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  • MATER LANE (Azur Lane! X Tow Mater!)
    4.2K 60 12

    "if i'm lying i'm crying" what if... mater suddenly ended up in a VERY strange alternate universe earth where everyone is a creature called 'humans'. and also an organization called azur lane need a commander as well. what will the radiator springs tow truck do... set after the events of cars 2.

  • GATE: Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape
    1.8K 191 5

    The mysterious disappearance of world-renowned Celebrity Chef, Gordon Ramsay has continued to baffle many experts around the world. In the midst of filming an episode for his show "24 Hours to Hell and Back", the famous chef suddenly vanished without a trace. Now alone and confused, Chef Ramsay finds himself in a worl...

  • Ace Combat: Isekai
    470 21 2

    in real life, a pandemic happened and all of the countries are on lockdowns and are forced to quit their jobs now many people are panic buying and all people cannot pay their rent. In 2021 things are getting normal since the vaccine are already made but onto the real description of the story. a teenager who is struggl...

  • Project Prototype ( Male Reader x Rwby Harem.)
    14.7K 251 5

    Years after the event of Prototype. But Prototype 2 never happened. Alex founded the perfect woman for him. But atlas his pain repeats as the one he loved was killed by Atlas. But he learned she gave birth before she died. His child. His beloved child. Refusing to let the same thing happen. He went to find his child. ...

  • Soviet Navy Rise Again
    13K 185 10

    In modern world, Kirov-Class Battlecruiser, Slava-Class Cruiser, Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and planned carrier "Shtorm" were transported into the world of Azur Lane, what will they do?

  • I'm In Azur Lane
    9.3K 192 7

    Azur Lane X M reader

  • The Argentine Carrier in Another World
    2.3K 45 6

    The ARA Veinticinco de Mayo was once the carrier that he served in the Falklands War on 1982. After the British won the Falklands War, he was returned on normal routine. 18 years later, he was scrapped in 2000. Now, he has another chance to live as a ship boy. He would be in the world where males, men, or boys doesn't...

  • The 4 Nation Supercarriers: Gets Isekai'd And Thus They'll Fight For Freedom
    4.2K 97 4

    It was September, 26th. 20XX It was peaceful day in pearl harbour, Along with the famous carrier task force. Eagle Shark task force. They're the carrier task force always sails on mission without it's escorts and have most successful missions they taken. but at that day they must moved to another port, from pearl har...

  • Sci fi's from all around
    280 27 2

    Strangely enough when all sci fi's come together it doesn't look well for anyone. Some are better at most things while others are just terrible at it. The UNSC doesn't have the tech as the Protoss does, Star Trek doesn't have the durability as Star Wars does heck some sci fi's make no sense but make sense at the same...

  • 𝐀𝐳𝐮𝐫 𝐋𝐚𝐧𝐞 𝐒𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧 2: 𝐍𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
    661 24 2

    [Discontinued] [Shipgirl OC x Male Reader] Greetings dear reader.... You have found this fine piece of fanfiction.... If you haven't already, please do read season 1, it will make things better for you to understand, new season which new things can be seen. Without further ado, let's start.... ======================= ...

  • Undetectable stealth perfected
    79.1K 1.1K 25

    Stealth is one of the various tactics of modern warfare and I do not exclude myself from that philosophy. What if a gamer was sent to azur lane as one of the most stealthy ships in the world? DISCLAIMER: The Azur Lane franchise does not belong to me, the images and videos are not my authority, so the credit belongs to...

  • Battlefield Special Unit's Frontline
    3.8K 85 6

    welp a Cross over of Battlefield and girls Frontline also with a collab

  • 100 Days Horny Survival
    2.9K 78 4

    This story is made for joking purposes. And Not support no kind Author-san here. Yes, 100 days, But Horny survival means you will have to survive 100 Days on an Island full of Relenthless Horny girls. Enjoy. And Survive

  • The Russian Strike Group X Gate (Gate Fanfiction) (on hold)
    5K 133 7

    A story about A russian Strike Group that has been transported to another world, getting suck by a portal gate Let's the Journey Begins with our russian comrades

  • Into the unknown World (on hold)
    931 44 3

    A story of a 3 high school boys who were isekai'd into a fantasy world with unknown abilities

  • From discord to saving azur lane
    12.3K 374 29

    Well this just got interesting for some reason one person was taken but he had a choice. He was going to be brought to another world, luckily ha can bring a few people with him. Sadly, he can't bring people from the past or future, neither from other worlds. He can only bring people he knows or somewhat knows. Now, h...

  • Azur lane: Ozean der Untoten
    2.1K 45 5

    After the Prims crew take their life and they thought it was over but the Nightmare is just Beginning after they kill them self they found out Element 115 is now in Azur lane's world and now they have new bodies and the Siren and some are infected. it's just the four of them to stoping it or is it They have face off...

  • Fleet Combat 2 x azur lane (The Mithril Fleet)
    1.5K 45 3

    After the Mithril Fleet battle against there enemies, they start heading back to base to take a long break before returning to battle. but admiral chester was staying with the mothership alone, he is looking around. he is very old now and going to retired from this service. but something was wrong, a portal appeared o...

  • OC book
    538 22 4

    just OC book

  • Azur Lane x Warships
    3.8K 47 10

    Warships is from a game called Roblox and the creators wargaming enternaiment

  • Girls und Panzer: Edelweiss
    22.9K 371 22

    This story is an au in which that since the beginning of Sensha-do it was a co-ed sport and there are many things added to make it safer. It follows Miho and the crew as well as a new tank team, whose commander goes with Miho to Ooarai, and the shenanigans they have along the way. I don't own anything you recognize an...

  • Smoke and Steel (Girls und Panzers x OC's)
    394 24 2

    I do not own Girls und Panzers, it's characters, or it's anime, as well as some other images that you may find in the story. The materials all belong to their respective owners, finally I hope you enjoy.

  • To The Heavens and Beyond(Trigger oc x azur lane)
    50K 632 10

    After years of service in the Osea Airforce, our main character callsign "Trigger" finally retire from his service. Famous for his effort in the Lighthouse War, he earned the nickname "Three Strikes". But one day, fate would force him to fight another war by sending him to the unknown. I don't own Azur lane and Ace Co...

  • To a world of the unknown
    5.5K 126 7

    june 19 2023 another day in the strangereal world, and somewhere in OSEA airspace. a flying mobile command center ship called OFS Kestrel V, the lead of the class Kestrel V class helicarrier. inside the ship were full with aces and other pilots that joins previously war are now servered in OSEAN helicarrier OFS Kestre...

  • Azur Lane: A Journey To The Heart (Enterprise X OP! Male Reader)
    32.8K 375 15

    NOTICE: CURRENTLY ON HOLD! SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE! In the world of Azur Lane, there was once a faction called Future Fleet (cringy name, i know). This faction was brought up together by teleported modern ships from the modern world. Seeing that this faction was a powerful superpower, their leader USS Nimitz, cut...

  • The Lost Space Battleship(azur lane x space battleship yamato) (On Hold)
    6.4K 52 9

    The year 2199 when the earth is cured and the gamalias surrender for peace but something to happen yamato

  • GATE: Thus the TNI Fought There
    14.5K 603 32

    A mysterious structure appeared in the center of Ginza, and from that structure spawns out an army of another world and wreak havoc in the heart of Tokyo. The mysterious army was repelled within hours, but the death tolls of innocents are of the hundreds. In response to this, the Japanese government sends out its mili...

  • Azur Lane: The Fate of the USS Obama
    1K 21 3

    On a mission to extract the Navy Seals who successfully captured terrorist leader Raul Menendez. The aircraft carrier USS Obama was transported into another dimension where all naval ships of the Second World War are anime girls who control the seemingly endless seas. Caught in the middle of a crossfire between two fa...

  • GATE x Authors
    4K 133 7

    It was at the end of the siege of New Baghdad that we see 6 Sentinel Operators, MilitaryPro1, Downneck, Crim, UMP-9, Skippy, and Putri celebrate their victory against the Atlas Corporation in the city. That was, until a portal opened up and sent them to a modern world about to be attacked by a Roman-like army.