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    78.7K 6K 18

    A BATTLE OF BRAINS. A MATCH OF WITS. A CLASH OF DEDUCTIONS. The Detective Triumvirate Plus One crosses path with the QED Club in the highly anticipated Filipino adaptation of 'Whose Deduction Show?', a popular American game show that pits brilliant detectives in a deduction brawl. Baffled with the mystery of a forsake...

  • Crimson Academy
    2M 51.4K 79

    An extraordinary tale from which a girl whose name is Chelsea is about to explore who she really is. From being destitute to a powerful princess whose kingdom is unyielding. COMPLETED Highest rank achieved: Rank 2 in Fantasy!

    Completed   Mature
  • TLLGP 2: Return of the Legendary (COMPLETED)
    455K 13.2K 70

    Book 1: The Long Lost Goddess Princess (COMPLETED) She has the Legendary Curse yet have a Legendary Powerful magic. She can make a person into stone in a single glance. She can nullifying all kinds of power. Yet she doesn't like having a great responsibility by being a powerful girl in the whole world. Will she let th...

  • Heaven's Angel University - The Saintliness and The Fallen Angel (COMPLETED)
    230K 5.9K 53

    Heaven's Angel University isang unibersidad kung saan puno ng lihim, misteryo, at mga hindi pangkaraniwang nilalang. Mga nilalang na tanging sa imahenasyon mo lamang makikita.. Ano nga ba ito? Handa ka na bang pasukin ang misteryo ng paaralang ito? University where lots of secrets to untold! Highest Rank Achieved: #1...

  • The Long Lost Goddess Princess (COMPLETED)
    2.4M 53.7K 85

    TLLGP 2: Return of the Legendary (COMPLETED) I am Winter Eliza The so called freak The nerd The girl who was turn into a GODDESS. The Long Lost Goddess Princess Highest Rank Achieved: #5 in Fantasy #4 in Romance #1 in Mystery #1 in Princess #1 in Fictional #1 in Fairytale #2 in Friendship

  • AZALEA SAIGE: The legendary
    113K 3.5K 54

    _____________________ AZALEA SAIGE FORTIM...... __________________________________

  • Crewd Academy: Malediction of Prophecy (PUBLISHED)
    7.8M 248K 70

    ʚ PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM ɞ ʚ Wattys 2016 Winner: Writer's Debut ɞ Crewd Academy, a mystifying school where Selendria had innumerable questions on her mind the moment she entered the campus gate. "What kind of school is this? Why does its name seem strange?" She was in awe. She felt like she had come to a peculiar unkn...

  • The Blood Sucker (VS#1)
    528 270 10

    •Vampires and Damphirs• A vampire are evil mythological beings who roam the world at night searching for people whose blood they feed upon, they may be the best known classic monster of all.They have fangs and usually bite the neck of humans and suck blood from it. A damphirs are a result of a union between male vamp...

  • Mystic Club: The Paranormal Detectives
    642K 33.3K 78

    When everyone thought that they figured out all the puzzling mysteries that surround them and that everything has its own scientific explanation, Colbie Corryl Quizon came to prove them wrong. Bizarre and horrifying events will give everyone an enigmatic appeal and belief that truth will always be stranger than fictio...

  • Your Beautiful Soul
    3.6K 461 3

    (Ongoing) Heather Develyn Amington Castro is an 18-year-old girl who met three guys who changed her life. One of them was the one she fell for. And after an incident, the situation became both peculiar and miserable. What if the soul of his loved one transferred to someone else's body? What if it is transferred to the...

    54.7K 200 28

    Tulungan lamang tayo para makapasa sa board.

  • The Pink Bomb [ON HOLD]
    2.4K 1.3K 26

    "Our heart is our bomb. We can be explosive, we can be weaponized and we can be destructive." -------------------------------------------------------------- A loving and vibrant Scott joined a squad of private and exceptional agents to seek justice and ultimate reality behind his father's death. Come and join the squa...

  • Bloody Lips | Completed
    14.9M 517K 50

    #01 in vampire [10.07.2017] #01 in fantasyfiction [14.03.2021] #2 in Prestige awards #03 in thriller [28.05.2018] #02 in romance [04.10.2018] I can sense him, I can smell him.He comes here every night but I am scared to face him. Who is he? what does he want ? I sense him coming closer to my bed. I held my breath...

    Completed   Mature
  • Burst Into Flames [ Published Under Pop Fiction #CLOAK ]
    649K 27K 49

    Kingdom of Tereshle Story # 2 [COMPLETED] Anastasia Miller. A strong and one of the top Agent of Tynera. Gustong-gusto ni Ana ang trabahong pinasok. Being an Agent was her dream. Gaya ng kanyang magulang, naging isang magaling at epektibong Agent ito. Bawat misyon, matiwasay niyang nagagawa at natatapos. Ngunit biglan...

  • Charmeya Academy: School of Enchants
    103K 2.4K 34

    [EDITING] Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in charms? Do you believe that these magical things can create a family you won't forget? If yes, then good. This story is suitable for you. If no, then just try to read this. I will put you in the fictional world and feel the magic happen... --------- "This magic com...

  • Cupid's Bedmate
    22.1M 311K 2

    HisBedWarmerWife SideStory. Cupid Angelo Gonzales' story.

  • Cute Girls with Guns (BTS Fanfiction)
    92.4K 6.8K 42

    Min Yoonji is your typical high school girl, aside from the fact that she have gun in her bag.

  • Dark Magic
    170K 7.7K 27

    Kingdom of Tereshle prequel story. (COMPLETED) Maria Estellan. For a year, naging payapa ang pamumuhay ni Mellan. Sa isang malaking mansyon, doon siya naging malaya kasama ang taong nagligtas sa kanya mula sa kapahamakan, si Kael. She's different and claimed to be useless. Powerless. But it doesn't matter to her. Ang...

  • Dark Magic
    587K 31.9K 55

    He's after her. Just one bite, One drop, One dark power, A curse of a lifetime. A girl with cursed blood. A boy destined to drain her to death. A destiny made to be broken. Four powerful clans aiming for supremacy. One god marked to lead his own race. A girl brought by a falling star, doomed to die to make it ha...

  • DEMIGODS: The Empyrean's Sanctity
    580K 21.8K 49

    With the ethereal peace which has been claimed, serenity began to embrace the demigods. But the prophecy being foretold is not yet finished- the cursed child, the king vessel, the miracle child, the living and the dead. All must be named in order to pass down the crown to the Heir of the Glorious Light. COMPLETED| DEM...

  • DEMIGODS: Within The Myths (New Version)
    3.5M 113K 69

    In the Land of Divine Continent, there's a renowned myth about the mysterious demigod who bears crystal blue eyes. It was foretold by the oracle that the child within the myths was the one who will bring ethereal peace to humankind; otherwise, the one who will eradicate the world. COMPLETED| DEMIGODS SERIES #1 - Highe...

  • DEMON PRINCESS-The Gangster Queen
    2.8M 66.4K 63

    It is a gangster story wherein the Gangster King and Queen meets in the worst scenario. How will Keith/Demon Princess fall inlove with King/ Phantom King? And what will King do once he realizes that the nerd who ruins his day already caught his heart? Which will he choose? The queen, the nerd or the woman behind the b...

  • Dovetail
    376K 22.9K 48

    [Royal Academy's 2nd book] They won and they lived but will they be able to survive the emerging bloodshed? Seconds, minutes, hours, days-- no. 4 months have passed and they're still on the move. The newly formed Pharaohs have been sent to countless missions, probably for them to prove their titles. As secrets start...

  • DREAMLAND ACADEMY (Under Major Editing)
    8M 217K 90

    This is DREAMLAND ACADEMY: The powerful Princess and the White Dragon

  • EA II: Battle Between Two Kingdoms
    291K 10.7K 44

    It's easy to make friends but it's hard to leave them. For the second time, i lost them. Nawala ang dalawa sa pinakamatalik na kaibigan ko. Enchanted Academy. A school where i belong. Kahit na ayaw ko, wala akong magagawa. I found my element, pwede na bang umalis? No, i don't think so. Kailangan pa nila ako at ang ele...

  • Elemental Mage Book 3 (Tarieth)
    436K 18.2K 93

    Lumaki si Tarieth sa Elvedom, namuhay kasama ang mga elfo. Mula't sapol palang ay ipinaalam na sa kanya ng kanyang lola ang magiging papel niya hindi lang sa mundo ng mga elfo kundi sa mundo ng mga tao. Kaya naman bata palang ay puro na pag eensayo at pag aaral ang inaatupag ni Tarieth. Hanggang sa dumating ang ara...

  • Elemental Mage Book 2 (Tempest)
    209K 7.1K 35

    Sa loob ng matagal na panahon inilihim ng angkan ni Tempest ang kanyang kapangyarihan. Isa siyang elemental mage, may kapangyarihan siya sa hangin at tubig. A kind of power that was lost, a long, long time ago. Pero sa pagsapit niya sa edad na sampung taong gulang, kailangan na niyang sumailalim sa Selection upang...

  • Elementalist Adventurers
    3.5K 1.1K 31

    Five normal students living in a normal world until they got a special quest to save an extraordinary magical world which is Elemental world. They need to find their powers and fight the dark wizard before it's too late. Will they take the risk for this epic adventure? Will they make this epic quest perfectly? Courage...

  • ENCHANTED ACADEMY (Defeating Demon's)
    406K 13.7K 83

    Ang akala ko magiging masaya ako at mamumuhay ng normal sa mundo na kinagisnan ko kahit alam kong hindi ako kabilang rito. Pero... "A-an-na-a-k-k u-u-um-ma-l-lis-s k-ka-a-na" Hindi pala. Nagkamali ako. Dahil... "Woah!!! What the hell is this palace?" Napadpad ako. I mean nalaman ko. Na ang buong pagkatao ko ay... "Oi...