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  • Elementia Academy: The Long Lost Guardian
    8.7M 202K 52

    WARNING : THIS BOOK IS UNDER MAJOR EDIT! Summer Autumn Park, rich, known and lit, young lady. A know-it-all girl and a mean bitch in the human world. She's also carefree, tactless, arrogant and rude. That's why trouble always comes her way. Summer thought her life is perfect, until her parents decided to enroll her i...

  • White Academy
    5.9M 173K 55

    White Academy Sa paaralang ito nag-aaral ang mga hindi ordinaryong tao dahil meron silang natatanging kapangyarihan. At tanging Whitenians lamang ang nakakapasok. Paano kung may babaeng lumipat dito na walang nakakaalam kung sino nga ba sya at kung isa nga ba syang mabuti o masama? "Sometimes, the best relationships...

  • Conquerors of the New World ✓
    825K 44.3K 88

    VRMMORPG | TAGLISH | Unedited A Sci-fi/Fantasy Story ⋘ ───────── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ───────── ⋙ The life of a gamer is perfectly ordinary. Eat, game, sleep and repeat. That's the life of Levina, the woman who never backs down, until one day, a mysterious phenomenon arises in their world, where reality and fantasy suddenly ove...

  • She's Dating The Gangster
    8.2M 163K 53

    Unedited version of She's Dating the Gangster.

    Completed   Mature
  • She's Dating the Gangster by SGWannaB ♡ [Now a Major Motion Picture]
    38.4K 212 5

    A LOVE too GREAT to DIE. ♡ START: June 22, 2014 END: July 22, 2014

  • Titan Academy of Special Abilities
    55.6M 1.7M 53

    Having enhanced senses cannot help one earn a living. A useless special ability--or at least, that's what Shia Sheridan believes. But when she is caught for a crime she did not commit, this useless ability saves her, leading her to enroll in Titan Academy, the very place she hates with a passion. *** Titan Academy is...

  • Lucid Dream
    14M 573K 22

    Merong iba't-ibang paraan ang mga tao para makatakas sa reyalidad. Yung iba nagbabasa ng libro, nanonood ng mga drama sa tv, nakikinig ng music. Meron namang nagsusulat, nag d-drawing, nag p-paint, at nag co-compose ng kanta. Pero si Angelique, ang paraan niya ng pagtakas sa reyalidad ay tuwing nananaginip siy...

  • Olayra
    103 21 2

    WRITE-A-THON CHALLENGE 2022 - OCTOBER WINNER Kathang-isip nga ba? May mga bagay na mahirap ipaliwanag. May mga nilalang na mahirap paniwalaan ngunit nabubuhay ng di natin alam. Paano kung isang gabi, makasalamuha mo ang mga nilalang na ni minsan ay hindi mo inakalang makikita mo? Maniniwala ka ba sa nakikita ng iyong...

  • Chasing Hell (PUBLISHED)
    63.1M 2.2M 44

    Warning: Do not open if you haven't yet read Hell University. This is just a sequel of that book. Thank you!

  • Hell University (PUBLISHED)
    169M 5.5M 67

    A place where everything is mysterious, enchanting, bloody, and shitty. Entering is the other way of suicidal. Just one wrong move and everything will blur. A lot of secrets are being hid. Not the typical school to have fun. Death is everywhere. Bad, worse, worst, monster and evil are scattered. Must shut your mouth...

  • Icebound
    219K 16.5K 40

    The harsh winters and freezing blizzards of the tundra are all familiar to Anyu. Living amongst her tribe in the frozen wasteland, she has learned to survive and fend for herself. But when she is lost in a strange blizzard, Anyu finds herself in a world of creatures, spirits, and magic that she has only heard of in le...

  • GODS ||Universe of Four Gods Series|| Book 1 (Published)
    6.3M 245K 49

    |COMPLETED| Despite coming from a non-magical family, Snow Brielle Sylveria still yearns to become one of the gifted. When the opportunity to attend Universe Academy finally comes, one question remains: can she overcome the challenges and survive? *** 500 years ago, the Gods of the Universe created and chose a mortal...

  • DARK ||Universe of Four Gods Series|| Book 4 (Soon to be Published)
    3.5M 144K 54

    |COMPLETED not yet EDITED| I wake up one morning and I am happy in the arms of the man I love. But I did not expect on the next morning, I woke up without any memories of him and my heart belong to someone that has been buried in my heart thousand of years passed. How can I go back in the arms of the man I truly belon...

    Completed   Mature
  • Project X (published via Sanctum Press)
    808K 19.5K 36

    [TAG-LISH] "hiddens" are species who have an altered genome in their DNA and is considered a genetic failure that has evolved during conception and is considered higher than the average human in terms of intelligence and capabilities. Elise is an orphan who recently discovered she's a psychic who has the clairvoyanc...

  • Magical Elemental Charm Academy:School of Magic
    206K 7.1K 47

    COMPLETE ( UNDER EDITING/REVISING) Nika Shainna Crowford ay isang simpleng tao na nangangarap na magkaroon ng isang kapangyarihan. Mahilig siya sa mga fantasy stories and movies. Hindi nya lang alam na may kakaiba siyang taglay. Makikilala niya ang isang kaibigan na sya ang magdadala sa kaniya sa mundo kung saan siya...

    Completed   Mature
  • Charm Academy
    110K 2.4K 72

    I don't like cheesy descriptions so just get straight at reading the prologue. All Rights Reserved 2016 Started: July 13, 2016 (Now I'm pretty sure I uploaded the prologue at July 13th😂) Finished: unknown

  • Charm Academy: Ariela's Return (COMPLETED)
    64.7K 2K 23

    Charm Academy is a magical school where Ariela studied.Then this is the continue of her life. I was inspired by Miss April and also my bias, EXO SEHUN or in CASOM,JETT FORESTER PS. Gawa-gawa ko lang po ito. Nabitin po kasi ako Sa CASOM kaya heto gumawa ako ng book 2 ko. This story is FanFicton •COMPLETED• Date Written...

  • Charm Academy
    30.3K 831 6

    Siya si Fancy Jewel, an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Isang babae na nangangarap na magkaroon ng kapangyarihan, Nangangarap na magkaroon ng mala Fairytale na buhay. Paano kung matupad ang kanyang mga pangarap? Papasok siya sa isang POWERFUL SCHOOL. Dahil ang kanyang Lolo ang May ari ng School na Tinatawag na Ch...

  • Charm Academy School of Magic
    61.7M 1.7M 40

    She is Ariela Davis, an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Pero dahil sa isang insidente kinailangan niyang lumipat sa bagong school sa gitna ng kanyang Senior year. Sa isang MAGIC SCHOOL kung saan dating nagtuturo ang kanyang Lola. This story is about magic, adventure, fantasy and romance. Welcome to CHARM ACADEMY:...

    662K 40.8K 82

    The age of magic. A world where magic idols prevail. In these extraordinary times, Star One is one of the last non-magic idol groups left standing. When they feel as though they've reached their limit, miraculous magic emerges. And with it appears an unforeseen enemy, the Dragon Slayer Clan. Suddenly, Star One must fa...

    1.6M 61.1K 81

    Riverfield, a beautiful town by the ocean, is home to the prestigious Decelis Academy. It's also home to seven boys with a secret: they may simply seem like players of the famous sport, Nightball, but they're actually vampires. To escape from their dark past, they try to lead normal lives as students - other than the...

  • The Unexpected Twins: The Prophecy Begins (SLOW UPDATE)
    2.5K 129 18

    Isang babaeng itinakdang ina ng mga batang itinakda ng hari ng mga diyos na si Zeus- At ang babaeng iyon ay ang apo ni Aleah sa hinaharap na panahon, ang kanyang mga anak ay may kapangyarihan na higit pa sa lahat at ang itinakdang papatay sa lahi ng masasamang mahikero, bampira, lobo, at mga halimaw. The UNEXPECTED Tw...

  • Solitude
    634 195 18

    After a car accident, Kyla finds herself in the body of Zeisha, a victim of bullying in school. No longer a push over, she starts standing up for herself but then meets Zacchaeus, a man who make her life more miserable. But there was still trouble in her mind. What happened to her body? Is Zeisha was still alive? And...

  • JS Book Club 2020
    1.2K 150 12

    [✔] Open [✔] Active [ ] Close Hello everyone! If you want to gainmore followers? More reads? More votes? And more comments? It means you belong here. The 'Jai Seasons Book Club' is now officially opens for filipino aspiring writers. Register now so you can gain: ✔ Followers ✔ Reads ✔ Votes ✔ Comments

  • Started with a Lie (ON-HOLD)
    12K 1.4K 41

    Yrza Belle is a self-proclaimed superstar. Everything's going smoothly on her plans in life. Her world had it's almost downfall when she had a leukemia. But a ball of hope suddenly appears. The handsome guy he met is his savior. Aldrich Clyde Hazuelle They agreed to be married in order to save her life and to stop hi...

  • The Best Chinguyah
    338 61 8


  • My killer, My husband (ON-HOLD)
    3.7K 559 44

    Aerah Liz Hernandez--an adopted daughter of the Millers who's a well known business tycoons. She's a princess living in a castle but everything had changed when she woke up she's inside of unfamiliar room. There she'll saw the beautiful mixed grey and green eyes from a well-built man yet she found his eyes so familiar...