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  • Kingdom Hearts: Unrecorded
    109 8 3

    Once upon a time, the worlds were kept together by light. It was an era called the "age of fairy tales". The people cheered for the presence of light and basked in its purity. All of them had light in their hearts that they nurtured and took care of. Daybreak Town. Legends say that it was where light originated. Or pe...

  • ikigai • cellphone novel [on hold]
    6.8K 623 57

    "Ikigai is the secret to a long and happy life." Uemura Hansuke has lived his life never wanting to get out of bed for anything. The 18 year old boy lives a fairly simple life. He's in his third year of senior high school now, he has a part-time job to pay for rent, he lives in an apartment alone, he had friends but l...

  • Indigo Pool (cell phone novel)
    1.5K 227 13

    "It's all in your head."

    92 5 3

    A story told in 2 parts: Officer Nathaniel Blair is assigned to pilot the combat mech Deimos, after its former pilot, Lieutenant Halden Crowe, is severely injured. The two train together, forming an easy bond in the midst of a growing battlefield. Then Nathaniel leaves for their first mission. They encounter Lisa Yu...

  • Chidori (The Sound of a Thousand Birds)
    2.3K 266 19

    It is a regular day for Inoue Jun, a young man in his early twenties. Until it isn't anymore. Among flower petals, a fleeting smile, and a sudden death, he now has to find a way to remain sane. If someone died right before you, how would you react? All rights reserved. © hirumei

  • The Bespectacled Drifter
    223 21 3

    Sky de Niveus-Anima. A wanderer looking for traces of his own past. A fighter with the unwavering resolve of a wolf. A mysterious person who hides a power within himself. A figure unknowingly involved in a conspiracy that will shift the balance of power in the entire continent if it comes into fruition. After choosing...