, it comes and goes with no trace, but there is something...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Baby || P.JM ✔
    6.1K 591 15

    *This book was deleted at 3.3k+ reads, 580+ votes & 200+ comments.* She chose to keep her. She chose to not tell him. She chose to live alone. She chose to be scared, but how did he really react? "Is that My Baby?" ACHIEVEMENTS [5] -2nd place "PurpleYou BTS Awards 2019" -2nd place "2020 BTS TAE CUP AWARDS" -3rd place...

  • Paradise || J.JK
    737 150 9

    "I look like her. I sound like her, but I'm nothing like her. We are 2 different people. The only common thing is that I share her memories. Do you understand Jungkook?" "No, I don't. All I see in front of me is Paradise so deal with it." Jungkook, who pursued the career of an Idol just to look for his dead Noona w...

  • Upside Down || BTS
    1K 258 28

    *This book was deleted at 9.5k+ reads, 2k+ votes & 300+ comments.* Dear Noona, Do you remember when you came to my room and saw me cry that day? "Are you crying?" -Raina I wasn't crying because of hyung's words, but because of my own thoughts from back then. "You need to stop. She isn't yours." -Yoongi. "I don't want...

  • The Miserable|| K.NJ ✔
    849 225 7

    *Short Story* All that Namjoon dreamed of was to have a happy family with a normal life, but suddenly he ended up being miserable. 7 days of Misery D-1 DOUBT D-2 DENIAL D-3 DISTRESS D-4 DREAD D-5 DISPAIR D-6 DANGER D-7 _/\_/\_/\__ 😻 Achievements [5] -1st place in "The Best BTS Book Awards 2020 - June edition." -1st p...

    Completed   Mature
  • Weeping Souls || Poems
    605 158 10

    *Previously known as Deep Thoughts.* In a world filled with indifference Young souls weep in silence (PS.) This poem book has 2 types of writings; Metaphoric (M) & Poetic (P) so suit yourself. Achievements [3] - 1st place in "Tricolor Triennial Awards 2020." - 2nd Place in "The Admiration Awards 2020." - 2nd Place in...

  • Tale of The 4 Kingdoms
    398 25 5

    *Updates on Saturday* Once upon a time, there were 4 kingdoms that ruled with the zodiac signs. Each kingdom harboured only 3 signs with no room for a fourth, each one was named after an element; Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. The 4-elements kingdoms coexisted in harmony with the law built by the first king of each king...

  • A Goddess in the Demon World || Sesshomaru
    54.6K 2.7K 71

    *A Sesshomaru Fanfiction* (Updates on Sat.) Zuri is a human high school student, who loves the anime Inuyasha with Sesshomaru as her favourite character. For an unknown reason, one day she finds herself waking up in Inuyasha's world, but at a time when changes could be made. Zuri will go on a journey to right all the...