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  • A New Legend Begins (Kamen Rider Kuuga X My Hero Academia Crossover)
    55.6K 1.1K 47

    In a world of powers called Quirks, Y/N L/N is a Quirkless nobody. But despite that, he is chosen to become the next in a long legacy of heroes. A Kamen Rider!

  • Nanosuit and Soul Magic: A Crysis/RWBY crossover
    272K 3.9K 45

    I do not own this story I am just uploading it to wattpad so people can read it. written by BlindingPhoenix After beating back the Ceph in New York, Alcatraz blacks out and finds himself in a crater in Remnant, where he is found by (in his own words) "Little Red Riding Reaper and the Terminator's awkward teenage daugh...

  • Overlord X Male Abyss Watcher/Walker Male Reader
    119K 2.2K 14

    God I wished I owned anything about this, but but sadly, I don't.

  • Kamen Rider X My Hero Academia: The New Hero (Canceled)
    117K 1K 19

    A middle schooler named Badoraku Xiong is a fan of the Japanese show Kamen Rider and My Hero Academia. For unknown reasons, he was transported to the anime world, and he was given the power of most Kamen Riders, including Dark Riders and others. Will he become the first Quirkless hero with an unknown power of the univ...

  • 《LEGENDARY SOULS》[Soul Eater X Male Reader]
    219K 4K 39

    The world's strongest Weapon wondering the world killing Kishins, Witchs, and more without a Mister. What will happen when he falls down the rabbit hole and encounters things he's never thought he would. FINDOUT! NOW!

  • A Hero from Another World (Fantasy Harem x Male Reader)
    393K 9.2K 71

    (Y/n) (l/n), a relative nobody in his world, comes to a new world and he just might become that worlds greatest hero.

  • Wrought Iron Devil (Highschool DxD x Male Reader)
    592K 12.1K 54

    (Y/n) was never considered a normal person. That is to say, he stuck out more than most. A foreign student, yet more than willing to help others out voluntarily. Polite, yet no hesitation to speak his mind. A guy that loved gaming and anime, yet also a promising swordsman and unexpectedly exceptional with a bow IRL. N...

    Completed   Mature
  • It's not pink! It's magenta! Mina Ashido X Childhood friend Male reader
    16.9K 256 18

    Two childhood friends decide to become heroes together. But one of them only gets their power through cards. An almost useless quirk compared to other heroes like All Might. Soon he will become one of the strongest heroes This is the story of a passing through hero... Remember that.

  • 《Wakfu King of Cards》 [Wakfu X Male Reader]
    122K 2.9K 53

    The World of Twelve! A magnificent world full of Magic, Mystery and Action! Every race living in relative peace, but that's about to change when a young boy with a blue hat and his friends go on an adventure to the boy's family. A journey of Friendship, Family, Love, Time, Fate, Genocide, and Gods is about to begin.

    Completed   Mature
  • The rising of the True King! (Male reader x The rising of Shield Hero)
    49.5K 849 15

    On June 29th 2020 The four cardinal Heroes would be pulled from there worlds to protect The kingdoms From the waves But what if a Outside source Helped our young hero y/n Iwatani Achieve his old Childhood Dream.....Become King! #3 in Kamen rider 7/21/20 #4 in RisingOfShieldHero 9/4/20

  • Pilot (Summer Rose X Male reader)
    116K 1.9K 22

    With a mission gone terribly wrong, a pilot of an advanced fighter plane finds himself struggling to to prevent crash landing. What's makes it all worse, he is heading toward Vale at a blistering pace. He withstands the landing, but what comes of his life after meeting a certain white caped girl. Read to find out I do...

  • The Hopeful Mage of Devils (Kamen Rider Wizard X High School DxD) Hiatus
    91.5K 1.2K 18

    Devils, Angels, Fallen Angels, Gods, Dragons and other supernatural beings all exist. But now a new race had begun to rise. Creatures and monsters whose goals is to bring forth despair to the world and its people, they are called "Phantoms". They are dangerous and will shake the supernatural world to its knees, but t...

  • ArchAngel Izuku Toshinori (halted)
    84.1K 1.3K 20

    (Alright, people, this is my first ever fanfiction so please don't go too hard on me, any suggestions, comments or feedback are welcome. ) In this AU, Deku/Izuku Toshinori manifested a unique and powerful quirk called "ArchAngel" more info on the quirk later on. This story does not completely follow canon and many pop...

  • Berserk Warrior (Kill La Kill x Male Reader)
    235K 3.2K 24

    Wielding the powerful, enormous sword known as the Dragon Slayer and wearing the Berserker Armor, Y/N has managed to build quite a reputation for himself. Known by many as the Black Swordsman, after his past experiences and traveling around the world, Y/N decided to join the Honnōji Academy, in hopes of putting his pa...

    Completed   Mature
  • [Ryuko X MaleReader] KILL LA KILL: OUT OF CONTROL
    78K 1.1K 38

    (Y/N)(L/N), an average everyday kid and a total nobody moves to Honnouji City to start a new life with his mother, But things won't be easy as the city is full of scum and villainy in every corner. Upon entering his new home he finds a mysterious item. But on a fateful day, The item is activated and had tranformed him...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tempest Mage's Supremacy (High School DxD)
    146K 2.3K 17

    An ancient clan of hunters, feared throughout the known realms. A pair of God-killing beings, locked away inside a book and weapon. And a deer god from another world. Who's to say nothing will go wrong with these four present? *I do not own High School DxD or any media used in this novel.

  • The Symbiote Hero: My Hero Academia X Male Reader
    118K 2.5K 13

    Years have gone by since the Klyntar aliens roamed the Earth. After they had left, Quirks were discovered amongst the people across the world. Thus Law and Order changed for everyone. School's were developed by governments to teach what it means to be a "hero" and one certain school was recieving someone, that was rea...

  • Oh, Brother of mine!
    64.7K 896 17

    Vert has always been known to have a desire for one thing, a sibling. So, why not give her just that?

  • A White Thread That Mends A Lonely Heart [COMPLETED]
    48K 736 18

    "I felt my heart beat a little faster than before. Is it because of my work? No, it wasn't. It's something new." Erljohn Lebosada is a gifted child of the Lebosada family due to his vast knowledge on history and military strategies, particularly, naval tactics. A victim of minor depression, he kept these feelings to h...

    Completed   Mature
  • DeCipher Me! (Bill Cipher Male Reader x Highschool DxD Volume 1) [Completed]
    513K 8.6K 25

    (Y/N) Hyoudou turns upside down after a strange dream that occurred in his mind. From being a normal teenage boy, miraculously he had become what as known as a Devil. Remember, reality's an illusion. Universe is a hologram...Buy gold, BYE! (Volume One of Cipher DxD) Arc 1: My Demons -Completed Arc 2: The Phoenix - Com...

    Completed   Mature
  • Security Detail (Neptune x Writer)
    11.7K 123 14

    WARNING BEFORE YOU START READING: This is a story that is, essentially, a story about the writer, me, "hooking up" with Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia. It WILL include sexually explicit content, if you do not wish to read these materials, please do not read this story. FAIR WARNING. (P.S. my name is not actually...

    Completed   Mature
  • Berserker Hero: The Rising of the Shield Hero X Male Reader
    333K 5.6K 24

    Stories tell of a forgotten Hero amongst the legendary cardinal heros, there used to be a fifth hero that the kingdom is trying to snuff out. The fifth Legendary Hero is the wild and untamable... Berserker. I don't own Rising of the Shield Hero or Fate/Stay Night.

  • The Warframe On Remnant
    82.1K 1.1K 56

    A Tenno named Sybarin with his Excalibur goes on an Extermination mission to the Void but accidentally triggers an energy wave that takes him to a new world out of the Origin System. He allies with new friends and must fight new battles for his suvival and the people of that world, and to uphold what the Tenno are mea...

  • kamen rider double x senki zesshou symphogear (male reader insert)
    219K 4.3K 84

    Y/n wakes up on a bench with a strange suitcase next to him. He suddenly gets ttacked by strange creatures called noise. How will he survive in this strange looking world?

  • The Demon of Remnant (Male Gundam x RWBY)
    64.2K 1.3K 38

    Y/N L/N is both a Gundam and RWBY fan (mostly Gundam), he then suddenly died from overwork and been reincarnated as Ash Cobalt in the world of Remnant to finish what Ozma started with the power to turn into different MS and MA I don't own Gundam and RWBY, the only things I own is the story and my OCs

  • Sassy Bird (Ravel X Reader)
    241K 3.9K 40

    After joining the Gremory House they helped you enroll into a new school. Becoming a Devil includes a whole new reality. New powers, abilities, faces, and a whole new lifestyle. But when the guy bumps into a girl (literally) he had no clue that this would be the first of many thrills, adrenaline rushes, and amazing ti...

  • Be my Shining Star: Kill la Kill (Male Reader x Ryuko Matoi)
    303K 4.4K 34

    Being an old Friend Of Isshin Matoi, Dr. L/N helped him with his Research on Life Fiber and helped him to create a Kamui specifically made for Isshin's Daughter Ryuko. Afterwards however, Dr. L/N got attacked on the plain he was using to get home to his Son Y/N L/N who was currently staying with friends, seeing as his...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Abysswalker And The Rose (Dark Souls/Rwby Crossover)
    118K 1.3K 25

    The wolf knight Artorias, known as the abysswalker, is fighting a dark power within himself known as the abyss, when suddenly he is transported to the land of Remnant, a strange land with strange people. As he stands confused, he meets a red hooded girl, Ruby Rose, who he instantly falls for. But, Artorias didn't come...

  • (DEAD) RWBY X Male Reader Paranologist (wish I had a better name)
    56.8K 619 17

    Y/N Attanno is an expert of all things other worldly 'No I'm not talking about Grimm, Im talking Cryptozoology, Hauntings etc and I'm apparently the new teacher here so' Yeah what he said- Wait where the hell did you come from?! "Shush and let the people find out in this story you ass!" You heard the man read it you p...

  • RWBY: I'll Carve My Own Path In This World (RWBY X Male reader) [5]
    154K 1.7K 39

    Y/N L/N, a boy like any other, until the Gods send him to another world, the start of his favorite animated series. Armed with knowledge of the future, a weapon on his back, and his team by his side, can he turn the tides and find a way to beat Salem? Even if the boundaries between worlds starts to fall apart? One thi...